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Lindon, UT
201 to 500 employees
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Serving more than 10,000 customers and 1,000,000 employees, BambooHR is the leading software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium businesses. BambooHR's cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to ... Read more

Mission: Be the number-one recommended HR experience for small and medium-sized businesses in the world.

Vision: Our goal is to set people free to do great work—not only the people who use our software but our team members too.

Glassdoor Awards

Best Places to Work: 2017 (#19)

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  • Why work for BambooHR? Here’s what one of our #Bambooligans had to say: “I've worked at a few companies where I never said a word to the CEO. I could tell [Ben] really cares about the people that work here & wants everyone to be successful”

    BambooHR Careers | Do Great Work, Then Go Home

    We're always looking for great people to join our team. If you're passionate about doing your best work, making a difference, and having fun doing it, apply today!

  • Company culture is more than just free soda and ping pong tables (although we do love soda and ping pong). Company culture is all about having a set of values that sets your people free to do great work.

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BambooHR – Why Work For Us?

Top-notch coworkers: We don’t like to brag, but we really do have some of the brightest minds around. What makes them different than other experts is that they’re super humble, which means they’re eager to learn and share what they know.

A safe place to grow: None of our team members are numbers, or cogs, or corporate politicians. Instead, we all lead, learn, and help each other grow so we can be better and more impactful than we’ve been before.

Award-winning culture: We think our employees are the best, and we’re thrilled that the feeling is mutual. We carefully craft our culture to create an enjoyable environment for employees (learn more about it here), and thanks to their hard work and dedication, we’ve won quite a few workplace awards. Here are some we’re really proud of:

We’ve been growing like crazy and are looking to add exceptional employees to many of our teams. If you’re interested in becoming part of BambooHR, check out our job postings or email us at

Here at BambooHR, we love what we do, we take care of our customers and we have a lot of fun. Everything we do revolves around our six Bamboo values.

If you think our values align with yours, come join us! Check out our job postings.


Enjoy Quality of Life

We work hard and love what we do. We also value our relationships with family and friends and make plenty of time for them.

How? We allow for flexibility so that you can put the most important things in your life first. We also offer a generous paid time-off benefit, as well as parental leave.

Grow From Good to Great

We believe in helping our employees, and our clients’ employees, grow. When you grow your people, you grow your business.

How? Employee growth is of utmost importance to us. If you want to learn something or grow, we’ll try to get you there.

Be Open

Nobody can see from every viewpoint. Give and receive honest feedback at every level, because fresh perspectives solve issues and shed light on new opportunities.

How? Our employees are welcome and encouraged to bring their most crazy and creative ideas to the table. They’re also welcome to critique the ideas of anyone else (even the CEO)!

Assume the Best

Begin with the belief there is good intent behind words and actions. Seek understanding, and listen first without judgment.  

How? We don’t jump to conclusions or play the office-politics game. We encourage having open, honest and hard conversations to clear the air and make sure we offer a safe environment for our employees to do meaningful work.

Do the Right Thing

We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

How? You can expect us to treat you right. We are fair to our employees and expect them to be fair with us too.

Lead from Where You Are

We believe that everyone can make a difference no matter their position in our company.

How? Employees are encouraged to take the lead on projects they dream up. We don’t believe that leadership should be assigned based on job title.

Make it Count

Hard work got us here, and it’s the only way forward. Realize your responsibility to yourself and everyone here, and don’t waste a second.

How? We seize the opportunity to go all in, make an impact, and master our crafts. 

What’s it really like to be an account executive at BambooHR?

By Kelsie Davis

Job descriptions can sometimes be a little…boring? The intent is (or should be) to provide a snapshot of what it’s like to hold that position in the company. Wouldn’t it be more effective if you could just ask someone who has the position what it’s like? We think so. So that’s what we did. Hopefully it will help account executive applicantsdecide if we would be a good fit for them.


Introducing BambooHR’s Account Executives: The One and Only, Emmanuel Nnah


Ever sat down to chat with someone and suddenly twenty minutes have gone by? No awkward pauses. You didn’t have to force the conversation. And you end up wishing you could just sit and chat with that person about life or work or really anything for at least another hour? That’s Emmanuel.

He’s one of 38 account executives here and has a pretty good idea of what it’s like to sell BambooHR. Here’s what he says:   

What’s the best part about being an account executive at BambooHR?

Knowing you have a team of people behind you who want you to be successful. A lot of sales positions are more about being the lone survivor—the lone wolf. The attitude of “It’s all about me and all I’m doing is trying to make money.” At BambooHR, you also have a manager there helping you to set and meet goals, hopping on your calls to see if they can help you be more successful. I’ve had other sales jobs and know that’s very unique and different. That doesn’t mean there’s a manager constantly holding your hand because it’s not like that. But if you’re willing to put in the work, there’s enough support that you will see your efforts come to fruition.

What’s the most challenging part about being an account executive at BambooHR?

Every job has its unique challenges. Because it’s so transparent here and such a helpful, friendly environment, the challenges are different here than you’ll see other places. I’m challenging myself to get better. I’m able to focus on making myself better so I can be more successful. That is very unique. I’ve had many sales jobs, but the hardest part of my job is learning the process. This is a very different sale. You have to learn how to talk with an HR person, care about what they care about, which is very different than talking to an IT person or to a CEO. There are different vantage points you have to be able to talk to. 

What do you think makes account executives successful at BambooHR?

One of the things that really stands out to me is that salespeople can be very ego-driven. The cool thing to see at Bamboo is the willingness to share and see each other succeed. When an account executive comes to a senior account executive and asks, “What would you do in this situation?” or “What emails work well for you?” or “What perspective do you have?” or “Have you ever had a client with this specific situation?” there is a genuine desire to help that person. It’s not just about selling the most. Of course there’s a sense of pride when you do well, but it’s very team-oriented. A rising tide lifts all boats. It’s not cutthroat. You’ve got to be able to realize we’re all here to help—not to beat each other. If I have a good email that helps me, I’m happy to share it. It goes vice versa too. Senior account executives go to account executives to ask their perspective too. Just because I’m a senior doesn’t mean I’m better. Account executives here have to be team players but still have an individual drive to succeed.

What’s the career path like here?

The process is so transparent. Let’s say you’re a training or junior account executive. They’ll tell you where your milestones are and the level you should be performing at. All you have to do is use the resources given to you, talk to and surround yourself with people who are doing well, and hit your milestones. That’s how you’ll become an account executive. There’s no subjectivity to it. And then as an account executive, you’ll get the same path for becoming a senior account executive—meet the milestones and you’ll be a senior account executive. When you get to be a senior account executive, management spots open up (which there will a lot of because we’re growing so fast). There’s room to move up and grow. There’s also a new training program where account executives are learning new Challenger Sale techniques and understanding sales processes. We get a lot of training on the software and how it works.

How do people react to what you’re selling?

A lot of times when you sell something expensive, people get buyers’ remorse. Like after I bought my Apple Watch, I was kind of depressed. Geez, it was so expensive! And now I love it and it’s no big deal. People don’t really get that buyers’ remorse here. I was working with a lady who said she had been looking for an HR software since she started her company and had vetted almost 50 different softwares, but none of them were what she needed. After working with us, she was so incredibly grateful to find what she needed. I felt like a king! She made me feel so good for just doing my job. I think when customers see the software and it’s exactly what they need, they just have an “aha!” moment. It literally changes their lives. Before Bamboo, HR professionals are spending 20 hours a week on reports and we give them a way to do it in just a few minutes. That’s cool. It’s cool to know that this product works, and I can believe in what I’m selling. If I ever start a company, this would be the first thing I’d have to buy. I’d just have to have it.

How long does that sales cycle take?

You’ll get to a point where some companies realize right away they have to have BambooHR. I’ve also had them take up to six months before to make sure it’s just right for their company. But on average, I’d say it takes about two to three weeks.

What else should people know before applying to the job?

In sales, you want to be given the tools to succeed, but you don’t want to feel like you’re being babysat. If you want to succeed, you have to be self motivated because no one is going to hold your hand. You have to be willing to work. At the same time, you don’t want to feel like you can’t leave for five minutes without fire alarms going off. This job is the perfect balance. You  absolutely have the tools to succeed, and the responsibility is yours to learn as much as you can and dive deep into the resources you’re given. But you’re not treated like a child. This is a big-kid job. This is a grown up’s job and it’s cool to be treated like a grown-up—especially in sales. That’s one of the reasons Bamboo is one of the top places to work. You get to come in, do your work, then go home and do your home stuff.

There you have it. Interested in knowing more details about being an account executive at BambooHR? We’re growing quickly and need people who know they love to sell. If you’ve got a little sales experience and want a better work environment, check out our job postings!


Find Your Dream Team

We may not be actual superheroes, but you might say we operate a little like the Justice League or the Avengers. Each department champions its craft—whether it's spinning beautiful designs, coding up a storm, or providing speedy customer service. And by banding together, we're saving the world—one HR professional at a time. View all open positions here.

Customer Success

Keeping thousands of HR departments running problem-free is a big responsibility. To meet the challenge, we recruit the best of the best and then immerse them in a comprehensive 'How to Kill it at Customer Success' curriculum based on decades of collective experience. Even though half our team telecommutes, we’re still highly engaged, have a lot of fun, and maintain close relationships with each other. (If you need proof, join us at one of our regular potluck dinners.) Learn more about the customer success team.


We call it a Sales “Team” and we mean it. Instead of being cutthroat and clawing our way to the top, we’ve got each other’s back. The camaraderie is palpable, and the in-depth training and mentorship help every sales team member succeed. Recently, in an anonymous survey, we were all asked to use one word to describe our team. The top five answers? Amazing, awesome, open, collaborative, and driven. Learn more about the sales team.


What do you get when you hire a bunch of rocket scientists to fuel a sales funnel? Our marketing team! Ok. We’re not actually trained in rocket science, but we have taken a very measured approach in accelerating Bamboo’s lift off. And thanks to a finely trimmed balance of fun, focus, and willingness to try new things, we’re reaching new heights every day. Learn more about the marketing team.

Product Development

Creating beautifully simple software is our jam. So whether it’s being patient in the search for that perfect new hire or taking a few extra weeks to make a feature delightful and refreshing, our focus is quality. We do things the right way, because it’s the right thing to do. As a result, we’ve created a jaw-dropping product that wows customers and a team where great ideas can come from anyone. Learn more about the product development team.


Whether it’s debating apple varieties, inventing a new sport using a yoga ball, or adding to the backstory of a stranger we’ve spotted from our second-floor windows, things on the Creative Team can get a little weird. Fortunately, we also apply our quirks and eccentricities to create beautiful, insightful, and on-brand content for every department in the company. Learn more about the creative team.


We’re the Atlas to the Bamboo world. The elves to the shoemaker. The Michael Scott to The Office. Wait, not that last one. Our passion is making sure both the organization and the employees are supported and set up for success. And even though we’re usually pretty busy working with another team, we take the time to celebrate together with team lunches or by splitting a sugar cookie from our favorite soda shop. Learn more about the administration team.

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    It's incredible to work for a company that really cares about about their employees. But it doesn't just end there. BambooHR cares about their customers too. They care about the impact they're having on every company who purchases their software. It's incredible to know that the work we're doing matters. The clients who use our software use it so that they can then have extra time to focus on what really matters- their people and making their work environment a great place to work too! It goes full circle and BambooHR does a great job at helping us as employees see that our work really impacts others! Working for a place that has such an incredible purpose really makes all the difference!

    The culture and people at BambooHR are some of my favorite things! Some people sometimes mistake BambooHR as a "laid back" environment. That is definitely not the case. The people are fun and the environment is energetic, but it is fast paced and definitely not relaxed. We come to work to work hard so that we can leave work at work and go home at the end of the day without taking work home! It's so satisfying working hard but then taking off and enjoying that work life balance. And they stick to the work life balance. I tend to be more of a workaholic, but I've literally had my manager come out at 5:00 and tell me to go home because they really do value work life balance and making sure you're not working over 40 hours a week.

    The benefits are unique but so thoughtful and impactful! They don't just care about your daily satisfaction, but they really take into consideration your long term satisfaction and quality of life! My spouse loves this company just as much as I do because of how much the benefits really do impact our life!

    No one should hesitate about looking into BambooHR as a great place to work!


    Change is inevitable! Be prepared and flexible to change because it's a constant with how quickly growth is happening.

    With quick growth can come the need for more people fast! BambooHR is very thoughtful in their hiring though- it's a process which can take time. Because of that, some departments feel the pain of needing people faster than they're being supplied.

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    I applied online. The process took 4 days. I interviewed at BambooHR.


    The first interview is done on Hirevue and is a recorded web video. It was 6 questions and took about 20 minutes to complete. Afterward I was told I'd be contacted. After submitting my initial application and resume I was contacted for this interview without 48 hours.

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  • Best Places to Work 2017 Employees' Choice, Glassdoor, 2016
  • 2018 Best Workplaces for Millennials, Fortune, 2018
  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Business Software, Ernst and Young, 2018
  • Great Place to Work Certified, Great Place to Work, 2018
  • Small or Medium Business Product of the Year, Best In Biz, 2018
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