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Riverbend Community Mental Health Overview

Concord, NH
201 to 500 employees
Nonprofit Organization
Health Care Services & Hospitals
$25 to $50 million (USD) per year
Founded in 1963, Riverbend Community Mental Health is a private, nonprofit organization providing specialized behavioral health services in central New Hampshire. Core services include 24/7 emergency mobile crisis services; counseling services for children, adults, and families ... Read more

Mission: We care for the behavioral health of our community.

Company Updates

  • The bill calls for $3 million to pay for the rate increases to cover involuntary and voluntary admissions for psychiatric care; $3 million to cover costs associated with creating new psychiatric units; and $3 million for transitional housing so patients have a place to go after discharge.

    Hospitals applaud $6m plan to expand psychiatric treatment

    CONCORD - Hoping to heal what he called "a festering wound in our state," Sen. Tom Sherman, D-Rye, introduced sweeping legislation to address the crisis of mental health patients held in hospital emergency rooms across New Hampshire.

  • Peter Evers, Riverbend’s CEO, hailed the new center as a chance for Concord to get ahead of the curve on mental health treatment. “It is a place where people can walk in and know that this is a 24-hour facility where they can get care, and it’s also a place where we can work to get folks out of the emergency room, he said Wednesday.

    Riverbend to set up 24/7 mental health psychiatric facility in Concord

    Concord will host the state's first 24-hour mental health treatment center, after the Executive Council greenlit a $4.4 million contract that officials say could help ease a years-long backlog of psychiatric patients in emergency departments.

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Riverbend Community Mental Health – Why Work For Us?



Riverbend Community Mental Health is one of the largest providers of community-based behavioral health services in New Hampshire. Our core services include 24/7 emergency services; counseling services for children, adults, and families, addiction recovery services, and community support, vocational services, and residential programs for adults and seniors. Evidence-based models of treatment guide all our work, and we strongly believe in the power of self-directed growth and recovery.

As a Riverbend employee, you’ll be joining a team of focused, hard-working, creative people who are passionate about delivering high quality behavioral health services, developing innovative responses to meet critical needs, and doing work that is both challenging and rewarding. Riverbend is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a safe, inclusive working environment for people of all backgrounds.


One hundred seventy-five years ago – in 1842 to be exact – the “New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane” (the forerunner of New Hampshire Hospital) was constructed in Concord, NH.

  • The 120 acres on which the hospital campus was situated were purchased with a $9,500 grant from the City of Concord.
  • The construction of this “Asylum” was, at the time, a philanthropic response to a dire need.
  • At its peak, New Hampshire Hospital housed 2,700 people on its campus.

Fast forward 110 years to the late 1950’s.

  • A group of concerned community members in Concord came together to address a need that they saw for mental health services for children and families.
  • Local efforts evolved, during this period, into the Concord Mental Health Center.
  • In 1963 President John F. Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Act into law, providing grants to the states to fund community mental health centers.

The Center opened its doors in 1964 with an operating budget of $20,000.

  • It was staffed by one social worker and one secretary.
  • Consulting services were provided by other area mental health professionals, including child psychiatrist Dr. Anna Philbrook, a pioneer of the community mental health movement in New Hampshire.

From the start, there was an ever-growing demand for services.  Responsiveness to community need was a core value of the Center, so it expanded and diversified.

  • During its first decade it added services for adults, couples and families, in addition to children.
  • Accessibility to the broader geographic community was enhanced by opening branch offices in Henniker, New London and Franklin.

By the end of the 1970’s the Center had become a comprehensive, regional community mental health agency.

  • Reflecting that, its name was changed to Central New Hampshire Community Mental Health Services, Inc.

In the 1980’s, the State of New Hampshire chose to focus its funding primarily on services for people with long-term or severe mental illness, children and the elderly.

  • This meant that funding for services to adults with less severe mental illness had to be found elsewhere, or the funding for services would be removed.
  • The decision was to find ways to continue to serve all people in need of mental health services.
  • The Riverbend Counseling Centers were created to provide services to adults with less severe mental illness. They offered counseling on a fee basis.
  • At the same time, community fundraising efforts were increased to help subsidize fees for people without health insurance or without the ability to privately pay for services.

Changes during the 1990’s included increasing pressures on the managed care front and tremendous growth in developing comprehensive, community-based supports for people with the greatest needs, including children and adolescents and their families, and adults and elders.

  • 1995 was marked by a new name – Riverbend Community Mental Health, Inc. – and a strong reaffirmation of the Center’s community-focused mission.
  • Riverbend became one of the larger employers in Merrimack County, with a workforce of nearly 300 people.
  • Riverbend’s staff served approximately 7,000 people a year and continued its pioneering spirit, developing ancillary services, such as John H. Whittaker Place (an assisted living facility in Penacook) and Mill House in 1997.
  • In 1999 Business NH Magazine named Riverbend the “NH Business of the Year in Health Care.”

Riverbend entered the 21st Century with more awards.

  • Named the “Year 2000 Effective, Efficient Provider Organization” by the National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care.
  • In 2001 Mill House received the “MetLife Foundation Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.”
  • In 2001 Riverbend received the Walter J. Dunfey Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management.
  • 2009 “Award for Excellence” from Sequest Technologies recognized our national leadership in developing an Electronic Medical Record.
  • 2012 CATCH “Housing Hero Award” presented to our Project to Assist with Transistional Housing.
  • Granite United Way recognizes our employees with its “Give Award.”
  • 2012 Non-profit Business of the Year recognition by the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

As the healthcare environment has changed, Riverbend adapted and continued to be a leader in its field.

  • Riverbend has a strong affiliation with Capital Region Healthcare (Concord Hospital, Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association and Monadnock Hospital) and works closely with other providers in the Central New Hampshire area to optimize continuity of care and efficiencies of operation.
  • Riverbend is at the forefront of the mental health industry in its development of electronic recordkeeping capacities.
  • The implementation of evidence-based practices in mental health services is a high priority in New Hampshire and at Riverbend.

While community mental health has seen incredible growth over the past fifty years, practitioners continue to be challenged to meet increased demands for services in an environment of declining resources.

From its pioneering early days, as a two-person operation in 1964 to the present, Riverbend has been creative and resourceful in remaining true to its mission and vision.

Appreciative Inquiry: Riverbend employees explore possibilities

As a lead up to creating the Strategic Plan, Riverbend conducted an Appreciative Inquiry process to gather feedback from current staff about organizational strengths, as well as explore a range of structural, managerial, and career-building possibilities.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a model for analysis, decision-making, and the creation of change that was developed in the 1970s by David Cooperrider, Sursh Srivastva, Diana Whitney and others at Case Western Reserve University. AI works on the assumption that whatever you want more of already exists in all organizations. While traditional problem-solving processes separate and dissect pieces of a system, AI generates images that affirm the forces that give life and energy to a system.

Anyone who has ever experienced an Appreciative Inquiry process can attest to the value of putting a positive frame on solving problems, and building an organization utilizing what works, rather than just trying to fix whatdoesn’t. A range of AI case studies and other resources are available at the Case Western website.

The employee comments presented below are a small, but representative, sample of the comments we recorded during Riverbend’s Appreciative Inquiry process. Comments are organized into categorical themes below:


Support from leadership and colleagues

  • Space is created to make us all feel like an important part of the puzzle.
  • I have phenomenal colleagues who help me stay strong.
  • The whole staff is supportive and caring — with each other and clients
  • My supervisor said: “No, you didn’t fail. You’re not a God. You’re human.”
  • We hear the term “wrap around” all the time, and boy, was I “wrapped around” during a challenging personal crisis.
  • The person who supervised me gave me wings.
  • By working with my supervisor, I was able to explore and find out what really interests me, and how to develop those skills.
  • When I felt less competent working with clients living with eating disorders, my supervisor granted a request for more training.
  • I never feel like I’m on an island.
  • There is lots of opportunity for mentorship at Riverbend.
  • My supervisor trusts that I will do my job to the best of my ability and that I don’t need to be constantly directed.
  • Riverbend provides the flexibility to both live my life and do my job well.
  • There was plenty of flexibility and support from colleagues during a time of personal crisis.

Teams and team development

  • There’s a lot of team support. One of the best demonstrations of that support that I can think of happened last winter when a client needed assistance and a colleague walked with me through a snowstorm to the client’s home. That support made the walk tolerable — it was snowing hard! — and the client visit more effective.
  • You get to be a real human being at Riverbend. We have permission to be a whole person.
  • The seed is provided by the clinician, and grants are the water that lets it grow. Thank you to the grant writers!
  • Everyone’s voice is heard, Everyone’s voice is valued.
  • Multidisciplinary teams –people with different skill sets and using different lenses to look at problems come together at RIverbend. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Being part of an effective and supportive team is why I all like being a Riverbend employee.
  • Riverbend values the clinical opinions of its clinicians! In so many behavioral health organizations the clinical opinion takes a back seat to administrative issues.
  • At Riverbend we need each other and benefit from each other every day. I can’t do my job in a vacuum, and that’s a good thing!
  • Taking the time to share experiences and successes at team meetings creates a sense of hopefulness – as well as appreciation for the incredibly hard work we do.

Appreciative inquiry and communication

  • It was great to discuss how we’ve been supported, nurtured, and developed professionally (and personally) by our supervisors.
  • Expressing the positive things showed how all Riverbend employees are committed to making this agency a resource for healing.
  • Feeling valued and listened to as an employee is what makes Riverbend a great place to work.
  • Its about trust. We trust our leadership and our colleagues, and when something difficult comes up, there is confidence that things will work out!
  • I can get swept away with all the difficulties, but focusing on treating our clients in the best way we can is what brings us together.
  • I have a renewed respect for the complexity of our work, and how much ‘heart’ there is in it when we’re at our best.
  • The process reinforced for me the power of appreciation and how appreciation, gratitude, and compassion are at the core of positive change. Appreciative inquiry doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but simply comes at reality from a perspective that welcomes the possibilities.
  • At Riverbend, people feel comfortable enough to be vocal with their thoughts and ideas. This makes change easier, and more successful, because everyone has been a part of the conversation.
  • Open communication — and the acknowledgment of our successes/loyalty/dedication — keeps morale upbeat and positive.

Client change and engagement

  • The best thing about my job is witnessing a client having their own “aha” moment.
  • Helping clients help themselves is innately rewarding.
  • Providing clients with the skills they need to make good decisions and lead more full and satisfying lives, is what this work is all about.
  • It is rewarding to help people get on their feet and live a life of dignity and respect.
  • The best reward: Seeing people living with a severe mental illness really improve their lives.
  • The main rewards of this work can be the smallest things – like the note I got from a client’s mother recently. It was short, and just said: “You were my rock that night.” Things like that always make my day!
  • It is always rewarding to see hopelessness transform to hopefulness.
  • We are changing lives and making things better for our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Concord New Hampshire is ranked one of the nation’s top micropolitan (population under 50,000) communities, year after year. Our excellent schools and colleges produce a well-educated workforce, and we are proud to be home to one of the finest health care networks north of Boston (about 1.5 hours south).

In addition to our vibrant downtown, business community, and wealth of cultural offerings, the Concord area is the perfect place to raise a family, grow a business, or explore New England’s rich history, culture, and natural wonders.

Additionally, NH has NO state income tax and NO sales tax for the majority of purchases!  For more information, consider visiting Stay Work Play or Concord NH Chamber of Commerce.  

*Concord, NH - State House located on Main St. in Concord.

*Beautiful umbrellas overhead in Capital Plaza in downtown Concord, NH.

Downtown Concord was recently remodeled and offers a variety of shops, dining options, and theater.  Concord is also the home to the Capitol Center for the Arts which brings in a variety of performing arts shows throughout the year.   

*Main St., Concord NH - A very walkable community!

**Fall in New Hampshire

Fall in NH is quite lovely.  No matter where you choose to live in the state, you can look out your window and enjoy colorful foliage.  Fall activities around the state include hiking, biking, boating, leaf-peeping, riding an ATV, camping or attending any number of agricultural fairs.  Fisherman enjoy many hours in boats or from the shore hauling in their catches of the day.  

*Winter in NH

We're fortunate to have a wonderful winter season in NH.  Skiiers enjoy many options for downhill and cross country enjoyment.  Many ski areas have snow tubing as well for the non-skiiers among us.  Ice fishing derbys are quite popular around the state too.  Do you like to ice skate?  You can do so both indoors and outdoors.  Winter hiking is quite popular too.  You may need to pack some winter gear to stay warm through the season, but it is truly a beautiful time of year.

*Summer crops at Dimond Hill Farm - Concord NH

Spring and summer in NH are top notch!  We're fortunate to have many farms around the area who sell fresh produce throughout the seasons.  Looking for a farmer's market?  Most local towns have one each weekend.  There are so many adventures to pursue in the mild weather - swimming (at a pond, lake, or at the ocean), fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, water skiing, golfing, walking trails, movies or theater performances in the park, street fairs, and so much more!  And, when you've finished a great adventure, stop by one of our local dairy barns for some homemade ice cream.  

*Spring blooms with mountain backdrop - NH

Riverbend Community Mental Health Reviews

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Peter Evers
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    "Excellent place to work, tough but rewarding."

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    Current Employee - Peer Support Specialist in Concord, NH
    Current Employee - Peer Support Specialist in Concord, NH
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    I have been working at Riverbend Community Mental Health full-time (More than a year)


    Amazing colleagues, the people I work with care deeply about helping people, management included. They reward hard work and care about their employees.


    Pay is not the highest, but I'd take the pay along with how good the company is to clients and employees any day. Burnout is an issue with the field not specifically with this company more than others... The work is hard, lots of paperwork, its draining, do it because you care.

    Advice to Management

    Keep doing what you are doing.

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Getting an Interview





    Program Assistant Interview

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    I applied online. The process took 1+ week. I interviewed at Riverbend Community Mental Health (Concord, NH) in April 2016.


    No phone interview, I just received a telephone call from a manager who just asked about my salary requirements and then scheduled me for an in person interview at their office . The interview lasted about 35 minutes. That was two weeks ago and since then I never heard any feedback back on my employment candidacy.

    Interview Questions

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Riverbend Community Mental Health Awards & Accolades

  • Family Favorite Award, Parenting New Hampshire, 2018
  • Talent-in-Talent, HealthcareSource, 2018

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Pay Equality Pledge

Committed to paying equitably for equal work & experience

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Helping employees "upskill" into higher-paying positions

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Maintain entry-level hiring and career development programs to give people career starts

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