Visual Designer Job Description

What is a Visual Designer?

A visual designer is a position in the creative design field. A visual designer works to create digital designs for various platforms including websites, video games, movies and more. Many individuals who hold the position of visual designer have experience both in marketing and the technical aspects of development and creation. They have an important role throughout various stages of product and brand development. From creating logos to building the company website according to brand specifications, a visual designer helps raise brand awareness.

As the position of a visual designer is both technical and business oriented, an advanced degree in graphic design or related field is essential. The ability to work as a team to create concepts for digital media, and then implement steps to make them a reality are vital to success within the role. A customer-focused outlook and detailed experience working in various forms of digital media are attributes of many top performing visual designers.

Visual Designer Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Visual Designer

  • Develop the look and function for digital media interfaces including business website, games and other mobile devices
  • Create within established guidelines specific to the brand's intended style and tone
  • Create user-oriented models and website concepts to present to management and clients for approval
  • Organize with clients detailed meetings to ensure a firm understanding of their proposed goals for their website, as well as their ideal client
  • Design business logos and other digital media used to promote products or services
  • Work with other departments to create a seamless experience for clients
  • Meet with computer programmers and coders to establish a timeline and milestones for projects
  • Create multiple specifications of a graphic design according to needs, including mobile and web versions of software

Qualifications for Visual Designer

  • Exceptional knowledge of design software including Adobe Suite and others
  • Adaptability and ability to work with a team to meet milestones and complete projects on time
  • Ability to visualize the object of a project and determine the steps and processes to bring them to life
  • Analytical mindset to identify what teams will be necessary for projects and to create solutions to challenges in implementation
  • Organizational skills are required to plan daily tasks and meet the needs of clients as well as management
  • Understanding of user experience and how to create a positive interaction between digital media and potential customers
  • Professional experience creating personalized websites for customers to their specifications
  • Demonstrated application of marketing strategies when drafting and building digital technology
  • Acceptable level of programing and coding knowledge to understand limitations and option for coding within the website and other digital technologies

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