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    Employment of business analysts is expected to grow faster than average, as firms strive towards greater efficiency. Business analysts study their firm’s business model and provide guidance on how to become more profitable. Many industries hire them, from biotechnology labs to financial services firms to the government. A bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level positions, but a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) is typically preferred and required to advance within the profession.

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    Ready to find a new job as a business analyst? Check out the companies looking for professionals in this field on Glassdoor to find a new employment opportunity. Browse through listings for full-time business analyst jobs and remote business analyst jobs that let you work from home, and learn about the top companies searching for analysts to hire.

    Search for jobs in the field of business analysis based on your experience level, such as senior-level business analyst jobs, or search for a new job based on your area of specialization, such as financial analyst jobs. If you already know you want to work for a specific type of company, you can also search based on the desired industry, such as human resources and staffing.

    When you find an open job that interests you, you can study these top business analyst job interview questions and answer ideas to prepare for your interview.

    Regardless of where you are in your job search, it helps to know the reasonable salary of business analysts in your area. Some things you can do to secure a high-paying business analyst job include:

    1. Explore business analyst salaries in your area. Use this information when choosing where to apply and negotiating a job offer.
    2. Be sure to check the average salary for analysts with seniority levels similar to your own. Knowing the average income range for a business analyst at your seniority level can help you develop an accurate estimate of what income range to expect when applying for jobs and interviewing.
    3. Make note of some in-demand skills companies are hunting. If you have those skills, highlight them in your resume. If you don't already have those skills, you can create a business analyst career path and plan to learn things that can make you more valuable to an employer.

    In addition to learning how much a business analyst typically earns in your area, check listings to learn about employee benefits and perks. Some benefits and perks that may be included as part of your business analyst compensation package include:

    • Performance bonuses based on the value you bring to the company
    • Healthcare insurance, including dental and vision coverage
    • Paid time off, including vacation pay, flex time, and paid sick days

    Creative and valuable employee compensation packages are especially common at large and innovative companies, like HubSpot, Microsoft, and Noom.

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