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Colorado Springs, CO
501 to 1000 employees
Company - Private
Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
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Cherwell improves service experiences across the entire organization through integrated, adaptable technology.
Whether addressing customer needs and desires, demonstrating a determination to solve problems, or making a commitment to tell the truth, smarter service is ... Read more

Mission: Cherwell empowers organizations to improve service experiences and automate workflows using data that stretches across contexts and business units. The result is meaningful and measurable digital service transformation, delivered faster.

Company Updates

  • Cherwell was just ranked Number 16 in Business Insider for the 25 US companies for career growth.

    From Starbucks to Facebook, these are the top 25 US companies for career growth

    Comparably, a website that rates companies across numerous categories, released its 2019 Best Professional Development list. This list represents the highest-rated companies for professional development and career growth, as indicated by employees, across industries. Of the 50 overall companies covered on this list, we've compiled the top 25 large firms that were recognized.

  • Thrillist named us one of the Top 100 companies with the happiest employees. Check it out!

    Here are the Top 100 Companies With the Happiest Employees in 2019

    Imagine a world where life and work can coexist without impeding on each other -- where going to work is something you genuinely look forward to every day. Where fair pay, acknowledgment of worth, health insurance, and accommodation are the standard (as they should be in any workplace).

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Cherwell Software – Why Work With Us?


A Smarter Approach to Service

Cherwell improves service experiences across the entire organization through integrated, adaptable technology. 

Whether addressing customer needs and desires, demonstrating a determination to solve problems, or making a commitment to tell the truth, smarter service is what transforms functional teams into phenomenal ones.

Cherwell was founded on the notion that service comes first. And effectively managing service experiences is vital in helping organizations adapt faster, saving precious time and resources.


Cherwell® Service Management

The award-winning Cherwell® Service Platform allows you to automate workflows, integrate systems, and improve employee productivity for departments inside and outside the traditional boundaries of IT. Named a leader in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Management, our innovative solutions for HR, Security, PPM, and Facilities, combined with codeless configuration, provides a simple and cost-effective way to make work flow across the enterprise.

Cherwell Service Management is a comprehensive service desk verified for eleven ITIL® processes. But its real power is its flexibility. With Cherwell, you can rapidly meet changing and growing demands across the organization, from IT to Facilities, HR, and beyond—all with fewer headaches and lower costs.

Cherwell® Asset Management

Cherwell® Asset Management is a software asset management (SAM) tool built for organizations that want to reduce software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. It allows you to consolidate your hardware and software license, usage, and inventory data to seamlessly track and manage IT investments—and abandon Excel spreadsheets. Cherwell Asset Management integrates seamlessly with CSM, populating the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data.

Cherwell mApp™ Solutions

Cherwell mApp solutions are applications that integrate with the Cherwell Service Management platform, enabling customers and partners to quickly and easily install and merge new line-of-business functionality or capabilities.

Cherwell HR Service Management 

In today’s digital world, employees expect HR to deliver real-time, on-demand services—but that’s easier said than done. Cherwell HR Service Management enables organizations to streamline and automate HR service delivery for quick and efficient case management and on-boarding, along with a self-service portal for better and more productive employee service experiences.

Cherwell Faciliites Management Solution 

Cherwell's Facilities Management solution enables facilities teams to meet the needs of the business by automating workflows related to day-to-day work orders, work assignments, maintenance tasks, and facilities-related projects. With an intuitive user portal, omni-channel communication, and more, Cherwell helps modernize and optimize facilities management processes and provide a better service experience for employees.

Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management Solution 

Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management provides the visibility and control the project managers need to improve project outcomes. It helps you make better decisions about which projects to execute and gain improved visibility into resource utilization and project status.

Cherwell Information Security Management Solution 

Cherwell's Information Security Management Solution (ISMS) provides enterprise security management capabilities—such as risk and compliance management and incident request management—on top of the Cherwell® Service Platform, addressing the demands of both security and service desk leaders. As a result, you’ll reduce risk and improve compliance while making your service desk more powerful and secure than ever.

At Cherwell, we are first and foremost a diverse group of talented people who are passionate about what we do. We are committed to doing business honestly, putting our customers first, and offering a work environment in which employees can thrive and grow.

Right now is an especially exciting time to be at Cherwell. Our global presence is growing rapidly, which means you have the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact, no matter what your role. We’ve also got a new brand identity, and we’re excited to share it with you. Come be a part of our journey!

Our Core Values

Our core values shape all we do at Cherwell, helping us tackle challenges, take risks, be creative, suppor,t and empower our customers.

Heart: Sharing our enthusiasm for the work we do and passionately pursuing others' success as strongly as our own. 

Hunger:Growing constantly and making a significant positive impact for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

Humility:Respecting all and approaching every task with curiosity, not arrogance.

Honesty: Telling the truth—even when it’s difficult—and acting with integrity and authenticity.

Crafting Cherwell Culture: A Recipe for Success

Being a Cherwell teammate involves a balance of humility, a hunger for knowledge, a big heart for service, and a couple spoonfuls of honesty. We pride ourselves in crafting an environment that is warm, transparent, and conducive for innovation.

To ensure our recipe is just right, we sat down with some of our teammates to truly understand what being a member of the Cherwell family means to them, and what parts of recipe are necessary for cultivating the Cherwell culture.

1. A Dash of Good People

“When you spend half your waking hours on the job, it’s that much more important to be surrounded by people you respect, admire, and draw positive energy from—and when I power down my computer at the end of the day, all that goodness flows into the other areas of my life.” – Debra Brandt, Marketing Director.

“My feeling is that it all comes down to the fact that virtually every individual in this company cares solely about making a better product. From Sam, our new CEO, to Steve Rodda, our Chief Product Officer, to engineering, QA, training, support, documentation—the list goes on—that’s ultimately what everyone here cares most about. We all know there is a lot of room for improvement, but every person at Cherwell is working to improve our products every day of the week.” – Chris  Paddock, UI/UX Director.

“I like working at Cherwell because I believe in the company and the product but mostly because of the wonderful people that I am lucky to work alongside and learn from every day. My manager is supportive, encouraging, and allows me the autonomy to be creative. At Cherwell, my voice is truly heard.” – Bernadette Guthrie, Proposal Writer.

 “My favorite thing about the Cherwell culture is the people. I am fortunate to be surrounded by smart, talented people who provide a great work environment and unlimited learning opportunities.” – Jessica Bell, Software QA Manager.

2. Two Tablespoons of Spirit

“Cherwell culture means having the freedom to be yourself, and having the space to bring your whole self to the organization. I’m responsible for ensuring that our global Cherwell events take into account the values and experiences we’re creating for such diverse groups of people so that they feel welcome and know that they are an important part of our community.” – Ida Pennymon, Senior Manager of Global Events.

“What I love is the entrepreneurial spirit and meritocracy that gives me the platform to be successful and develop my sales career at Cherwell.” – Amit Chawla, Account Executive.  

“I work to cultivate a positive culture here at Cherwell with humor. Humor creates an upbeat atmosphere that encourages interaction, brainstorming of new ideas, and a fun environment…which is especially helpful since we’re spending a majority of our waking hours at work!” – Sanket Shah, Corporate Counsel.


3. A Cup of Work Remote Options

 “I appreciate Cherwell leading the way in not only allowing, but encouraging, employees to work remotely. As I create Cherwell materials each day from Montana and communicate with my teammates, I trust everyone I work with knows that although I’m not seeing you face-to-face, you are certainly much more than simply a name at the top of an email...we are a team!” – Benton Walker, Creative Director.

“My favorite Cherwell perk is the flexibility to work from home, come in late, or leave early when necessary. This trust in my work ethic makes me want to work harder and longer so I don’t disappoint those who put their trust in me.” – Stephanie Santos, Customer Experience Manager.

 4. A Pinch of Fun Office Environments

 “We spend so much time at the office, so it’s vital to me to really make the office a happy place so everyone enjoys coming to the work. For example, I love bringing in lunch on occasion because everyone deserves to be recognized for all the hard work they are doing for Cherwell. It helps create positive attitudes.” – Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant.


“As a bonus—the free drinks and snacks that we have in the office are very helpful when you have a long or stressful day!” – Joseph Barzizza, Global Payroll Manager.



Women in Tech Sales Team Spotlight

“With digital transformation on the horizon for many organizations and customer service as a critical component, technology organizations must be able to address the needs of their diverse end customers and employees.” –Christine Schultz, Account Executive at Cherwell.

When it comes to an organization, the success of the company relies heavily on the diversity of thought and unique experiences teammates bring to the table. At Cherwell software, that’s no different. We sat down with two of our account executives, Lisa Ingalls-Smith and Christine Schultz, to talk about their experience on the sales team, and what being a woman in technology means to them.

What do you like most about your role at Cherwell? 

“Overall, I would say that the culture seems to be very inclusive and open. From the top of the management down, everyone is hands on deck to make the company a better place and everyone’s excited about looking towards the future and growing the company.” –Lisa

“I’m proud to represent a company with a primary focus on the customer and their success. After many years in sales, I appreciate and find our customer-first culture refreshing.” –Christine

What’s your favorite part about working on the Cherwell Sales team?  

“I enjoy the challenge the sales role brings. I love nurturing customers to achieve success from the point of their initial interest as perspective customers through gaining continual and enhanced value with our solutions over time.”—Christine

“I love the work-life balance. When family takes priority, you can accommodate and control your schedule to fit around the craziness of life.” –Lisa

What made you go into sales?  

“The opportunity to provide value to organizations through technology. Working with people to understand their organizations’ challenges/needs and crafting the right solution to best solve problems. I know of no other role that offers the level of satisfaction and rewards of achievement that the sales role does.” – Christine
 “Sales was the first opportunity that came my way that fit my experience level and affords the flexibility I was seeking. Also, I love the people. I don’t have a problem going up and talking to anyone. If I can go in and solve problems when out in the field, that’s an incredibly rewarding thing.” – Lisa

What role do you think the value of diversity plays in tech? 

“I think that the individual contributions are key—having a diverse group people provides a lot of ideas and opinions. Having a monologist team means you don’t see things outside of the box. When you look at straight-up problem-solving, having a couple different ideas and experiences levels allow you to address a problem in a more productive way.” Lisa

“Since technology is such a fast-paced and ever-changing area, it is critical to have a variety of inputs, perspectives. and ideas. With digital transformation on the horizon for many organizations and customer service as a critical component, technology organizations must be able to address the needs of their diverse end customers and employees as well.” –Christine

About Lisa and Christine

Lisa is a new addition at Cherwell, coming on in August and working remotely from Seattle. Since graduating from Washington State University, Lisa has worked at multiple organizations in sales roles, from Quest Software to Embarcadero Technologies. She is co-founder of Spare Change for Kids, a charity event planning organization that is a part of the Lenny Wilkens Foundation. 

As for Christine, she’s been a part of the Cherwell journey since February 2017. Based in Detroit, Christine has had extensive experience in sales in the IT Service Management sector before coming to Cherwell. She has previously worked at ServiceNow and Compuware, and she graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy. 

New Hire Happiness

“I chose Cherwell because of the people. I heard about the opportunity through a recruiter and once I met my team it was a no brainer. I’m so happy to be here.” —Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant

One of the greatest stressors of the job hunt can be integrating into that new job once you’re hired. Service solutions such as Cherwell’s HR Service Management can help with automating onboarding and common human resources questions that pop up, but in the end it will be the people that help new hires feel welcome in a new environment. At Cherwell, we aspire for our new teammates to feel at home as much as possible. We sat down with some of our newer employees to discuss what their experience has been so far.

“Prior to starting at Cherwell I was happy and excited for the new opportunity. After starting, that feeling has elevated even more. In my 20+ years in the Denver IT market I have never felt more welcomed and comfortable in a new organization as I have at Cherwell. I cannot wait to see how our future unfolds,” says Ian Cole, SaaS Team Manager. Ian is less than a month into joining the Cherwell family, but has already felt the positive impact of being a team member.

“My experience as a new employee at Cherwell has been amazing so far. At first I was very nervous since I was coming from the retail and restaurant world. I didn’t know much about the software industry, but everyone is so friendly and helpful. The people at Cherwell have made my transition into software very easy,” says Kelly Webster, Senior Executive Assistant. Kelly has now been with us for five months, and has been a huge part of crafting Cherwell culture by incorporating new decorations, snacks, and events for our Denver office. 

“My first few weeks at Cherwell has been such a wonderful experience. I joined because of the people, team, and desire to work with a product that had service at its core. Everyone has been so welcoming and eager to help thus far; it really does feel like family here regardless of the work,” says Michael Euperio, Director of Technology Alliances. Michael is also about a month in, working out of our Denver office to develop our TAP program with relevant partners.

“So far as a new hire, I’ve had two really standout moments. One was a team happy hour we had to celebrate National Boss’s Day. It was nice to celebrate and laugh with my team outside of work. The second was during one of our All Hands Meetings where our CEO shared our goals behind automation and process improvement. This was huge for me because my team aligns directly to those goals. Hearing him say that further emphasized our purpose and made me feel welcome,” says Naomi Harmon, Salesforce Development Manager. Naomi is five months into her Cherwell journey, and has expressed her appreciation for our office snacks, work environment, and people who make it matter.

So, why should job seekers consider Cherwell? 

 We asked one of our seasoned members of the Cherwell team to give us the number one reason why.

“We are a company that has tremendous potential and we are on the verge of breaking through to emerge as a leader in our field. It is an exciting time to be at Cherwell,” notes Joseph Barzizza, Global Payroll Manager.

At the end of the day, all of our employees, old and new, embody our four Core Values of honesty, heart, humility, and hunger. If you are interested in joining the Cherwell team, pop over to our t our open roles to learn more.

Cherwell Software Reviews

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    "Great Place to Work Despite the Vocal Minority"

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Current Employee - Software Engineer in Colorado Springs, CO
    Current Employee - Software Engineer in Colorado Springs, CO
    Positive Outlook
    Approves of CEO

    I have been working at Cherwell Software full-time (More than 3 years)


    Cherwell is really a great place to work. Here are a few reasons why:
    - Culture: I work with people all across the country (and developers in Scotland!) who all are very talented, offer diverse perspectives, and bring out the best in you. Communication is easy, and trust is high. And this is experience is consistent both within and outside my R&D department.
    - Flexibility/Benefits: We have a good remote work policy that even allows employees who live near HQ to work from home. There is a flexible PTO policy that doesn't put a cap on vacation - and there is no stigma around taking time off. The other benefits (health, 401k, etc) are comparable to other tech companies in the area.
    - Tech: Cherwell has a unique product and a seemingly limitless potential for new projects and innovation. As with any product, there is room for improvement. But as an engineer, this kind of thing excites me. On a given day I can find myself working on anything from websockets to machine learning algorithms.

    Overall, the people are wonderful and the work is exciting. There isn't much more I can ask for.


    As with any company, there seems to be a loud vocal minority who either complain about trivial issues or irrational misconceptions. Much of the negativity in the reviews seem to think that management is out to get them and destroy their work-life balance. This is irrational and untrue.

    When you take a step back and compare Cherwell to other similar tech companies the stats bear out that we have one of the lowest voluntary employee attrition rates. This is a testament to the great culture and perks. The anonymous surveys also point to how the majority of employees love working here and think the CEO, Sam, is doing a fine job. Let the numbers do the talking instead of the vocal minority.

    Advice to Management

    Keep it up!

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    Very disorganized and unprofessional recruiter. I was ghosted several times with the last time being ghosted after 4 emails and still no response. This was after he said he was going to schedule time with me and the hiring manager.

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  • Top Company, ColoradoBiz Magazine, 2015
  • Technology Fast 500™, Deloitte, 2015
  • Top 100 Technology Companies, Built in Colorado, 2015
  • Challenger, Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2018
  • Leader, The Forrester Wave, 2018
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