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Livongo Health Overview

Mountain View, CA
201 to 500 employees
Company - Public (LVGO)
Health Care Services & Hospitals
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Livongo: one of the top 3 Best Places to Work in healthcare, with the largest digital healthcare IPOs in history, July 2019.

Our Applied Health Signals™ engine, AI+AI, is transforming how care is delivered, and revolutionizing the experience of ... Read more

Mission: Livongo pioneered Applied Health Signals™ to empower people to live healthier lives. With the acquisition of myStrength and Retrofit, our solution suite now covers both behavioral and chronic conditions. We aggregate and interpret huge sets of health data to create ... Read more

Company Updates

  • Livongo is celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month! Join us in honoring the amazing contributions and many vibrant cultures of Hispanic and Latinx communities. Employees can see more on our dedicated wiki page, updated each week.

  • Livongo stepped up for this year's American Heart Association Walk in Chicago. We had nearly 50 Livongo volunteers and together we raised $12,000 for a good cause! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and supported our friends at the AHA.

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Livongo Health – Why Work With Us?

Livongo offers a whole-person platform that empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, beginning with diabetes and now including hypertension, weight management, diabetes prevention, and behavioral health. Our individually-tailored member solutions integrate consumer health technology and personalized, real-time support, based on a foundation of advanced data science. 

We’ve pioneered a whole new category in healthcare: Applied Health Signals, powered by AI+AI. AI+AI stands for Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate – the four pillars of Livongo’s Applied Health Signals engine. 

This unparalleled, breakthrough platform leads to improved Member satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes while lowering overall healthcare spending. Livongo is the first company at the intersection of data science, behavior enablement, and clinical impact with the technologies and capabilities to Silence Noisy Healthcare™. 

In early 2019 we acquired myStrength, bringing behavioral health solutions into the Livongo product suite and enabling us to more fully address the health of the whole person. To that end, in 2018 we also purchased Retrofit, which provides weight-management and disease-prevention programs. 

On July 25, 2019 we took our company public, in order to elevate and expand the way the industry views us, thus ushering us into a whole new set of mission-critical conversations that will help us to accomplish the work still to be done. As we reach new levels of achievement, we accelerate our ability to deliver life-changing services. As Amazon is to Commerce, Livongo is to Healthcare, transforming how care is delivered.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. The Livongo approach is leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes, as well as superior Member experiences.  

As a ground-breaking innovator in digital healthcare platforms, Livongo creates solutions that combine the powers of modern technology and human interaction. Our reimagined approach to healthcare supports the whole person, motivating behavior change in real-time, through mobile and online resources and personalized interactions with our certified health coaches. 

Our people-centric mission extends to our employees, who come to Livongo because they want to make a difference. Livongo is a company that empowers innovation, collaboration and leadership. We’ve fostered a passionate, lively, and creative environment in which to thrive, achieve, and expand horizons. We also embrace inclusivity, and celebrate the diversity that has made us strong.

Our Technology

Livongo’s ground-breaking technology is called AI+AI: Aggregate, Interpret, Apply and Iterate – the four pillars of the Applied Health Signals engine. Today, Livongo aggregates dozens of data sets and combines them to interpret and extract the drivers of behavior change on a personal member-by-member level, just like an Amazon or Netflix experience. We deliver actionable, personalized, and timely recommendations through a broad set of applications to our members. Using advanced data science tools (whether that’s A/B testing, reinforcement learning, regressions, clustering, or other techniques), we observe and iterate in order to create clarity and silence Noisy Healthcare. 

AI+AI starts with Livongo’s own suite of devices for measuring clinical signals at their source in the real world – our Members. We then augment our informed perspective based on thousands of collected and integrated data points. We apply the information in the form of real-time messages back to the Members, in order to help them make behavioral adjustments. If your blood sugar is out of range, we’re there to help, with immediate, personalized information. Our goal is to make it easier for our Members to stay healthy.  

Armed with data, we are constantly learning and iterating our solutions, as we continue to deliver actionable, personalized and timely recommendations to our Members. Leveraging Applied Health Signals platform, we’re able to empower our Members during the 99.9% of the time they spend outside the doctor’s office.

Our Impact

Did you know…

  • Approximately 147 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition
  • As of 2014, approximately 60% of all U.S. adults lived with one or more chronic conditions, and over 40% had two or more chronic conditions
  • According to the CDC, 90% of healthcare expenditures are for people with chronic and behavioral health conditions
  • A study in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company showed that Livongo delivered an $88 per Member monthly reduction in medical spending

Data Tells the Story

HbA1c is a commonly used indicator in diabetes management. It is expressed in percentage terms, and is proportional to a person’s blood glucose average over the course of the past 90 days. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with diabetes keep their HbA1c below 7%. The higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of complications. 

In a 2-year study, Livongo members reduced their HbA1c level by almost 1%.

A 1.0% reduction in HbA1c translates to:

  • A 21% reduction in death from diabetes
  • A 14% reduction in heart attacks
  • A 21% reduction in peripheral vascular disease

Our impact? Real, measurable health benefits – as well as financial benefits – for real people.

Propelling Us Forward

We build our culture around the acronym PROPEL:

People: Members and employees come first.

Results: We deliber results, both clinical and financial, and make a measurable improvement in people’s health and lives.

Originality: Innovation makes Livongo the market leader.

Passion: Employees come for the mission and stay because of the mission.

Excellence: Our employees are exceptional performers at all levels.

Learning: We learn from our mistakes. We listen to ideas. We move fast and adapt quickly.

Every year we honor standout employees with the PROPEL awards, presenting them with their own MPP (Most Propelled Player) personalized bobble head. Here are a couple of this year's winners: Sydney for PEOPLE, Martell for ORIGINALITY and Norm for EXCELLENCE. Congrats to ALL - truly outstanding members of our team. 




Livongo Culture and Environment

Livongo employees are split between offices in the CA Bay Area, Chicago, Denver and various remote home offices around the country. Wherever we're located, you'll find us joined by a passion for our mission, empowering our members and each other.

Working at the Livongo Mountain View Office

You’ll find Livongo in downtown Mountain View, just a 2-minute walk from the Caltrain Station and a 5-minute walk from the famous Castro Street, which boasts a wide variety of dining and happy hour options. For lunch, take advantage of our in-office catering, Monday-Thursday each week. We bring in awesome food selections from a variety of local restaurants and serve it buffet-style. There are always healthy options to choose from, plus choices for those with food allergies, gluten sensitivity, or vegetarian preferences. The office is stocked with a great variety of snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. So, YES – at Livongo, there is such a thing as a free lunch, which you can share with your colleagues in our newly renovated and expanded dining area.

Here we enjoy open desk spaces, customized conference rooms, sofas, and inside picnic tables for conversations and meetings. Half of our Mountain View office is also dog-friendly, so be ready to hang with our four-legged buddies that are 95% house-broken (we had an incident). For those who want to take a walk or bike ride during the day, we are across the street from the entrance to the Steven Creek Trail, providing visitors with varied experiences through woodlands, tidal marshes and city neighborhood parks.

In both Chicago and Mountain View we support the environment by recycling. In Mountain View we compost as well!

Working at Livongo Chicago

Our Chicago office has an amazing location on the 34th floor of 444 North Michigan Ave, in the heart of The Magnificent Mile. It’s super-convenient for commuters, and there are tons of wonderful dining options and historic landmarks within walking distance. And THE VIEW... the view is nothing short of breathtaking.  

For lunch, take a break and enjoy some free grub with the team, catered Monday-Thursday (up to $14 per day) from your favorite Chicago spots. You get to place your own order online from multiple restaurants. We also keep you energized all day with an endless variety of snacks.

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Maybe the Amazon? We support your adventures with flexible vacation time (especially if you sport our Livongo swag!). Our casual, people-oriented work environment is based on the philosophy that work should feel good. You'll love our workspace with all of the trimmings: Hop on a treadmill desk or grab a book from our lending library, or play a round of Catan in our lively break room. Livongo values our team events, which range from costume parties to rooftop happy hours and spontaneous ice cream socials. Whatever the occasion, we’re always looking for new ways to have fun together!

Working at Livongo San Francisco

San Francisco boasts another appealing Livongo office with a killer location, in the South Park area of the SOMA district. We’re within walking distance to Oracle Park and the new Chase Center, as well as several great coffee shops and restaurants. Why drive if you don’t have to? We’re directly across from South Park, which has grassy areas for hanging out, as well as picnic tables and benches. The lunch hour is an especially popular time in the park. 

This is urban life at its finest. Our modern space still presents a “home away from home” feel, as well as an inviting deck and patio space for working outside on beautiful California days. We provide free catered lunch Monday-Thursday, as well as a fully-stocked kitchen with a variety of drinks (hot & cold) and snacks, all complimentary. Our office also offers a shower room with towels and toiletries, in case you’re the type that likes to work out before work or at lunch.


Working for Livongo / myStrength in Denver

After acquiring myStrength in early 2019, Livongo gained another office, in the heart of lower downtown Denver (known as LoDo). We’re surrounded by great restaurants, breweries, and Coors Field, home of the Rockies -- all within walking distance. 

For lunch, take a break and enjoy some free food with the team, catered Monday-Thursday. Employees order lunch online from a different restaurant each day. Livongo covers every lunch, up to $15 per day. We'll also keep you going during the day with a wide variety of snacks and beverages. 

You'll love our workspace, equipped with sit/stand desks in an open office environment. Take a break and play a friendly match of Tetris, divulge the latest from Game of Thrones, or snuggle with one of our four-legged friends. That’s right, our Denver office is dog-friendly (up to 2 dogs can visit each day)!


Working for Livongo Remotely

As of 2019, almost half of our workforce is remote. All Livongo coaches work remotely, as well as many of the folks in our commercial teams, and even some of our executives. Our remote employees get to work from the comfort of their own home (and their own PJs?), with the flexibility that a home office entails. While some companies may tend to forget about their remote teammates, that is definitely NOT the case here. Our self-named Remoties are plugged into everyday Livongo life, staying connected via video-conferencing tools and instant messaging, in every way a full member of the Livongo team. 


Of course, the "Remotie Culture" isn’t only about work. As with all Livongans, the emphasis is on people. Our remote workers have formed their own team, meeting virtually once a quarter, and enjoys fun, in-person events as well. They try to coordinate the timing of these events to correspond to other Livongo events happening in the HQ cities.

Here are a couple photos from Remotie Summer Pop-Up events - a kayaking event in Pittsburgh and a sunset cruise in St. Augustine:


These are family events and every Livongan who can get there is invited.

The Remoties have also formed clubs, like the Cooking Club, for sharing recipes. There's a chat room to help people get to know each other and collaborate on projects. Remoties are also encouraged to join Livongo events taking place onsite at various client locations around the country.

"It is so great to be a part of a company that makes you feel so included even when working from home! So thank you guys for everything that you do for us Remoties!" 

So if you're considering joining Livongo as a remote employee, don't worry about being lonely! Livongo has leveraged today's culture of telecommuting and virtual everything to bring our Remoties fully into the fold, enjoying the warmth and teamwork and collaboration that is an integral component of the Livongo culture everywhere.

Company Events

Livongans are a lively crowd and they like to play together as well as work together. Our company festivities include standard pop-up events like happy hours, team lunches and dinners, game nights, family picnics, etc. We also get active and creative with:

  • Annual Hack Days
  • The PROPEL awards
  • Hiking or biking parties
  • Halloween parties - with a costume contest
  • Happy hours to celebrate holidays and company milestones
  • Marathons!
  • Cultural celebrations, like Diwali

Volunteering and giving back are some of our favorite types of events. Every year we do the JDRF ride in La Crosse, WI. Below you’ll see our Executive Chairman Glen and his son cross the finish line. Also pictured are Livongo teammates volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose, CA.


Of course our thought-leaders are frequently featured as speakers in national healthcare and technology events. For details, check out our website Events page.

So, What IS the Livongo Culture?

Although we now have more than 500 employees and five years of history, we still move like a startup. Our startup mentality means we’re agile, fast-paced, innovative, and dynamic.

We’re also highly collaborative and all about teamwork. We’re diverse. We work cross-functionally. 

We Take Care of our Members and Each Other

Livongo is hugely people-centric. Our whole purpose for being is to help people: our teammates, our members, and people we don’t even know who may be suffering from health issues.

Our Members are the people at risk for or living with chronic or behavioral conditions, who are taking advantage of the Livongo programs. Our job is to align the right healthcare resources with our members, at the times they need it most. These resources include break-through Livongo technology, as well as personal support from coaches, clinical care teams, family, and friends.  

Everyone at Livongo is either directly or indirectly impacted by chronic conditions, or is at a point in their lives where they wanted to be part of a true crusade. We aim to make a deep and meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Diversity and Inclusivity

We're not just following a trend. We've seen how diversity brings us breadth of experience and unique perspectives - which directly contribute to innovation. In our offices you'll hear a variety of accents, while seeing people of all sizes, colors, ages and nationalities. Our backgrounds are diverse, our attitudes are diverse, but through inclusivity and respect we product some amazing brainstorming and teamwork!Giving Back

Volunteering and donating to good causes are also part of the Livongo culture. Our #1 cause is JDRF, an organization that’s improving lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. In August 2018, more than 100 Livongo employees, family, and friends went to La Crosse Wisconsin for the JDRF Century (100 miles) Bike Ride. Ours was the largest team in JDRF history and for this event we raised well over $100,000 to fund research to find a cure!  

Naturally, most of our causes fight to empower people to live healthier lives.


Greatness comes from the top down AND vice versa. Everyone’s voice is heard at Livongo. Our quest for constant improvement and innovation means that we value fresh perspectives and new ideas. We are as determined to empower our employees as we are to empower our members.

Curious about the people at the helm? Here are some brief profiles, to help you get to know them.

Glen Tullman is our Founder and Executive Chairman. Glen has already changed healthcare through Livongo, as well as at Allscripts, where, as CEO, he grew revenues from $30 million in 1997 to more than $1.4 billion in 2012, and led the company’s IPO and secondary offerings. He’s also the cofounder and managing partner of 7WireVentures, a $100 million venture firm focused on early-stage healthcare investments. His son Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2003, at age 8.

Glen attended Bucknell and Oxford. Recently he published a book: On Our Terms; Empowering the New Health Consumer.       

For fun? Glen loves magic! 

Taking the helm as CEO is Zane Burke.

Zane previously led $5.1 billion Cerner Corporation, a medical-records software firm. Like Glen, Zane has had a hand in transforming healthcare around the globe and building relationships with the top health systems in the world. 

Zane leads with an integrated business mind-set and a continuous focus on client relationships. He’s passionate about helping Livongo to integrate additional chronic and behavioral conditions on our platform, because he recognizes how many conditions are connected. For example, he says that people with diabetes have higher chances of having hypertension and/or depression as well. 

Burke loves music, especially live music at concerts. Most recently he saw Elton John in concert and Queen is another of his faves. He says he always has a song in his head.

Read more about Zane in this Crain's Chicago Business interview and in this 7WireVentures interview.


Jennifer Schneider is our President. She has a Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins and was Chief Resident at Stanford University and an attending physician at Stanford. Prior to Livongo she was Chief Medical Officer at Castlight Health.

At Livongo Jenny leads our product, data science, engineering, marketing, and clinical operations. Previously she served as our Chief Medical Officer. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 30 years, but she’s also an AMAZING athlete. We’re not exaggerating: she’s an IronMan!


Bimal Shah is our Chief Medical Officer, overseeing our strategic clinical product vision, content, research, and analytics. He launched our first cardiovascular product offering and has been instrumental in expanding Livongo solutions into several parts of the healthcare market.

Bimal is a cardiologist and has served as an Assistant Professor at Duke University, where he held leadership positions in research programs and clinical administration. He earned both a Doctor of Medicine and a Masters in Business Administration from Duke. He’s a father of two and an avid college basketball fan (his attendance at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke must have had something to do with that!). In his spare time he loves outdoor activities like hiking, and he’s also passionate about travel and good food and wine!


Jim Pursley, our Chief Commercial Officer, leads our go-to-market strategy, including sales and strategic partnerships. He played a similar role at EosHealth and Care Innovations, an Intel-GE company, where he also served as General Manager of the Independent Living business segment. He was one of the original team members who launched Care Innovations in 2011.

Not to be outdone by Jenny, Jim played varsity football at Penn State, before going on to get his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.  

Lee Shapiro, our Chief Financial Officer leads our financial, legal and strategic growth initiatives. He knows Livongo inside and out, having served on our board for several years and chaired our Audit Committee. He has deep healthcare experience as well and led Allscripts as their President for more than a decade. There he oversaw Allscript’ strategy, international operations, business development, and health plan initiatives, as well as over $4B in mergers, acquisitions and financings.

    Lee Lee is the Managing Partner at 7wire Ventures, an investment firm he co-founded over a decade ago with Glen Tullman. He and his wife, Valerie, have three wonderful grown children and reside in the Chicago area.

Lee describes himself as an avid recovering marathoner and sports fan!

At this milestone time in Livongo's history, Naomi Allen plays a key role as our Chief Growth Officer. She oversees key strategic growth initiatives, including new markets and acquisitions. With over 20 years working in healthcare and technology, she is a seasoned operational leader and frequent speaker on digital health and early stage company innovation. 

Past executive roles for Naomi span operations, sales and product functions, as a founding member of Castlight Health, from inception to IPO. Prior to that she helped build McKinsey’s West Coast healthcare tech practice. Naomi also has experience with Microsoft and Deloitte. She holds an MBA from Stanford and received her undergrad degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Naomi spent a year in southern Bolivia building a neighborhood with Habitat for Humanity (so knows more about rebar construction and sewage treatment than she probably should). She’s a tri-lingual world traveler, mom of 3 young kids, and avid Peloton cyclist. Here she is on the Patagonia glacier!

Dave Engberg oversees Engineering, Service Operations and IT, as our Chief Technology Officer. Earlier, as CTO of Evernote, his team built the Evernote secure note-taking service and then grew it to support billions of notes and tens of millions of active users. Dave has a degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford, and a Masters’ in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Dave is both an amazing baker and a coffee snob! Lucky for us, he brings some of this additional expertise to the office to share with us. Yup, he made us the amazing logo bread pictured below. It was delicious and so is his espresso!


Arnnon Geshuri is our Chief People Officer, responsible for recruiting, onboarding, workforce development, and culture. He’s been a part of some very interesting companies (although he thinks none compare to Livongo!). He was the VP of HR at Tesla, where he oversaw the company’s growth from a scrappy, 400-person startup to an integrated sustainable energy company with more than 35,000 employees around the globe. Before that he designed Google’s legendary recruitment organization and talent acquisition strategy. Joining Google in late 2004, when the company had just emerged from its IPO, Arnnon led the company’s charge to grow from 2,500 people to over 25,000, and evolve into a technology powerhouse. Arnnon has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Irvine and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Jose State.

Arnnon’s hidden talent? He does a mean robot. Next time he does it, we’ll try to capture it on video. Or join the team, and come see it in person!    

His other super power is his talent for attracting and finding “unicorns.”


Our Chief Product Officer is Amar Kendale, and he’s extremely passionate about developing technology that can shape the future of health and wellness, thus improving lives. His work has spanned bio-absorbable cardiovascular stents, cardiac surgery tools for intrathoracic visualization, hemostatic drug delivery foams, and implantable devices to treat obesity and diabetes.

Before Livongo, at MC10, Amar defined and validated opportunities for new stretchable, wearable electronics products and platforms, with diverse applications in consumer and healthcare markets ranging from sports impact indicators to neurological disease monitoring. Earlier in his career he developed medical devices and pharmaceutical products with high-powered teams that included serial innovators Bob Langer, George Whitesides, and Al Chin.

Amar loves alternative, post-rock music genres, including hip-hop.

Steve Schwartz is our SVP of Business Development. Earlier in his career, he held a similar position at Healthways, where he helped navigate the company through a transaction that resulted in $600M in market cap growth in less than 9 months.

Steve is a super accomplished guitar and harmonica player, as well as composer. He writes and performs songs for us during our company events. Here he is singing his cult hit, “Livongoland.”


Get to know Livongo in a flash!

The Basics

  • Founded in 2014
  • Founder: Executive Chairman, Glen Tullman
  • Headquartered in Mountain View, CA


  • Revenue more than doubling, year over year
  • # of enrolled members more than doubling, year over year
  • Revenue increase of 241% in 2017; 134% as of 7/31/2018
  • Acquisition in January 2019: myStrength
  • Acquisition in April 2018: Retrofit
  • Added 50 new employees in 2017 and 86 so far in 2018


  • $68 million in revenue
  • 679 Clients
  • 164,000 Members
  • Equity raised: $242 million
  • Lead investors: General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Kinnevik 


  • More than 470 employees
  • Only 3% turnover rate!
  • 45% of our employees work remotely


  • Self-insured employers, health systems, and health plans
  • 600+ clients
  • Examples: AT&T, Cigna, CVS, FedEx, Humana, Intel, and Marriott

Get to know the people you'll be working with!

Technology Department

Dave Engberg, CTO

Our technology team builds the software that runs Livongo’s services, devices, and mobile phones. The team also includes Cloud Service Operations, Security, and Corporate IT. In some companies this group might be called Engineering. Currently we have about 50 team members.

Our biggest challenges for 2019 include: hiring more great people, maturing and scaling Livongo’s service, and building new offerings for additional chronic medical conditions.

We’re hoping to hire another 15-20 people to help us meet all of the growing opportunities for the company. When hiring, we’re looking for thoughtful technologists that can help us select the right tools and design the right systems to get the job done.

Most of this team has chosen to come to Livongo because of our mission to help people with chronic conditions. Team members are excited to build challenging solutions to interesting technology problems. However, the team’s motivation comes from measuring successes not just in “click rates” but in medical complications prevented.


Talent Acquisition 

Heather O'Callaghan, Director

Recruiting is a happy, high-energy group that’s passionate about people-people. We value out-of-the-box approaches and positive attitudes. We love to meet candidates who bring us fresh perspectives and creative ideas for achieving Livongo’s mission.

Our team is spread throughout the country, with members in both the Mountain View and Chicago headquarters offices, as well as in several remote home offices in multiple locations. If you’re interviewing in Mountain View you’re likely to interact with Emily a lot, and if you’re coming into Chicago, you’ll see Kamilah.

Applying for a job? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Resumes: We receive a boatload of resumes every week. We’d love to respond to each one, but the pace of hiring at Livongo makes it impossible. If you don’t hear back from us after 2 weeks, please assume that your resume wasn’t exactly the right fit. Thanks so much for your interest!
  • Phone Interviews: The interview process starts with a phone call with a member of our recruiting team. If that call reveals a mutual interest in moving forward, your next step will be a phone call with the hiring manager.
  • Onsite Interviews: Give yourself some time because you’re likely to be talking with several people – possibly as many as 20! (5 or 6 is the norm). Scheduling this quantity of interviews takes a lot of orchestration, so bear with us as we work to coordinate everyone’s schedule. We want to give you the opportunity to meet all the people you’ll be collaborating with, so you can better assess your fit with us, as well as our culture. If you’re interviewing in Chicago, try not to get distracted by the amazing view of downtown and the river. If you’re coming to Mountain View, you may encounter some furry friends, because half of our office space is dog-friendly!
  • Follow-up: After phone or onsite interviews you’ll probably hear back from us within 2 weeks. Sometimes, especially in Chicago, we have so many interviews scheduled that it may take the hiring department longer to make their decisions. If you haven’t heard back after 2 weeks, please reach out to us!

 Tips for Candidates:

  1. Be you. (And we’ll be us.) Livongo is people-centric and we’re interested in the real you. We’re also pretty darn fun, so we think you’ll enjoy your time meeting us.
  2. Block plenty of time for your interviews, since you’re likely to meet with so many people.
  3. We know you want to put your best foot forward, so feel free to dress to impress, but business-casual works just fine!
  4. Depending on the position you’re interviewing for, it’s possible that you’ll be asked to give a presentation, or do some whiteboarding or solve a problem. Your recruiter will tell you exactly how to prepare, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

Member Support

Laura Mahlebashian, Member Support Manager and Dan Nardi, VP of Operations

The Member Support team has 16 people so far, with plans to add several more talented teammates in the next 6 months. Their purpose is to provide excellent support to members that need assistance with any aspects of Livongo programs. Members are the people who've signed up through their company or insurance provider to manage their chronic conditions using Livongo’s solutions. In some organizations, “members” might translate to “patients.”

The team’s primary focus right now is on:

  1. Scaling to support our rapidly-growing member base
  2. Migrating our Tier 1 support for new programs to our existing call center partner
  3. Building a world-class support organization that gets the right tools to the members when they need support the most

In the next 6 months this department is expected to: 

  1. Expand support to several new chronic conditions
  2. Revamp our issue tracking system  

This is not your average customer support role. Members use our solutions to help manage their chronic conditions. They greatly value our ability to quickly resolve their questions and issues, so they can get back to their day. Our team personnel enjoy their ability to interact with Livongo members every day, finding great personal gratification in direct people-contact. The work is especially fulfilling because we actually help people improve their lives.

This is a group of very talented and passionate people, working in fast-paced environment, with a focus on individual and team growth as we achieve common goals.

Data Science

Headed up by Anmol Madan, our Chief Data Scientist, this team currently has 10 team members. The department’s mission is to utilize data to empower people living with chronic conditions. At Livongo, data drives business impact and supports our market-leading position! The team's deliverables create a core component of the company's strategy. 

Currently, the Data Science group is focused on devising personalized, data-driven health recommendations to our members, providing insights on member health, and enabling behavior change. A major near-future focus will be on expanding our machine learning models.

In the next 6 months the department is expected to grow aggressively in all levels of seniority and leadership.

Data Science is an incredibly diverse team, with more than half of the team positions held by women. No “hidden figures” here!


Data Operations

Tom Shin, Data Operations Manager and Dan Nardi, VP of Operations

Data Operations currently has 8 team members and will be adding 3-4 new roles in the next few months. In our rapidly-evolving environment team members get the opportunity to develop creative solutions that increase the efficiency and scalability of the company. The data they work with is directly tied to the success of the company and touches many different aspects of the business.

Data Operations differs from Data Science in that they’re all about processes. The team mission is to establish clear, concise, easy-to-follow processes for ingesting all inbound data. Data is the foundation that drives and supports our Livongo programs and our marketing message. This data also bridges the gap between Livongo clients and their members - people that benefit from our amazing programs.

Currently the groups’ primary focus is on finalizing the implementation of Livongo’s automated data processing solution, to support the company’s scalability. Soon our focus will shift to supporting the expansion of our solution suite to include new chronic conditions. The team will also be creating data visualizations utilizing clinical data, to help ensure the successful launch of several hundred new clients in Q1 of 2019.

Client Success

Gary Alpert – SVP, Stacy Roberts – Senior Director, Swati Kapadia – Director  

This strong team of 13 works to put everything in place to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and the best possible outcomes for Livongo clients. The team is fiercely committed to delighting all clients through successful programs, strong relationships, innovative problem-solving and unflappable enthusiasm. They work with a wide spectrum of clients, from different industries, and this is just one of the reasons their jobs stay new and exciting, day after day.

Currently, the team’s primary objective is to expand the reach and effectiveness of new Livongo offerings within existing client accounts. Their top projects focus on client renewals, increasing member enrollment, and exceeding client expectations. They carefully manage the marketing approach to clients’ employee or member base, collaborating with the clients on new ways to reach and resonate with their eligible population. 

In the next 6 months the department expects to: 

  • Scale the team and processes to support more clients, more members and additional chronic conditions
  • Continually refine Livongo’s training program to ensure all new hires and existing team members are prepared to support all offerings
  • Increase support and acceptance of programs acquired from Retrofit
  • Introduce the newly-established Executive Sponsor program for our strategic clients
  • Improve ROI

In Client Success you’ll enjoy collaborating closely across all Livongo functional areas, from Product Development to Member Support. This job offers a lot of people contact, working directly with clients and meeting members at Wellness fairs. The team also has a variety of special projects to keep things fun and interesting!

This team takes great pride in Livongo’s market-leading position in the industry. Finding fulfillment and success in strong personal relationships, this team offers a hugely supportive environment to new members, as well as a strong team culture. Teammates share experience from their varied backgrounds to expand the overall team knowledge-base, which translates to better client experiences.


Livongo Health Reviews

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    "the hottest Silicon Valley startup!"

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA
    Positive Outlook
    Approves of CEO

    I have been working at Livongo Health full-time (Less than a year)


    -Good salary
    -competitive coworkers
    -off to the races (literally!)
    -very humble and accomplished executive leadership team
    -good work / life balance
    -walking distance to calTrain
     -beautiful SF office in South Park
    -all typical silicon valley perks (catered lunch every day in Mountain View office, stocked kitchen)
     -strong mission to create a happier and healthier life
    -$2k bonus for full-time referral
    -401k matching for $1200
    -great healthcare benefits
    -wonderful IT support desk
    -comfortable office setting
    -friendly HR staff


    -Digital Health is an emerging, fast paced industry so sometimes priorities can shift rapidly

    Advice to Management

    keep up inspiring culture and transparency

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Livongo Health Photos

Livongo Health photo of: Help us celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month at Livongo!
Livongo Health photo of: Livongo goes public!
Livongo Health photo of: Our Chief Medical Officer speaking at AHA
Livongo Health photo of: JDRF Bike Ride 2018!
Livongo Health photo of: IPO Celebration
Livongo Health photo of: IPO Celebration in our Denver Office
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Livongo Health Interviews



Getting an Interview

Getting an Interview




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    Human Resources Business Partner Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Mountain View, CA
    Declined Offer
    Positive Experience
    Easy Interview


    I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2+ months. I interviewed at Livongo Health (Mountain View, CA) in December 2018.


    Livongo is my dream company! They have world class leaders leading a world class product and transforming the future of healthcare in a way that could excite any professional looking to be part of something great! I knew nothing about the company prior to engaging in the interview process and learned so much as the process unfolded.

    The interview process was hands down one of the best I have been through and I have interviewed with MANY top companies out there (ie: Google, Facebook, NBC, Disney, etc.). Each touch point deepened my engagement with Livongo and its team members in a way I have never experienced before. Every conversation was a well planned, thought out one that felt comfortable, challenging, fluid and friendly. It was just as much about Livongo learning about me as it was about me learning Livongo and the members of what would have been my future team. They have done an exceptional job hiring on some of the most amazing talent who make up the fabric of their smart, innovative, welcoming, curious and dynamic culture.

    I interviewed for a position that was located in their Chicago office and would have required a move for my family and I. In the end, it became clear that a Chicago move was not right for us at that time and I ended my candidacy—one of the most difficult decisions of my career as this truly was a dream job and company!!

    This is a company to watch and most definitely one to consider working at!!

    Interview Questions

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Livongo Health Awards & Accolades

  • The Best Places to Work in Healthcare, Fortune and Great Place to Work, 2019
  • #1 Fast Growth Private Company, Silicon Valley Business Journal, 2018
  • Best Places To Work in Chicago, Crain's Chicago Business, 2019
  • Healthiest Employers of the Bay Area, Sequoia Consulting Group, 2018
  • 50 Best Workplaces of the Year, The Silicon Review, 2018
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Pledges & Certifications

Pay Equality Pledge

Committed to paying equitably for equal work & experience

Tech Hiring Commitment

Helping to train, hire and promote more technology workers

Diversity Commitment

Has programs that support a diverse and inclusive workforce

Career Advancement Program

Helping employees "upskill" into higher-paying positions

Pledge to Thrive

Taking steps to prioritize employee well-being

First Job Programs

Maintain entry-level hiring and career development programs to give people career starts

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