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    Demand for software engineers is growing rapidly as the technology industry expands and traditional businesses are increasingly investing in software development and technology. Software engineer roles generally require a college degree. The high demand for workers with engineering backgrounds means pay for software engineers can reach six figures for workers with more experience or in high-cost cities like San Francisco or New York City.

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    Whether you're just starting your career as a software engineer or have decades of experience, Glassdoor's search functions can help you find the perfect position. You can use Glassdoor to find remote software engineer jobs, entry-level roles, and other opportunities to suit your experience and circumstances.

    If you're a recent graduate, start hunting for your first role by searching for junior software engineer jobs. Got years of experience under your belt? Take your career to the next level by checking out senior or chief software engineer positions. If you need to work around family commitments, part-time or work-from-home roles may be a good fit.

    Once you find a suitable role, familiarize yourself with the interview process. Before meeting prospective employers, find out what questions you might face in a software engineer job interview.

    Researching companies and preparing for your interview are essential for landing a great role, but knowing what salary to expect is also important. Understanding typical software engineer salaries can help you identify the most competitively paid roles. While searching for software engineer jobs, remember to:

    1. Find out what average software engineer salaries look like in your state and city.
    2. Research a software engineer's career progression to get an idea of how much you should be paid based on your experience and qualifications.
    3. Draw attention to any desirable skills and qualifications on your resume, such as experience using lightweight programming languages or AWS proficiency.

    Many employers offer competitive benefits packages to software engineers, so check for extra perks alongside a decent wage. A generous benefits package can significantly supplement your base salary and reduce your expenses. Common benefits include:

    • Most reputable companies offer funded health insurance as part of a software engineer's benefits package. Some also provide supplemental coverage, such as dental and vision care.
    • Don't forget to check how much paid time off (PTO) a company permits. Many employers allow generous PTO arrangements for high-performing software engineers.
    • A successful career as a software engineer doesn't have to mean compromising family time. Therefore, employers may allow you to work remotely or enjoy flexible hours to balance your commitments.