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How do you prioritize topics that need to be written?

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I try to get a sense of the need for the topics by asking subject matter experts and other interested parties; then I prioritize based on whether this is a new topic, a revision, a requirement to address changed circumstances, or a "nice to have." Emergency topics take first priority; then topics that can be completed quickly; then topics that are needed, but which will require more time to investigate.

You would have to draw up an outline that included variables with respect to deadline and value. Once that was accomplished, you should develop an analysis of each item with respect to profit, qty available, vs realistic completion of the project deadline expectation. Say we have 100 widgets that are slow sellers, with a low margin and time consuming to write, and 1000 widgets with the same amount of work, yet are far more profitable, you would outline them in a multi-fold hierarchical format. Equal work and deadline, unequal values. If the next four items were also fast sellers with high quantities and significant profit margins, and took as much work as the 100 widgets, decisions would need to be made. Rush jobs are better served by making compromises. It's better to exclude weaker profit items, in order to ensure all high profit items are included and the quality of the finished product does not read as slap-dash, and that pesky deadline is met. Over-reaching is the hobgoblin of lost accounts.

How do you measure the success of content?

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How would you deal with people freaking out to meet the deadline for a USAID proposal?

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How would you change procedures, etc. in the department if you were hired?

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No surprises. In-depth questions about experience and familiarity with professional tools FrameMaker and Author-IT

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What do you expect to get out of this job career wise?

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Do you have previous experience in writing and editing?

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Tell me about you most difficult situation, and how you were able to resolve it. What was the final result?

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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