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YMCA Summer Camp Counselor Interview Questions


YMCA summer camp counselor interview questions shared by candidates

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What could I do to keep the kids entertained for 8 hours a day for a whole summer.

Are you afraid of looking silly or goofy in front of people?

1 Answer

You have a 3 balls, a basket, a pool noodle, some tape, a cone, and a jump rope, and a group of bored kids. What do you do with these?

1 Answer

What does YMCA stand for?

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What will you add to the team? What skills do you have?

What superhero would win in a fight, Batman or Spider-man?

What would you do if a couple teenagers are acting up and don't want to participate in the activities?

Have you worked and cared for a group of children before?

1 Answer

If you needed to keep kids preoccupied while waiting for something what is an example of what you would do?

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