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How do you create an efficient supply chain model?

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Assuming we know we will sell 1M units in the first month, and there's no issue with production and it can be produced momentarily, how many units will I produce? How would I take inventory into account?

6 months before launching first apple watch, how whould I estimate how many units will we sell during the first year?

Tell about a situation where I knew the company is going in the wrong direction, how did I handle it?

Mostly behavioral One case study presentation One of the round had a market sizing case study

1 Answer

Tell about what formulas do I typically use in excel

Apple watch can only work paired with iphone, how would I estimate how many units will be sold?

How will forecast demand of new Reebok shoe in the market?

1 Answer

It was one of the most difficult interview processes I have experienced.

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Walk me through your logic for forecasting of a new item.

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