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How do you handle work place conflict?

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Try to avoid it and focus on work but if it’s unavoidable look at it from a third person point of view and see if you can make everyone happy

Where I saw myself in 10 years?

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1.) What is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights? 2.) What would you do if you found a lock in an animal area unlocked?

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Talk about your previous experience working with exotic animals Are you familiar with ARKS or MedARKS or ZIMS? Do you know what an SSP is? Have an idea of the role zoos can play in environmental/animal conservation Describe your experience with operant conditioning and enrichment Describe what "teamwork" and "customer service" mean to you They also asked about my willingness and ability to work outside in the Phoenix summer.

General experience based questions, such as what animals youve worked with, how youve helped vet staff with treatment of animals, and conflict based questions

What are my views on euthanasia for population control?

What was the hardest job I ever had and how did I overcome it? What is operant conditioning and when would it be beneficial? Do you think other types of training would also be beneficial? How would you handle a situation when an animal was hurt while you were on duty? Have you ever had to work with someone that you wouldn't necessarily get along with outside of work? How would you handle a conflict with another staff member? If your supervisor asked you to stop working on a project that you were really proud of, how would you handle the situation? What makes you stand out above other applicants? What is your favorite type of animal to work with? What is the purpose of a zoo? What is animal husbandry? What would you do if a mammal was pacing? What type of experience qualifies you for this job?

Told me to pick an animal and talk about it.

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