Dean of Students Job Description

What is a Dean of Students?

The Dean of Students is a position found in most institutions of higher learning. They seek to meet the needs of students on campus and support social programs and activities. Dean of Students will promote and inform students about admissions, health services and housing available on campus. Many individuals holding the position begin their career in school administrative positions and rise to the position as Dean of Students with an advanced degree.

A Master's degree in the field of education administration or counseling is generally required for the position. Continuing education courses are required for the position, as well as involvement in social programs on campus. Employees who perform the job of Dean of Students exceptionally tend to have excellent interpersonal skills and a detailed understanding of the process and programs within the school.

Dean of Students Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Dean of Students

  • Administer and enforce school policies related to discipline and student attendance
  • Oversee and supervise the management of student attendance and discipline records
  • Establish steps and procedures to handling challenging students and standards for conduct
  • Communicate to parents, teachers and staff regarding infractions of the code of conduct, academic integrity or other policies
  • Assist faculty in the organization and planning of campus-wide events and programs
  • Participate in the creating and implementing of the campus's emergency evacuation and preparedness plan
  • Organize academic intervention programs, including detention, study hall and lunch detention
  • Mentor and council at-risk students and students in need of additional staff support

Qualifications for Dean of Students

  • 7-10 years in an educational administrative role preferred
  • Experience determining fair consequences for students in violation of the code of conduct
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills when dealing with students, parents and staff
  • Experience investigating complaints and grievances against instructors, staff and fellow students
  • Ability to prepare and make effective presentations promoting programs within the school
  • Professional experience overseeing committees and board meetings as required by the school board
  • Ability to analyze data regarding the effectiveness of programs and initiatives within the school
  • Comfortable administering consequences for violation of the code of conduct o academic integrity standards
  • Experience in creating and supporting social clubs and programs within the school

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