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    Job Outlook for Interpreter

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    Demand for interpreters is expected to grow much faster than other industries as the world becomes increasingly connected. Interpreters differ from translators in that they convert concepts orally, without the assistance of a dictionary or translation software. Prospective interpreters must be fluent in at least two languages to perform their duties. They are often required to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree and can further increase the competitiveness of their application by passing professional proficiency tests.

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    Use Glassdoor to find exciting vacancies for interpreters from diverse companies to land an interpreter job that ticks all your boxes. Explore in-house interpreter positions, court interpreter roles, live interpreter vacancies, and more from companies that are currently recruiting.

    If you're new to the world of interpreting, look for trainee and graduate roles. Already have some experience working as an interpreter? Search for certified or experienced interpreter positions. If you're looking for more advanced roles, take a look at senior and lead interpreter job opportunities.

    Base your job search around the languages you work with, for example ASL, Mandarin, Amharic, or Russian. You can also look for specialist positions, such as legal, medical, education, or science interpreter jobs. Search even deeper by combining languages and niche areas, such as Spanish medical interpreter openings. Want greater flexibility? Remote, freelance, or part-time positions could be perfect for you.

    Once you've applied for an opening you love, prep for the interview stage with top interpreter interview questions and sample answers.

    Wherever you are on the recruitment path, and whether you're applying for a junior or senior position, you should know exactly what a good interpreter salary is. Here's how you can get a highly paid interpreter job:

    1. Research the typical local salary for an interpreter, as the average pay is different according to location. You can also look at salary estimates for interpreters hired by different companies.
    2. When negotiating your salary, take into account the level of experience you have working as an interpreter. You can use Glassdoor's experience filter to compare interpreter salaries by seniority level.
    3. Make sure employers know of any in-demand skills and qualifications you have, such as state and/or national certification, professional proficiency in multiple languages, mentoring experience, time spent living overseas, cultural understanding, and membership in professional organizations.

    Many organizations offer interpretation professionals a range of extra benefits in addition to a reasonable salary. Here's what you may receive as an interpreter:

    • Flexible or reduce working hours
    • Work from home opportunities
    • Paid time off and sick days
    • Wide-ranging insurance coverage
    • 401(k) and retirement plans
    • Professional development
    • Company social events
    There are open interpreter jobs in several cities near Cairo, Cairo Governorate including Al Qāhirah
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