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    Registered nurses (RN) provide patient care, health education, and emotional support to patients. They can choose to specialize in subfields such as cardiovascular nursing, critical care nursing, addiction nursing, neonatal nursing or rehabilitation nursing. Demand for registered nurses remains strong, driven by an aging population and the increase of chronic illness. Registered nurses must hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a license for each state in which they work.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are you in the market for a registered nurse job? Glassdoor has thousands of listings for your searching convenience. You can find entry-level positions for registered nurses, traveling and home visitor nursing jobs, and senior registered nursing jobs. You can search for these positions with leading employers in your area.

    If you've just finished training and looking for your first RN job, search for entry-level positions. If you have a few years of experience and want more responsibility, you can look for charge nurse and nursing manager jobs. Specialist positions are also wide open for people looking for jobs in registered nursing, such as nurse practitioner or flight nurse. Do you want to make a difference in people's lives when they're most in need? Try searching for emergency department nurse jobs.

    When you've found a promising registered nurse job listing, you can prepare for your interview by looking over the most commonly asked questions and the best answers for your first interview.

    Whatever stage of the hiring process you're in for a registered nurse job, you need to know how high your salary expectations should be. This varies with location, the type of work you're doing, and your skill and certification level when you apply. Here's how to get a solid idea of where your salary should be:

    1. Start by researching the base salary for a registered nurse job in your area.
    2. Adjust your expectations to account for your level of training and the details of your preferred job.
    3. Build out a list of specific job skills you bring to the position, emphasizing the most in-demand skills for your nursing field.

    In addition to the solid salary registered nurse jobs usually earn, there are certain benefits and perks many positions have that might interest you. Common benefits for registered nurses include:

    • Performance bonuses in some environments for high volume or exceptionally high-quality work.
    • The satisfaction of working directly with people in need is often the most critical point of contact for their treatment.
    • Flexible hours and multiple shifts can accommodate almost every person's work-life balance.
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