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Nothing particular as I had been preparing like crazy for a week before the initial interview and three weeks before the second. I thought the behavioral questions might stump me, but answers came to me on the spot.

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I recommend writing summaries of each thing on your resume- what you did, how they helped you, what they show about you, etc.

How do you respond when there is a disagreement among your team?

Large variety of everything, BE PREPARED

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How do you keep on top of the business world? Tell me a time when you are given concrete feedback and a time when you give someone feedback.

We mainly talked about my resume. Went through my work experiences and leadership experiences. He then asked me about the challenges I faced in those roles. He seemed very interested in understanding what my actual roles were in my jobs. He then asked me if I had any questions.

Tell me about a course in college you strongly disliked

Tell me a situation that you have disagreements with your teammates

Be sure to describe how you achieve the five dimensions of pwc professional (Business Acumen, Global Acumen, Relationships and the other two)

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In second round interview, they asked me to rate my excel, word, powerpoint, and access on a scale from 1-5.. really now?

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