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DSP Firmware Engineer (Wireless Modem) was asked...January 6, 2010

Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable

3 Answers

x = 10 y = 5 x = x+y // x = 15, y =5 y = x-y // x = 15 , y = 10 x = x-y // x = 15 - 10 = 5 , y = 10 another way, x = x^y y = x^y x = x^y Less

Shift register.

a = a ^ b; b = a ^ b; a = a ^ b;

Russell Cellular

Was asked about my customer service skills and how I would approach difficult customers.

2 Answers

In a respectful manner

In a respectful manner


You have access to two ports on the RF circuit of a mobile device, one port is at the antenna one at a 50 ohm resistor. Which port will you connect to test the circuit. why describe the advantage and disadvantage of each case.

2 Answers

We connect the testing circuit to the antenna. Resistor is the load

We connect the testing circuit to the antenna. Resistor is the load

Huawei Technologies

The interviewer focused on the wireless architectures for technical.

2 Answers

Reviewed before my scheduled interview about different wireless architecture.

What do you mean about wireless architecture? Is it the 2G 3G 4G architectures?


Several questions on statistics, signal processing, communications. Mostly fundamental knowledge, not specific to any standard. Example... need to build a Gaussian random number generator, but the chip only supports uniform distribution. How do I solve this?

2 Answers

Get twelve uniformly distributed random variables and add them, the resulting random variable will be distributed close to Gaussian - says central limit theorem. Less

The answer can be obtained by thinking along the lines of box-muller transformations. Less


"Why are man-hole covers round?"

2 Answers

The answer and I kid you not, I had to look it up on Google, so people don't mess with them. Less

The man-hole covers are round because the cover will not easily fall into the pit which ever angle they place in but if its in any other shape there is chance for the cover to fall into the pit. That will dangerous if any one is cleaning or working in the pit if the cover closes. So the man-hole covers are round in shape. Less

Wireless Advantage (AL)

What would make your paycheck happy

2 Answers

Tell that to them not me, I assumed they meant salary so that was my answer. Your response was stupid Less

Since a paycheck is an inanimate object and has no feelings of happiness or anything else, your question is stupid. Less

Cellular Plus

Why do you feel qualified for this job?

2 Answers

Whatever you are... Be a good one. If you're a dishwasher, be a good dishwasher. If you're a lawyer, be a good lawyer. No matter what you end up being, just be a good one. I feel like this job will give me the opportunity to learn something new, and to be the very best I can be at it. Less

I feel i will be a perfect sales person cause i am good with communication skills with people and i am perfect with my spanish and english language skills Less


HR question : 8 balls given identical in size .out of 8 balls one of the ball weighs slightly heavier than other balls. one weihging pan is given and we can only weigh twice to figure out one of the heaviest ball. the heavire ball out

2 Answers

leave 2 alone. 3 vs. 3 since you know the odd one is heavier than normal. if 3 equals 3, then 1 vs 1 for the 2 otherwise, from the heavier 3, still leave 1 alone and weigh the other 2. find the heavier. btw, nowadays, HR also turned to ask "technical" questions? Less

Hint: weigh 3-3 for the first time


Issues on 2.4GHz for WiFi and other wireless protocols

2 Answers

Check on Channel, CCA, Dynamic Channel Selection algorithms

2.4GHz is a shared band b/w WLAN, Bluetooth and Cellular. Coex and Antenna sharing is a challenge. CCA, Channel selection are part of WLAN protocol. They are effective in 5 GHz band as well. Less

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