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The hypothetical cases based on clients was not difficult however; it was not expected. You learn about them upon your arrival during the interview.

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There is no right or wrong way to handle a client who cannot speak Spanish however; they are looking for something in particular so if your answer does not meet what ever that standard is, you do not get hired.

After the interview was over, they asked if I had to ask them anything

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How would you handle an agent in a work avoidance state for 45 minutes?

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what part of the job description do you feel you will struggle with the most

The usual. They do have some situational. "How would you handle a difficult customer" type question. Really want you to be familiar with agency programs.

The questions are very standard and there was not anything that stood out to be difficult or unexpected. They utilize behavior-based interviewing where they will give you scenarios of issues to see how you would solve them, etc.

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What is one thing that drives your boss crazy about you?

Would I accept 19$ per hour if I was chosen for the job? Did a job interview for a Workforce Specialist and I have many years of quality experience in related fields as well as a MBA. They called me to conduct a phone interview and right away they let me know the minimum pay would be offered if I got the job. I make 28$ an hour at one job (before OT) and 24$ per hour at another one (before OT). Instead they offer 19$ (salaried) even though the Workforce Specialist can pay 25$ an hour maximum. They're always hiring because of low ball pay to supposed professionals dedicated to helping others understand the job market and seek gainful employment. Waste of time and reason they always have job openings for what should be a good job with tons of rewards helping others, but instead they take the low ball pay road.

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