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    The title of manager can be assigned to a variety of leaders across industries. The designation is typically given to experienced team members who progress from being specialists who execute a particular job responsibility to being leaders who oversee the work of other employees. Effective managers should have excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as technical expertise. Demand for the role remains steady. While many organizations are moving towards a flatter hierarchy, reducing the need for managers, the responsibilities performed by them will remain crucial to the functioning of teams.

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    Are you looking to move on to your next manager job? Find open positions with Glassdoor by searching for department manager positions or account manager jobs.

    If you don't have a lot of experience in management, you can also search for manager trainee vacancies or open jobs as an entry-level manager. This can get your foot in the door and put you on the right track for future success.

    Have you been in a management position for a while? Perhaps you're ready to search for senior manager roles in a specific industry such as transportation or manufacturing. Looking for something remote? Plenty of manager jobs allow you to work from home.

    After you've found your dream job, take a look at the most common manager interview questions to make sure you're ready for anything.

    When looking for a manager job, you need to know exactly what kind of salary you can expect. Compensation is an important part of any job search, so this is how you can boost your chances of finding a high-paying manager job:

    1. Consider what other managers in your area are making. This can vary from city to city, but also has a lot to do with the specific industry you are applying for.
    2. Make sure you factor in your experience level. If you've already been a manager for years, you will likely fall further on Glassdoor's career path pay trajectory than if you're just starting.
    3. Don't forget to highlight any specialized training you may have received in the past, including continued education, corporate development, or certifications.

    While a good salary is often the most important thing for job-seekers, you can expect several other benefits when accepting a manager job. These can include:

    • Company car: This can be a great perk, especially if you live in a city and don't want to worry about the cost or upkeep of a vehicle.
    • Performance bonuses: These can be based on individual or team performance, or they may be an annual bonus that is given out regardless of performance.
    • Retirement plan: Many companies offer some kind of retirement plan to their management employees, which helps provide you with financial security as you grow older.
    • Stock options: Some companies offer stock options to allow you to invest in your company and earn money when your company does well.
    • Health insurance: A full health and dental package can be extremely important, especially if you have a family.
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