Teacher Assistant Job Description

What is a Teacher Assistant?

A Teacher Assistant is found within schools and classrooms. They work to assist the teacher with daily duty including grading papers, offering additional support to students in small groups. Additionally, a Teacher Assistant will help student in need of additional one-on-one time to master lessons. Many individuals employed as a Teacher Assistant are seeking to become certified teachers.

Depending on the state, required certification and education can vary widely. Generally, a professional teaching certification is not needed. Individuals working within school systems in any regard are subject to criminal background checks to ensure the safety of all children on campus. An excellent Teacher Assistant will possess skills such as compassion and patience when dealing with children. A positive and creative approach to education is a valuable asset to individuals seeking the position of Teacher Assistant.

Teacher Assistant Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Teacher Assistant

  • Assist in preparing materials used in lesson plans such as copies for workbook and printouts for homework assignments
  • Maintain classroom attendance records and ensure each child is always accounted for
  • Provide additional assistance to students who have special needs
  • Assess each student's progress through assessments and have awareness of students who need additional guidance
  • Assist the teacher by grading assignments and recording homework and tests scores
  • Ensure students adhere to the school's stated rules and policies
  • Oversee the safety of the students inside of the classroom, during field trips and on the campus
  • Offer individual support to students in small groups to promote the understanding of more challenging concepts

Qualifications for Teacher Assistant

  • Professional experience working with young children is strongly preferred
  • Experience supporting positive relationships with children and adults in a learning environment
  • Ability to manage potentially challenging behavior from students professionally
  • Basic writing, math and science skills are needed to assist in both teaching students and answering their questions
  • Ability to prioritize several activities seamlessly and support the teacher in instances that are exceptionally busy
  • Personal accountability and patience are essential when working among students in a classroom environment
  • Strong organizational skills are essential to aid in preparing materials for planned daily lessons
  • Ability to communicate with teachers and parents regarding student's progress and behavior in the classroom
  • Basic understanding of childhood development and methods used to instruct children of various ages

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