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Describe a time you had to work with someone you didnt get along with? Name a time you were able to offer a product or service to help the customer? Safety.

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You're lucky to get a wire technician job usually Old timers CWA guys hold on to those jobs

Stayed friendly with that person by being helpful.

Spoke with management about the issue and then simply had to work on being extra polite and courteous each and every day, remembering that we are both imperfect and doing my best to be understanding, as well as make sure to set boundaries.

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Explain how you resolved a problem from a customer.

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Why do you whant this job?

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- An instance in the past where you had difficulty dealing with customer ? how you overcome the situation ?

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- Do you have relevant experience to the Job ?

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Have you ever gone all out to make sure the customer was very satisfied and explain?

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Their questions revolve around safety, honesty, and customer service. They will ask the same type of questions in myriad ways to try and trip you up in a lie; be careful to be honest.

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They asked for a time when I took charge of a situation even though I wasn’t necessarily in charge.

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Asked if I could work at multiple locations

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When you were in a situation where you didn't get along with or agree with a coworker, how did you handle it?

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