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Huddle Overview

Website www.huddle.com
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Size 201 to 500 Employees
Founded 2006
Type Company - Private
Industry Information Technology
Established in 2006, with offices in London and San Francisco, Huddle is the leader in cloud collaboration and content management for the enterprise.

Huddle is used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, including Disney, AKQA, KPMG and Kia Motors, to ... More

Mission: Andy and Alastair set up Huddle with a clear vision: to make it easier for people to work together. Huddle is now transforming organizations across the globe, enabling people to collaborate on content no matter where they’re based. Through our Huddle Foundation Programme, we ... More

Company Updates

  • http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vIf90

    Welcome Morten Brøgger to the Huddle team!

    Last year was a big year for the Huddle team. During 2014, we saw the content collaboration market really come of age as enterprises and governments started to readily replace legacy software at scale and embrace this new way of working.

  • http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vIzOE

    Resetting the government's relationship with technology: Is it possible? | Huddle's Blog

    Last week, Liam Maxwell, CTO for the UK government, took to the stage for his keynote at IP Expo. During the session Maxwell not only examined some of the issues with government technology in the past, but also set out his vision for the future.

Huddle Video

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Huddle – Why Work For Us?

About us

Our vision

We founded Huddle with a single aspiration: to help people work better together.

We believe that true collaboration knows no barriers. People should be able to work easily with each other irrespective of whom they work for, where they are based, the language they communicate in or the technology they choose to use.

We believe that true collaboration means more than just file sharing. It’s about delivering the right information to the right people and giving them all the tools they need to achieve their goals in one place.

We believe that true collaboration is about actions not words. It’s about actually getting stuff done, not just talking about getting it done. Fewer status updates, more completed projects.

We believe that you deserve the best: ease of use, security, value, support and commitment to your success.

We’re building the most trusted network for secure cross-organization collaboration in the cloud. For your business. For your team. For you.


Huddle Awards

The company

Established in 2006, with offices in London, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York, Huddle is the leader in cloud collaboration and content management for the enterprise.

Huddle is used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, including Disney, AKQA, KPMG and KIA Motors, to securely manage projects, share files and collaborate with people inside and outside of their business.

Huddle can be accessed online, on desktops via Microsoft Office applications, on the move with Android, iPhone and iPad apps. It is currently available in 15 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

Simply: if SharePoint was built today, they would’ve built Huddle.

Huddle Staff Photos

Looking for a new, awesome job? We may have a spot for you right here.

So what exactly do we do? 

We change the way everyone works together. Huddle makes it easier for everyone to share, discuss, improve, and approve content—from their desk to their smartphone. And who doesn’t want that? 

Where we’re at and who we work with: 

We’re located in London, San Francisco, and New York, with clients all over the globe—some you may recognize: NASA, Kia Motors, P&G, and Beats by Dre. There are over 100,000 organizations that use Huddle in more than 180 countries.

Why you need to work here:

Besides the whole “changing how the world works together and being part of something bigger than yourself” thing—which are perfectly acceptable reasons to want to work here—there are a few other amazing things about Huddle that may catch your attention.

The hiring geniuses here have managed to build a brilliant team of people who make up a great company culture of peers. Huddle believes that if you hire great people, those great people will hire more great people—and it works.

Need a few more reasons?

How about a never-ending flow of espressos, cappuccinos, and Americanos, coupled with free breakfast and lunch once a week, a fridge filled with fizzy drinks, and beer o’clock Fridays?

But it’s not all about us. Through our Huddle Foundation Program, we are able to donate more than $400,000 of software to charities worldwide each year. And we feel good about that.

What are our values?

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, no matter what your job is. When we set out to list the values that make up a Huddler, this was the consensus:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Whatever it takes
  • The Customer always comes first
  • Fun

What it takes to make a team work

In all fast growing organizations it is of paramount importance to assemble the right team. After all, it's the people that build your product, the people that market it, and the people that sell it. Without the people, it's like having a car without a driver or a map to get to where you're going. Here at Huddle, we pride ourselves on hiring the very best people. But that's so cliché, who doesn't want to hire the best people? So we take it a step further, what we are looking for is the next “Huddler”.

This is a Huddler

This month, a number of Huddlers signed up to compete in the Tough Mudder event. The event is a 12-mile run through mud, with the added spice of 20 SAS (British Special Air Services) obstacles to overcome along the way, including fire, ice baths, and climbing over mountains of mud. Being a Huddler who signed up to the event, it made me realize just how important the team spirit at Huddle is to making Huddle such a great place to work, and also how fundamental it's been to our rise over the years I've worked here.

As we set off on our 12-mile challenge, I looked at the team we had assembled to represent Huddle, a combination of our departments: sales, support, developers, etc.  We were a mix of levels, experience, and personalities across the business-all working as one unit to ensure we made it over the finish line. We created the team, but creating the teamwork to finish such a brutal challenge is something very different.

So, as we sat enjoying a beer, celebrating our success of working together to finish this mammoth challenge, I noticed we all had something in common…we were all Huddlers. A Huddler is the kind of person who understands that no individual can win on his or her own. In order to get the best results, we need to use all of the resources around us and within ourselves.  Be it the sales guys' pumped up motivational talk as we hit mile eight, the logical thinking of our product manager as we approached the high walls we needed to scale, the marketing expertise to get that winning team photo at the end of the course, or our VP's wallet for the celebratory beers, it all matters.

The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel

The same teamwork ethos drives us every day in every one of our offices across the globe, a true sense of unity, enthusiasm, and determination to be the best. We are all working towards one common goal and pulling all our skills and resources together to make sure we are successful in everything we do.

What makes a Huddler? Someone who knows that the greatest successes and best moments in life come from working together to win as a team.

Huddle's Engineering Team

View the Product Engineering Video

At Huddle we create awesome experiences in collaboration for teams and workers around the world. Our platform is used by small teams, medium-sized companies and huge teams; it’s trusted by government organisations for whom security is a huge concern, cost-aware charities and innovative startups.

The Product Engineering team is made up of Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Application Architects, Systems Engineers, Data Engineers, Development Managers, UX Designers, Product Management, Project Managers and of course, our Engineering Director and our CTO.

The whole team is based in London and has grown really fast attracting some amazing talent in the last few years....and we're still expanding in 2014. It's an Agile development team, and includes a number of key members of the London .Net User Group and regular presenters on the conference circuit.

Huddle’s Engineering team is one of the most talented and creative I’ve ever worked with, and if you ask the more senior members of the team they’ll tell you the same thing.

Technology Stack

Huddle’s Server Side technology stack is .NET with SQL Server. We rely heavily on OSS libraries, particularly NHibernate and OpenRasta for our REST APIs. Our Server Side programming language is C# with increasing adoption of F#. Tools include Visual Studio, Resharper, NCrunch, DotTrace and MSpec. Our CI process uses Octopus Deploy and Team City. Huddle’s Client Side technology stack is native on mobile (Objective-C on iOS and Java on Android) and we build SPA applications to talk to our REST API in JavaScript using a combination of OSS libraries including JQuery and Knockout. Sass is our language of choice for styling our Web applications, with compressive visual and functional UI testing with PhantomJS.

Blogs and Projects

We’re more than just numbers, though. At tldr.huddle.com,  you’ll see blog posts from many members of the team, and hopefully our personalities will shine through, and go to github.com/huddle to see some of the open source projects the team is working on.

20% Time

At Huddle we believe in hiring the best engineers and giving them autonomy to innovate. 20% of your time will be free to work on side projects of your choosing that benefit Huddle or the wider technical community in some way. That might be prototyping a new feature for the product, working on an open source project, giving a talk at a conference or sharpening your programming skills by learning a new language or piece of technology.

What is Huddle?

Here's to building things that last!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how in order to build something amazing—you must break a few walls along the way. For me, there’s no point building anything unless you’re building it to last—for a very long time. Software tools come and go, but to change the way people work, you need to have a longer-term vision. I didn’t have to look very far for my inspiration. It came from my grandfather, an entrepreneur and engineer who built the world’s largest man-made moveable object – the Ninian Central (oil) Platform. If you’re ever cruising the North Sea, it’s easy to spot.

Why do I believe Huddle is like Ninian? Well, firstly, before we came up with the name Huddle, we called the company Ninian Solutions to remind us about being in it for a long-haul. Secondly, everyone at Huddle genuinely believes that we’re changing the way people work for the better. We’re making enterprise software that is enjoyable to use, helping people get out of the office faster, and making sure that their employers reap all the extra productivity benefits. But above all, it’s a combination of several, quite unique factors that make Huddle. Its culture, people, and the product that make up a very different type of enterprise software company.

Building for the present and the future: making the complex simple

We constantly think about and invest in ideas for future challenges in the enterprise, and not just today’s problems. We don’t have a crystal ball, but the ever increasing number of things that you’re required to do at work is putting a lot of strain on you already. We’re here to make sure you don’t break.

We believe software should be incredibly simple, with all the complexity hidden away. We believe that by solving some really big, but relatively obvious problems, we can make the world of work a better place. Let’s just fix the basics first, finding, accessing, sharing, and working on files with other people—then everything else will follow.

So imagine, you never have to search for that file again. Knowing at all times who everyone is, what they’re working on, and how they can help you. Imagine, coming to work and knowing exactly what tasks need to be done before the end of the day and what order they need to be completed in, so you can leave on time. Imagine if you could get on a plane to go to an important meeting, knowing that Huddle had already figured out what files you will need, which ones you might want to read first, and then downloaded them to your iPad automatically. This is what we call Huddle’s intelligent recommendations engine and you can see how its initial application already works in practice in our product. The future is here and this is just the beginning.

Security of your data above all

Security will become more important, not less, and it’s a complex issue. We’re expecting that enterprise IT departments will become more and more comfortable with the concept of storing content in the cloud. In the same way, we’ve all become comfortable sharing our credit card details over the Internet. So what happens when the cloud becomes commonplace and enterprise information is stored in the cloud? One thing is certain: we’ll suddenly all become more concerned with the security and management of the specific clouds in which we are storing all of this information. Things that will become increasingly important will be the country the ‘clouds’ are hosted in, their data privacy laws, the standards they adhere to, and the administration and control they give us. We want to be ahead of ‘are my terabytes of financial data actually safe?’ curve. So we built the most secure platform for enterprise content collaboration in the cloud. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask any of our government customers.

Sounds corny, I know, but our customers’ success is our success

There’s no point in pretending that we set out to be focused on our customer success when we started out back in 2006—we wanted to build an amazing product. But we’ve learnt that only through meaningful engagement, discussions and feedback, and supporting our customers every step of the way, can we do Huddle justice. I don’t want you to suddenly think that Huddle is a complicated tool that requires many man-hours of implementation, training, or hand holding, etc. On the contrary – it’s as easy to use as Facebook and can be deployed in minutes. Need to share a file with a colleague who isn’t on your company network? Check. Need a fast approval and your boss is on his mobile? Check. Pulling together a team for a project that needs to be delivered yesterday? Check. Simple. Yet helping people to change the way they work for the better isn’t simple. People are reluctant to change, uncomfortable with it. That’s why all of our customers get a Customer Success Manager to ease them into it. And that’s also why we’re the only company in our space (in fact, the only SaaS vendor I know of period) who has a 100% money-back adoption guarantee. If you deploy Huddle and don’t get 100% adoption amongst your users in the first 90 days, we will give your money back. That’s it.

Giving back not just taking

We believe in doing things differently. We launched the Huddle Foundation four years ago and it has gone on to give more than $10 million in free Huddle software and support to charities and non-profits. By doing this, we (and all of our customers) help one new non-profit on average every working day of the year. Our employees get time off each year to help heir favourite causes and our amazing developers get to spend ‘Tuesday Time’ to work on any project they want.  And some of the biggest global aid, medical, and support organizations use Huddle to make a meaningful difference to millions of people across the world, every day: the European Bank for Reconstruction, UNICEF, Fair Trade Federation, Barndardos, and Great Ormond Street Hospitals to name just a few. We do this because we honestly want to change the way the world works.

Huddle’s future

We already have a large number of enterprise and government customers, from Unilever to SEGA, from P&G to Panasonic, from the US Department of Defense and NASA. But what’s even more important, there are ever increasing numbers of people using Huddle every day across these organizations, changing the way they work for the better.

My grandfather’s lifetime achievement—the Ninian Central Platform—was originally built in Loch Kishorn, Scotland in 1978. It’s changed hands a couple of times, from Chevron to Canadian Natural Resources, which runs it today. Yet it remains, built to last. I can only hope that Huddle will share its fate.

As well as a competitive salary, you'll also get all of the following:

  • The Huddle Cuddle - a gift of £500/$800 in value, so you can buy something for yourself each and every year. It could be a new tablet, a weekend away, or that awesome coat you've been looking at. Anything you like, as long as it helps you chill out and relax, we'll pick up the tab
  • Fun activities organised by our social committee: The Funderbirds. Everything from indoor skiing and picnics in the park to good old fashioned parties - we do it all
  • Two days off per year to support the Huddle Foundation by donating your time to a charity/non-profit of your choice
  • A competitive benefits package, including private medical/dental insurance, pension plan/401k, life insurance and share options. Each and every Huddle employee is a shareholder in the business. This is at the very core of our values. We all get to share financially in Huddle's success
  • 25 days annual vacation (PTO), plus public holidays, plus your birthday off every year!
  • Free breakfast every day, free lunch on a Wednesday and free drinks on a Friday
  • 20% time. Developers have 20% of their time is free to work on side projects of their choosing that benefit Huddle or the wider technical community.

Huddle Reviews

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Morten Brøgger
12 Ratings
  • Was Great but...

    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
    Disapproves of CEO

    I worked at Huddle full-time


    Great product! Company has wonderful benefits and perks. Seems that London and San Fran happy for most part, not so much in NYC and DC.


    Management is non existent in remote offices. They cater to London and San Francisco. Almost everyone from when I was hired is no longer there. Zero training and support.

    Advice to Management

    Go back to how it used to be.

Huddle Interviews

Interview Experience

Interview Experience


Getting an Interview

Getting an Interview


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Interview Difficulty




    Sales Management Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in San Francisco, CA
    Declined Offer
    Negative Experience
    Average Interview


    I applied online. The process took 5 weeks. I interviewed at Huddle (San Francisco, CA).


    Weirdly, the company insisted on doing reference checks BEFORE an actual interview was granted. This proved very awkward, both for me and the folks who acted as references. Some of the people on whom a reference checked was completed indicated that they were very uncomfortable with the questions and the professionalism of the company representative that did the checks. The interview process was bizarre. It appeared that there was some sort of preset agenda in play, but it was not clear exactly what was intended to be accomplished by the folks doing the interviewing.

    Interview Questions

    • There was a question centering around - how to recruit good salespeople - that indicated the questioners were inexperienced, but at the same time they clearly were NOT OPEN to input from anyone that DID have the necessary experience to recruit successfully. They seemed aloof and simultaneously, amateurish.   1 Answer

Huddle Awards & Accolades

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  • Emerging Star of the Year, UK Tech Awards, 2013
  • Supplier of the Year, Computer Weekly, 2013
  • Top 10 Rising Stars, Computer Weekly, 2013
  • Start-Up 100, Daily Telegraph, 2011
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