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    Receptionists jobs require at minimum a high school diploma and good communication skills. Professionalism and attention to detail is important for building and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Demand for receptionists is likely to shrink in an increasingly digital world as tasks such as answering phones and receiving visitors becomes automated.

    Frequently asked questions

    Looking for a new receptionist job? At Glassdoor, you'll find some of the top receptionist roles available. Whether you're seeking an entry-level receptionist position or a more senior receptionist role, you're sure to find the perfect job here.

    If you're just starting out in a receptionist career, filter your search for graduate and junior positions to find a job that is suited to your experience. A senior role may be a better match if you have years of experience. If flexibility is a priority for you, try filtering your search for part-time vacancies or remote receptionist roles.

    Once you find a role that looks good, it's time to get ready for your job interview. You can prepare with some of the top receptionist interview questions and learn how to answer them.

    No matter what receptionist role you are looking for, it's a good idea to know what salary you can expect and how to aim for a high-paying role that matches your experience. Here are some pointers on how to find a high-paying receptionist role:

    1. Research what other receptionists are making in your area. Note that the average salary can vary significantly between cities, states, and organizations.
    2. Factor in your experience as a receptionist. This can help you to negotiate your way to a higher salary. You can also view and compare receptionist salaries by experience and seniority level by using Glassdoor's total pay trajectory of the receptionist career path.
    3. Think about any in-demand skills you have that will help you to get a high-paying role. These skills might include a graduate degree in communications or business or experience using computer software.

    Once you're clear on what salary you can expect as a receptionist, it's a good idea to know what benefits you might be entitled to in your immediate or future job package. Benefits can differ from employer to employer and role to role, but your total pay and benefits package might include the following:

    • Receptionists may receive additional pay on top of their salaries, such as bonuses, commission, or profit-sharing payouts.
    • Your employer may offer to pay for further training and qualifications relating to your role.
    • Receptionists looking for flexibility in their role may be able to work part-time hours or be part of a job-sharing role. Some receptionist jobs may also have some capacity for remote or virtual work.
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