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How many ties are there in the United States?

1 Answer

They wanted a number. I started with 50% of 300 million because women don't usually wear ties. From there I estimated percentages of relevant details, for example, 20% white collar jobs..

Is it ethical to charge $2,000 for a last-minute booking plane ticket?

2 Answers

Given mean value of click-through rate of 1,000 visits, calculate the variance of click-through rate of 10,000 visits.

1 Answer

What's the sum of all numbers between 25-75.

1 Answer

What is your expected salary? I did NOT expect her asking me this question right at the beginning of my phone interview

Revenue Management questions for the written test

Describe a high yield bond you like / dislike?

1 Answer

Describe a time you had to make a decision.

Resume questions, Questions about experiences, Basic Behavioral questions and some basic technicals about bonds

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