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Tupelo, MS
51 to 200 employees
Staffing & Outsourcing
$5 to $10 million (USD) per year
Founded in 2004, PediaStaff is a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric and school-based therapists, special educators and related clinicians.

Mission: Founded in 2004, PediaStaff is a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric and school-based therapists, special educators and related clinicians.

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PediaStaff – Why Work With Us?


Our Company

Founded in 2004, PediaStaff is a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric and school-based therapists, special educators and related clinicians.

We specialize in pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, related assistants, school psychologists and a variety of other special educators and clinicians.

We are the only pediatric therapy firm specializing in all settings and employment durations – full time, part time, contract, direct hire, temp to direct, hourly PRN, and per visit.  

Pediastaff, Inc. is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.

Our Client Base

Our clients include schools (public, private and charter), pediatric and general hospitals, outpatient clinics, early intervention agencies, and pediatric home health providers across the USA.

PediaStaff successfully places pediatric and school based SLPs, OTs, PTs, School Psychologists, BCBAs, Social Workers, and Special Educators with organizations of all sizes including non-profits and small privately owned clinics – and serves all demographics from large cities to suburbs and remote rural locations.

Our Therapists and Applicants

Our candidates range from experienced pediatric therapists with licensure and special certifications to new grads seeking the best pediatric opportunity available.

They are seeking jobs in a wide variety of settings, populations (including bilingual/multicultural) situations – with a pediatric or school based focus.


For Job Seekers:

  • We Listen and Strive to Understand Your Needs
  • Our Reputation and Name Recognition
  • Our Benefits and Regard for You
  • Our Long Term Investment in You
  • Our Commitment to Multi-Cultural Therapy

For Employers:

  • We are Pediatric Specialists with a Stellar
  • Reputation and Brand Name Recognition
  • We Listen and Go the Extra Mile
  • We Offer our Clients Choices and Flexibility
  • We Have an Eye to the Future
  • We Provide Legal and Tax Protection
  • We Give our Contractors Great Benefits and Clinical Support



Your reputation depends on selecting the right firm to represent you in your pediatric therapy job search.  Read below to learn why PediaStaff is the intelligent choice:

We Specialize, Offer Choice and Flexibility

PediaStaff is the only staffing and placement firm that offers the entire range of job opportunities in school based and pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy. Other agencies do school staffing, and some do clinical settings, but none of them specialize only in pediatrics in all the settings the way we do.

In addition to our school staffing expertise, we have clients nationwide with hospital, outpatient clinic and early intervention positions. Positions are contract and direct hire, or can even be temp to direct.

We Listen and Strive to Understand Your Needs

PediaStaff wants you to find the job that’s right for you – not just the one we happen to know about already. That’s why our questionnaire is so comprehensive. Your answers to questions about your preferred setting, geography, and population, for example, are important to us so we can know how and where to concentrate our search.

Once we understand what your ideal position looks like, and secondly what you will consider if your “perfect” job isn’t available, our staffing consultants will develop a “search strategy” for you. We will even tell you if your ideal job doesn’t exist where you want it, and help you to modify your search criteria.

Honesty and integrity are just two of the things we think make PediaStaff special. Call us and we think you will agree!

Our Reputation and Name Recognition

You have met us in person at conventions. You have seen our ads in print and all over the internet. PediaStaff has worked hard to spread the word about who we are and what we do best.

Pediatric therapy providers recognize that too. They know that it makes good sense to work with PediaStaff in order to gain access to the very best pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists available for employment.

Our name recognition and reputation for excellence works in your favor because therapy facilities know that if anyone can fill their job with a great therapist it will be PediaStaff.

Our Benefits and Regard for You

You’ve worked hard to develop your unique skills and PediaStaff recognizes that you are a professional and should be treated like one.

PediaStaff offers contractors a highly competitive benefits package which includes travel assistance, licensure, professional dues, optional summer pay, malpractice insurance, insurance reimbursement, and continuing education. PediaStaff utilizes a back office that will serve as your employer for the duration of the contract assignment and offers a national medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401K program. Our clinical coordinators are experienced therapists, and are a valuable resource for our contract therapists – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the direct hire placement side, PediaStaff strives to work with the facilities that have the best reputations and opportunities for your personal growth. Clients must meet our standards or we won’t work with them.

No matter which route you choose, with PediaStaff you know you will be treated as a professional – freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best - making a difference in the lives of children.

Our Long Term Investment in You

Pediatric therapists are important to us, not just while you are looking for work, but beyond. You share the same commitment to serving children that we do, and as such we try to share the knowledge, resources and relevant content we have with you to help make you a better clinician.

We are continuing to improve our newsletters with up to date articles, therapy tips and resources, notices of upcoming events and news you can use.

Our presence on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ are our gift to the therapy community where we publish news and important information for those in the therapy and disability communities.

Our Commitment to Multi-Cultural Therapy

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2007, over 20 percent of American school children spoke a language other than English in the home.

At PediaStaff, we recognize how critical it is to service this important segment of the population as we move deeper into the twenty-first century.

Whether you are have been trained specifically as a bilingual therapist or if you have graduated from a mono-lingual program and speak both English and Spanish fluently, we can help you find your ideal position in this dynamic environment.

Let PediaStaff help you take the next step in your career as a bilingual therapist. We offer a wide range of choices - from school-based placements, to all types of medical settings including clinics, hospitals, home health and of course early intervention.


What kind of placement and staffing does PediaStaff do and what settings do you place in?

PediaStaff excels and specializes in the placement and staffing of pediatric and school-based (also called education-based) occupational, speech-language pathologists (speech therapists), physical therapists, and school psychologists. Pediatric and School Based placements are all we do. Our clients are school districts, general hospitals, children's hospitals, early intervention providers and pediatric outpatient and rehab facilities. Our clients hire travelers, contract therapists and direct hire employees from us. Sometimes our candidates start out as contractors and then convert to direct.

What is the difference between "pediatric" and "school-based/education-based" therapy?

Most of the healthcare community considers the "pediatric" population to be the group of patients who are under the age of 21. In general, hospitals, rehab centers and outpatient clinics follow this more generic convention. The school and government subsidized therapy communities however, often talk about "pediatric" as the birth to five population; "early-intervention" as the home based (or "natural setting") services for the birth to five population; pre-school as campus based services for children aged three-five and "school" or "education based" to be services for children ages 6 to 18 taking place in a K-12 setting.

What is the application process with PediaStaff?

You will have the opportunity to review our current openings online. You may apply for the openings that you see or just browse. Once you have completed the application process and submitted your resume, your resume and application will be sent to one of our staffing consultants. Even if you don't see a position that seems to fit you today, please feel free to apply. We place many candidates whom we introduce to our client prospects without an actual job order, and can even search for jobs specifically for you based on your criteria. We browse through our existing applicants before posting jobs publicly, so many of our positions are filled with applicants without ever showing up on our website!

Am I under any obligation after I apply with PediaStaff?

Not at all. Feel free to compare our offerings and quality of service against any of our competitors.

Are there any fees to work with PediaStaff?

Absolutely not. Our clients compensate us for successfully placing you with them.

I am currently working, is my application completely confidential?

Absolutely! PediaStaff will NEVER share your information with anyone (employer or anyone else) without your expressed permission.

What questions should I be prepared to answer during the screening process when I interview/online application?

It is important for us to completely understand your goals and needs. You should be prepared to share what settings/populations interest you, whether you are looking for direct hire or contract positions, your geographic preferences, timeframe to start your new position/assignment and your salary expectations. In addition, we will ask about your work history, career goals, strengths/weaknesses and your willingness to undergo a complete background check (including fingerprinting).

What will happen next after my screening questions are completed?

Based on your geographic preferences, your search will be assigned to one or more PediaStaff Staffing Consultant(s) who will work with you on a search strategy based on what settings and terms work for you. You can feel confident that our team will work together to cover all the bases with the help of PediaStaff’s extensive and state-of-the-art client/prospect database product. See the section of this document call "Contract Position Questions" and "Direct Hire Position Questions" for further details on the placement process as it applies to the term that’s right for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of travel/contract positions compared to direct hire placement?

Travel or Contract placement can be preferable for a therapist in several situations. For one, pay is generally much higher when contracting. If you are traveling in a state or city away from your permanent place of residence you may be eligible for tax-free per-diem to cover the costs of your housing and meals while working away from your primary residence. Traveling/contracting is also ideal if you are looking to explore new areas of the country for a while.

Advantages of direct hire placement would include opportunities for professional advancement – a direct hire employee will generally be offered promotions long before a contractor. Benefits may be better in a permanent environment. Generally school districts have excellent benefits; and although the pay is much lower for district employees vs. contracting, candidates with large families may find that the better benefits package outweighs the lower annual salary.

I have a friend that might like to work with PediaStaff. Do you have a referral bonus?

Yes! We offer a bonus of up to $500.00 someone you recommend to us takes a position with or through PediaStaff.

To read more of our Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our website!  


  • We are Pediatric Specialists with a Stellar Reputation and Brand Name Recognition

    PediaStaff is recognized as a national leader in the contract and direct hire of pediatric SLPs, OTs, and PTs. In fact, no other placement firm specializes in all aspects of pediatric therapy placement for all settings and terms.

    A search of our database returns hundreds of active pediatric therapy openings, and thousands of pediatric therapists registered with PediaStaff. Therapist applicants are attracted to PediaStaff because they know we offer the most variety, quality of opportunity and choice in the industry bar none.

    Our unique position as pediatric specialists means that candidates know that we are going to go out of our way to find all the best school and pediatric positions available – in every setting - not just the ones all the other agencies have. If an applicant wants to work with kids, then PediaStaff is the obvious choice.

  • We Listen and Go the Extra Mile

    Our staffing consultant will spend time with you to develop a full job description that we will use both on our website and on the phone with our therapist applicants. It’s the details that will make the difference and enable us to effectively recruit for your position.

    Our applicant prequalification process is two-fold. The candidate is first qualified by our candidate development staff and then is interviewed a second time by the staffing consultant before we present the candidate to you. Our conversations with applicants go beyond the “when and where” and asks “why” – before we present a candidate to you.

    Each of our staffing consultants is territory based and has worked hard to learn all aspects of the areas where they work - from drive times to state licensure requirements. This helps ensure that all the details are covered before you take your valuable time to interview the candidate.

  • We Offer our Clients Choices and Flexibility

    PediaStaff offers both direct hire and contract solutions to meet your staffing needs.

    If you are looking to bring one of our applicants on board as a W-2 employee on your payroll, our direct hire options are probably right for you. We offer direct hire services in all settings including school based therapy.

    In fact, PediaStaff is one of the few companies that will “convert” a contract therapist to a direct employee when both the client company and therapist are interested in a longer term relationship.

    If your needs are shorter term, our contract options range from 13 week assignments to a full year at a time and beyond. We also offer a temp to direct option to enable you to “try before you buy.”

    Our contractors receive excellent benefits through our back-office provider and clinical support through our in-house clinical support team, so you can be confident that your therapist is in excellent hands with PediaStaff.

  • We Have an Eye to the Future

    Today's job seeker spends a lot of time online, and PediaStaff works constantly to ensure that our Internet presence is second to none. A recent Google search found over 300,000 pages referring to PediaStaff and its job postings

    Our new website offers great content to encourage therapists to visit regularly, even when they are not looking for a new position. Our weekly and monthly newsletters and daily blog keep the PediaStaff name fresh in their minds. In addition we are active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that the new generation of therapists frequent.

    In addition, to our work online, PediaStaff has a university outreach program to introduce our company to upcoming graduates and alumni, and we participate in several major trade shows per year. All of this combines for a well-rounded marketing plan that attracts candidates to our company to learn about your great jobs!

  • We Provide Legal and Tax Protection

    The contract therapists we supply are fully screened, and covered by liability insurance, malpractice, and workers compensation through our back-office provider to protect your company!

    Contractors through PediaStaff are W-2 employees of our back-office provider so employee taxes are covered. The IRS has become increasingly aggressive regarding employees being misclassified as independent contractors on 1099’s.

    Let PediaStaff eliminate those risks and offer peace of mind for your business.

  • We Give our Contractors Great Benefits and Clinical Support

    PediaStaff offers contractors a highly competitive benefits package which includes travel assistance, licensure, professional dues, malpractice insurance, insurance reimbursement, optional summer pay, and continuing education. PediaStaff utilizes a back office that serves as the employer for the duration of the contract assignment and offers a national medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401K program and paid time off.

    Our clinical coordinators are experienced therapists, and are a valuable resource for our contract therapists – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    When you hire a therapist from PediaStaff you know your contractor will be treated as a professional – giving you the peace of mind you need.

PediaStaff Reviews

  • "Great Company!"

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Current Employee - Recruiter in Dallas, TX
    Current Employee - Recruiter in Dallas, TX
    Positive Outlook
    Approves of CEO

    I have been working at PediaStaff full-time (More than a year)


    Wish I would have started working here 10 years ago. Work from home, flexible schedule, no micromanagement. Best job ever!


    Really no cons come to mind.

    Advice to Management

    Continue what you are doing! Thank you for the opportunity!

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Getting an Interview

Getting an Interview




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    Speech Pathologist Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Aurora, IL
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    Average Interview


    I interviewed at PediaStaff (Aurora, IL) in August 2016.


    Pediastaff is 5 star all the way!! Excellent upfront information and help in preparing for the interview, all the way from the initial contact to scheduling the face to face interview. I did not accept the position, but hope to work with Pediastaff in the future. One added note, during the interview, the facility volunteered that they favor Pediastaff over other companies because they have never been disappointed with a candidate.

    Interview Questions

    • How I would support and defend my recommendation for a chld when there was initial resistance.   1 Answer
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