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Red Clay Consulting Overview

Atlanta, GA
51 to 200 employees
Company - Private
Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities
$10 to $25 million (USD) per year
Founded in 2001, Atlanta-based Red Clay Consulting is a leading systems integration and consulting firm in the Energy and Utilities Industry. Red Clay is a Gold Level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and implements enterprise solutions based on the Oracle Utilities ... Read more

Mission: To become the leader in implementing Oracle Utilities applications by doing what’s right and fair for our people, our company and our clients. Our motto: Work Hard, Embrace Opportunities, Have Fun, Be Yourself.

Company Updates

  • While the continental U.S. is eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse that will occur later this month, solar energy plants are preparing for that brief moment when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun No matter the percent of visibility, the solar grid will be impacted, most heavily in western states, where a vast majority of solar plants operate. Fox News Science explores more.

    U.S. solar energy grid braces for eclipse event

    While the continental U.S. is eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse, solar energy plants are preparing for that brief moment when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. On average, the solar eclipse in its totality will last around two minutes and 40 seconds, leaving eclipse-gazers in awe from Oregon to South Carolina as they witness the Sun's corona behind the Moon.

  • Midwest Energy News explores how the smart thermostat can work to significantly curb energy consumption during peak demand.

    In Illinois, smart thermostats seen as key energy management tool

    Illinois's largest utility, state regulators, environmental and consumer advocates recently rallied together in Chicago in support of an inconspicuous but powerful gadget: the smart thermostat. Consumers have been relatively slow to adopt the energy-saving technology, which leverages sensors and WiFi to learn a consumer's behavior and automatically adjust thermostat levels on the fly.

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Red Clay Consulting – Why Work For Us?



Spend any time working with us and you’ll likely notice something refreshing—we do what’s right and fair for our people, our clients, our company and our community. And we do so in a fun, non-bureaucratic environment. No politics. Just hard work beside a group of smart, talented, fun people who believe that great things can be achieved through working together. It can take some getting used to, but it comes from an understanding of where you are, a respect for what you’re trying to accomplish and a potent combination of intelligence, humor, experience and belief that together we can succeed.

Red Clay is ambitiously led with integrity by industry experts who are proud to manage a team of dedicated and enthusiastic employees.  We give our clients the perfect balance of solid strategy and innovative solutions. It’s a duality that starts at the top with our partners’ varied experiences and is carried out by our talented implementation team.

undefinedOur Beliefs in Action

Since 2001, Red Clay has earned a leadership position solving business problems with best-in-class technologies.  We've done so with a team of diverse thinkers who happen to share some fundamental beliefs. 

  1. Work Hard - The people at Red Clay are here because we are driven to do what we do. Why does that matter? It means that our work is a reflection of who we are, so we'll work tirelessly to be sure it's the best it can be. 
  2. Embrace Opportunities - Even the best technology can be improved. We see endless opportunity to create even more relevant and useful solutions for our clients. There are hundreds of challenges yet to solve. Your creative ideas matter and are worth exploring.
  3. Have Fun - Work and play are not mutually exclusive. We take what we do seriously but have a great time doing it. Go ahead. Laugh. Joke. Cut-up. We'll join you.
  4. Be Yourself - Do what makes you happy! We pour what we experience outside of work into our work and vice versa, and each is better because of the balance.
  5. No One Else Can Do What We Can Do Together - Our work can stand up to any work done anywhere. No one is pushing harder. No one is forming stronger relationships with their clients. No one cares like we do.

Our employees consider Red Clay a Best Place to Work because it is a place that they can work with great people, meet personal and professional goals, be respected, and share in the success of a growing company.


Oracle Utilities, LODESTAR, Meter Data Management, Work and Asset Management, SmartGridONE - Your Accelerated MDM Solution, Energy, Mobile Workforce Management, System Implementation, Customer Self Service, Business Intelligence, System Integration



Red Clay's Service Offerings Include:

Full Implementation of all Oracle Utilities Solutions

  • Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM)
  • Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway (SGG)
  • Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management (ODM)
  • Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management (WAM)
  • Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)
  • Oracle Utilities Service Order Management (SOM)
  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)
  • Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service (CSS)
  • Oracle Utilities Business Intelligence
  • Oracle Utilities Analytics
  • Oracle Utilities Billing Component
  • Oracle Utilities Load Analysis
  • Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement
  • Oracle Utilities Portfolio Management
  • Oracle Utilities Rate Management
  • Oracle Utilities Quotations Management
  • Oracle SOA Suite

SmartGridONE (SG1)

Offered only by Red Clay, SG1 is an affordable Meter Data Management solution designed as a complete solution for smaller utilities or as a solution accelerator for larger utilities.  Built upon the Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF), SG1 is a flexible, affordable and complete meter-to-cash Meter Data Management solution.

StandBy Support

Forecasting future support requirements is a difficult task that leads many organizations to overstaff and overpay for support needs before knowing the real impact the system will have. Red Clay Consulting offers a solution to this problem through our Standby Support Service (Managed Services)

Whether your utility needs daily support or a few hours of troubleshooting and coding each month, Red Clay offers flexible and affordable packages to provide exactly the level of support you need.

Oracle Utilities Upgrades

To stay current with market and utility demands, Oracle Utilities releases software patches as frequently as every two weeks and major upgrades every six months to a year. As a utility company, it can be hard to meet the demands of keeping a production environment running while also implementing the latest upgrades.

This is where Red Clay can assist. Red Clay’s position as a leader in new software releases makes us the ideal partner for utilities that own Oracle and LODESTAR products. Due to our extensive product knowledge and passion for our work, we are able to offer services that simplify the upgrade process.

Upgrade Services Include:

  • LODESTAR TO 2.x migration
  • Comprehensive testing to document pre-upgrade system functionality
  • Test case scenario and script creation
  • Test data prep
  • Set up installation of an upgrade’s test environment
  • Upgrade and test application(s)
  • Data migration
  • Rollout of upgrade to production
  • Training

Data Conversion & Migration

Red Clay can handle all the data conversion and migration needs for your Oracle Utilities upgrade.

During any new system implementation, replacement or upgrade, client data must be migrated from legacy systems to the newly implemented system. This migration process involves various exports of data, data transformation or conversion, validations and reports based on client-provided specifications for system reconciliation. The actual data conversion process consists of three major steps: Data Structure Analysis, Data Mapping and Conversion Process Design and Execution. In order to determine the optimal method for attaining the greatest performance and least complications, several aspects are addressed, including:  

1. Conversion process complexity.
2. Time taken for the conversion and migration process.
3. Script performance of conversion and migration process.
4. Frequency of execution of conversion process. 

A Proven Project Methodology

Red Clay is committed to the success of each and every implementation. We will manage your project with integrity, quality and commitment. Red Clay’s implementation team is led by an experienced Project Manager along with a seasoned Technical Architect and supporting team of Technical Consultants. While working on your project, we are committed to proper planning through involvement of all key stakeholders, strong documentation, solid design and appropriate resource management. You will be assigned an Account Manager who will oversee your project and be available for any escalated issues.

Each Red Clay implementation includes a detailed project plan, detailed design and installation of the application in your environment, process definition for those areas addressed by the application, data migration, user acceptance testing, security testing, performance testing and end user training.

Project Definition: During this phase, the project scope, objectives, implementation plan, and project controls are defined and client and project stakeholders are identified.

Analyze: The Analysis phase, or Requirements Confirmation, is the portion of the process whereby client needs are thoroughly understood and documented by the implementation team. This includes the rules and process requirements that will be incorporated into the application as well as technical and performance requirements for the entire implementation.

Design: The Design phase is when the project team maps the client’s requirements to the proposed solution, configuration procedures and methods are defined, data mapping is performed and an overall architecture of the system is identified. A documented design that satisfies the client’s business requirements is delivered and can be used for training.

Build: During the Development phase, application configuration and unit testing is performed to validate the design specifications.

Testing: Red Clay’s Testing phase consists of several integral test stages performed at precise points in the project timeline. Our testing strategy involves the development team, the client user community and key decision makers to ensure a successful outcome for the entire effort. Our testing strategy has seen proven success within projects and is designed to deliver a complete, error-free solution that solves the needs of the client.

Deploy & Support: The Deploy and Support phase of the project is when the production environment becomes live and future support options for the solution are established. Typically, Red Clay will provide scripts and packages required for the system’s deployment and assume that the client will manage the deployment to production. If the client prefers that Red Clay deploy the system to a production environment, we would be pleased to discuss this with the client. Red Clay may provide production support as needed subsequent to the solution’s deployment or after status becomes “production” at the request of the client.




Companies should do what’s right and fair for their people and their clients. Transparency is essential to success. Good ideas can come from anyone. Hard work deserves to be rewarded. That’s what Red Clay believes. Get to know the leaders who turn these ideas into actions. 

Executive Team

Michael Cocroft

Managing Partner

Michael Cocroft oversees all technical aspects of client engagements at Red Clay. In his role as Managing Partner, Cocroft directs all internal IT efforts as well as purchasing and internal contracts review.  Since founding Red Clay with Paul Marnell in 2001, he has led numerous first-to-market implementations utilizing Oracle Utilities Applications Framework (OUAF) and LODESTAR software.  According to Cocroft, “Considering the depth of our experience with Oracle & LODESTAR utilities solutions, there are few MDM challenges that utilities face that we have yet to encounter and solve for—our bench strength in the industry is unmatched.  With our recent focus on expanding Red Clay’s services to cover the entire stack of Oracle Solutions, we are serving utilities’ technology needs better than ever before.” Cocroft has served in varied technical roles throughout his 16-year career consulting for education, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities and services. He earned a BFA in Broadcasting from Savannah College of Art and Design.


Paul Marnell

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner of Red Clay Consulting, Paul Marnell is responsible for technology partnerships, directing sales and marketing and management of strategic accounts. As a leader of a consulting firm that specializes almost entirely in Oracle software solutions, Marnell has helped many utilities build the technical foundation needed to realize returns on AMI and gain insight to drive deeper relationships with customers. Marnell comments, “Oracle is uniquely positioned in the market to enable long-term planning for utilities of all sizes as they implement new business processes for Smart Grid adoption. To help utilities weave Oracle’s best-of-breed solutions into their environments, Red Clay jumped out early to define best practices for implementing meter-to-cash, metering communications, smart-asset management, advanced analytics and common integration approaches.” Marnell holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Kettering University.  Before founding Red Clay Consulting in 2001, Marnell worked with IBM, General Motors, UPS, PolyOne and Clarkston Consulting.


Susanne Wagner

Managing Director, Operations

Susanne Wagner has been an integral part of the leadership team at Red Clay Consulting since August 2008. In her role as Managing Director, Operations, she leads many areas of the business including recruiting, performance management, coaching, compensation, learning and professional development, as well as organizational development and operational efficiency. The corporate culture at Red Clay is greatly influenced by her dedication to keeping the workplace a fun, creative environment where employees can thrive and grow in their careers. Wagner believes the culture at Red Clay has played a key role in the company’s year-over-year growth. “New employees at Red Clay are quick to comment that the corporate culture here is refreshing and unique,” states Wagner. “We do what’s right and fair for our people, our clients and our company in a fun, non-bureaucratic environment. No politics - just hard work alongside smart people who believe that great things can be achieved through teamwork.” Her extensive background in recruiting and human resources includes work in the hospitality and entertainment industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.


Jill Greene

Managing Director, Professional Services

As the Managing Director of Professional Services, Jill Greene possesses extensive experience with MDM implementations and the Oracle Utilities Application Framework. Her current role includes leading project teams in requirements gathering and analysis of data, process definition, issues tracking, quality assurance and training on software implementations. Additionally she oversees client communications, escalations and efforts towards standardization and streamlining of processes—all to ensure projects are run smoothly and efficiently, resulting in higher customer satisfaction for Red Clay customers. Greene has over 16 years of software implementation experience fulfilling roles of Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Project Director.  Greene was recruited to Red Clay in May 2011 based on her broad experience managing MDM implementations at Aclara Software, as well as her prior success at AOL Time Warner and Verizon (formerly UUNet). She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in Reston, Va.  


Karan Singh

Managing Director, Business Development

As the Managing Director of Business Development, Karan Singh is responsible for assisting Red Clay’s customers align their business needs with the right Oracle Utilities solution. Singh has assisted many utility and energy organizations define their Smart Grid and MDM product strategy. Throughout the past 15 years, Singh has garnered valuable implementation experience across the entire stack of Oracle utility software solutions. “Much like our customers, we face a choice to partner with the right technology vendor,” he says. “Our decision to invest in Oracle’s vision for the modern utility customer is reinforced in each customer engagement we have.” Prior to joining Red Clay, Singh's roles included project manager, solution architect and subject matter expert in the energy industry for clients in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Belgium and France. He earned his BA in Economics at the University of Essex. Singh also holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, an MS in Information Systems from George Washington University, and a Diploma in Quantitative Development Economics from Warwick University.


Technical Leadership 

Leeanna Gonzalez

Director of Professional Services

As the Director of Professional Services, Leeanna Gonzalez delivers technical leadership across the consulting division. In this role she leads scoping, sizing, and estimating efforts as well as provides guidance on project standards, procedures and policies by evaluating project outcomes, identifying risks and anticipating client needs. With her strong technical knowledge and abilities, she is an expert in delivering solutions that meet industry, technology and integration best practices. Since joining Red Clay in 2006, Gonzalez has excelled on multiple MDM implementations by serving in lead roles that include Technical Architect, Solution Architect and Delivery Manager. Gonzalez also heads up the internal training program and leads the professional development planning within Red Clay’s Professional Services group. “Red Clay’s mission is to be the Industry Leader in implementing Oracle Utility Solutions. We foster a collaborative atmosphere where each consultant is constantly being exposed to new industry business processes, obstacles and solutions. We seek out opportunities for each consultant to be exposed to new challenges within the Utilities industry and Oracle technology stack.” Her extensive background in Software Development spans several industries including Insurance, Customer Relationship Management and Utilities. Gonzalez is a graduate of Cleveland State University where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Information Systems Technology.  She holds multiple Oracle and Microsoft certifications and often speaks as an MDM subject matter expert at Oracle Conferences.  



Working at Red Clay has many perks! Believing that employees are our greatest asset, our goal is to identify and provide valuable employee benefits. Also, many Red Clay employees travel often, so we want to find ways to mitigate their busy schedules. Among the benefits our employees have told us are most important to them are those related to achieving a work/life balance, staying healthy, providing security for their families, saving for the future, being recognized and rewarded for hard work, advancing their careers, meeting personal and professional goals, and having fun!

We are proud of the benefits we offer and continually assess whether those benefits are still meeting our employees’ needs.

Benefits Include:

  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • 401 K Savings Plan
  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible Work Hours and Flex Time
  • A Wellness Program
  • A Employee Volunteer and Charitable Gift Matching Program
  • Office Coffee, Drinks, and Healthy Snacks
  • Free Parking or Public Transportation Reimbursement
  • Company-Assisted Tuition Program
  • Professional Development and Training Programs
  • Employee Rewards and Recognition Program
  • Fun Company Outings, Parties, and Meetings
  • New Office Located in Atlantic Station – a live/work/play development
  • Amazing Co-workers

Red Clay Consulting Reviews

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Mike Cocroft
45 Ratings
  • Featured Review

    "A great small consulting firm for those who do not want to get lost in the "Big Five.""

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
    • Career Opportunities
    • Comp & Benefits
    • Senior Management
    Current Employee - Senior Consultant
    Current Employee - Senior Consultant
    Positive Outlook
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    I have been working at Red Clay Consulting full-time (More than 8 years)


    I have many years experience in software consulting, and Red Clay furnishes the best environment for people who like to be individually recognized and appreciated. They reward your creativity, and don't force you to the "up or out" management path if you do not wish it. They have talented and industry-respected people on every project, providing a good platform for those who want to learn from the best. Advancement is rapid for those who prove themselves.


    They are a small, growing company that is still finding its feet in some areas. Management reassignments are frequent. Policies change. None of this is necessarily bad, but be prepared for change! The work the company does is highly specialized.

    Advice to Management

    Don't try to grow too fast and lose the boutique nature of the company.

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Red Clay Consulting photo of: A Red Clay comedy show at the Laughing Skull Lounge! Our own Susanne, Jacob, and Marion handled their stand-up comic debuts like true stars!
Red Clay Consulting photo of: Navya, Jacob, and Jenny enjoying a doughnut breakfast before our midyear meeting
Red Clay Consulting photo of: New kids on the block!
Red Clay Consulting photo of: Congrats to our latest Rock Star of the Quarter, XiaoXiao!!
Red Clay Consulting photo of: What better way to display our corporate goals than through cardboard cutouts of ourselves?
Red Clay Consulting photo of: Topgolf!
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Getting an Interview





    Associate Consultant Interview

    Anonymous Employee in Atlanta, GA
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    Positive Experience
    Difficult Interview


    I applied through college or university. I interviewed at Red Clay Consulting (Atlanta, GA) in April 2017.


    I spoke with a recruiter at my college's career fair and was emailed a personality assessment. About 3 weeks later I was given an interview on campus consisting of typical questions and a coding aptitude test. The aptitude test was fairly easy for anybody with any coding experience. After that I was interviewed in Atlanta; one hour talking to a different employee, one hour solving a case study, and one hour reviewing and answering situational questions about my personality assessment. I was offered a job within two days of my second interview. The interviews definitely made me think critically, but nothing was asked that I couldn't answer.

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    • How would your friends describe you when you are under a lot of stress and busy?   Answer Question
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  • Best Places to Work, Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2016
  • Best Places to Work, Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2013

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