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Skyhorse Publishing Overview

New York, NY
51 to 200 employees
Company - Private
$25 to $50 million (USD) per year
Skyhorse Publishing was launched in September 2006 by Tony Lyons, former president and publisher of Lyons Press, and its first titles were published in March 2007. As of Spring 2019, the company has had forty-nine New York Times bestsellers.

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Mission: To work hard, move fast, have fun, make money, and change lives for the better by publishing superior books on a wide range of topics. To be passionate about the topics we publish, and to value honesty, integrity, mutual respect, and teamwork. To encourage personal and ... Read more

Company Updates

  • Skyhorse author Julian Lennon and new friends holding Julian's recently published children's book LOVE THE EARTH - the third in a series that also includes HEAL THE EARTH (2018) and TOUCH THE EARTH (2017).

  • Skyhorse is excited to announce the launch of the new crime fiction imprint, Arcade CrimeWise, which will release its first titles this autumn of 2019.

    Skyhorse Forms Arcade CrimeWise

    Skyhorse Publishing is stepping up its presence in crime fiction with the launch of Arcade CrimeWise. The imprint will launch its first titles this fall under the direction of Cal Barksdale, the executive editor of Skyhorse's Arcade Publishing unit. It will publish six to eight titles annually.

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Skyhorse Publishing – Why Work For Us?

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic independent publishing companies in the United States.  

When forming the company, Tony Lyons talked to dozens of potential investors, all of whom asked the same question: "Can a new book publishing company make it in the current environment?" His response remains: "Succeeding as an independent publisher is not going to be easy, but by scouring the country for genre books that large publishers ignore, resurrecting forgotten classics, and by moving both more quickly and with greater attention to detail than other publishers, I believe we can flourish."

Working at Skyhorse is definitely a challenge due to the nature of our ambition to grow and succeed in this exciting, but tough industry.  The number of books we publish yearly is high, and thus, we are all kept on our toes to work hard and meet deadlines.  But the rewards and opportunities for advancement are greater here than at other publishing companies.  Chances to learn the ins and outs and the nuts and bolts of publishing, and to take on greater responsibilities, are available for anyone who wants to dive in.  Over the years, our staff, from entry-level to management-level, have taken advantage of the unique environment at Skyhorse to see their own books published, to suggest new book ideas, and to follow sales leads that they originate.

The increasingly experienced professionals at each of our imprints, and in every department, ensure that we will continue to flourish.

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Tony Lyons Forms Skyhorse Publishing in 2006


Lyons Press is Sold in 2001


At Skyhorse, we rely on the collaborative efforts of individuals in multiple departments:  editorial, operations, creative, production, publicity and sales. With over 1,000 books published per year, the environment is fast-paced, and often intense, but offers opportunities for advancement to anyone with the desire and initiative to take on greater responsibilities.

We invite you to meet some of our people, and read about their journeys within Skyhorse. The combined experiences of everyone here help guide the company's success.

Abigail Gehring
Associate Publisher, Skyhorse
Editorial Director, Cooking & Lifestyle


Skyhorse: How long have you been with Skyhorse?
Abigail: Since 2006, so just over nine years.

Skyhorse: How have you developed professionally over that time?

Abigail: I started at Skyhorse as an editorial assistant, knowing only that I liked writing and books and I could work hard. Since then I've been managing editor, executive director of production, and now associate publisher and editorial director for our cooking and lifestyle titles. I've also authored several books. But more important than my title changes and accomplishments, I've learned that I'm capable of much more than I imagined. 

Skyhorse: Is there a word or phrase that sums up Skyhorse culture?

Abigail: "Anything is possible."

Skyhorse: What makes Skyhorse a unique publishing house?

Abigail: We've grown quickly and now publish about 1,000 books a year, which is unusual for an independent publisher. To produce that many quality titles, a lot is expected from every member of the team. There are constant challenges, which means daily learning and shifting and growing. It's an exciting place, and it's also a great community. The company has a much larger staff than when I started, but I still think of it as my Skyhorse family. We recently opened a satellite office in Vermont for those of us who want the energy of a NYC publishing house but are ready for a different living environment. Not too many other New York publishers offer opportunities like that!

Skyhorse: Any advice for someone considering or starting a career at Skyhorse?

Abigail: You'll get out of your experience what you put into it; hard work and good ideas are rewarded. Be prepared to think about book publishing in ways that are different than what you're used to. As I'd recommend for anyone starting at a new company, find a mentor, particularly if you're beginning in an entry level position. Shoot me an email when you get here and let's have coffee!
Jay Cassell
Editorial Director


Skyhorse: How long have you been with Skyhorse?
Jay: Full time, since 2011. I was an outside consultant for three years prior to that.
Skyhorse: How have you developed professionally over that time?
Jay: It seems as if you learn something new every day in publishing. Since I have been at Skyhorse, I’ve learned a great deal about contractual matters and how to set up co-publishing deals. And, of course, you are always learning how to get the best books out of vastly different authors.
Skyhorse: Is there a word or phrase that sums up Skyhorse culture?
Jay: New challenges every day.
Skyhorse: What makes Skyhorse a unique publishing house?
Jay: We take pride in our ability to be nimble, to move quickly and make fast, yet well-informed decisions. This is one reason why Skyhorse has grown so rapidly. We are always looking for new opportunities and, when find them, and if they work for us, we’ll jump on them.
Skyhorse: Any advice for someone considering or starting a career at Skyhorse?
Jay: We’re not a typical publishing house. We publish more than 1000 books a year, with a relatively small (but growing) staff. The pace is nonstop, but I find it fun, challenging, and very rewarding. If you are considering working for Skyhorse, you’ll work hard, learn a lot about the publishing industry in a short time, and walk out the door at the end of the day knowing you have accomplished something.

Mark Gompertz
Group Editorial Director


Skyhorse:  How long have you been working with Skyhorse?

Mark: Exactly one month, but it feels like I’ve known the people here longer.

Skyhorse: After working at large publishing corporations, why did you decide to work at Skyhorse?

Mark: Actually I started my career in a small publishing firm and, in many ways, there was a simplicity to what I was doing in those early years that I missed.  Going to work for Skyhorse allowed me to return to the basics of what good publishing is all about and at a company that is growing not contracting.

Skyhorse: What have you observed so far?

Mark:  An energetic company with smart talented people who aren’t afraid to try new things. I also see a very diverse list of books that makes every day interesting.

Skyhorse: Where do you see the company going?

Mark: The only way to go is up.  We are adding to staff.  Adding the number of titles we publish. Growing the number of categories we publish in. Increasing revenues. And, most importantly, coming up with new processes to make this all happen.

Skyhorse: Any advice for anyone considering or starting a career at Skyhorse?

Mark: The advice I was given is so true: bring your running shoes.  My favorite expression used to be “slow and steady wins the race.”  My new favorite expression is: “publish at the speed of light.”  If you want a chance to publish interesting books and learn on the job, this is the place to be.

Meet Our Veterans

Tony Lyons, President and Publisher at Skyhorse, and an attorney, was Publisher at The Lyons Press between 1997 and 2004. He founded Skyhorse in 2006 and has been involved with every aspect of the book publishing process. Starting with a small team of people, some of whom still work for Skyhorse, Tony has steadily built the company from a start-up to an increasingly prominent mid-sized publisher.

Bill Wolfsthal, Vice President and Executive Director of Sales & Marketing at Skyhorse, has worked in book publishing for more than three decades, holding accounts sales and sales management positions and selling to national book trade and specialty accounts at Sterling Publishing, Carol Publishing Group, The Lyons Press, and Harry N. Abrams, Inc. During his career he has planned campaigns for national bestsellers, managed international rights sales, acquired books, and sold to accounts as diverse as Barnes & Noble, Costco, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn, sporting goods shops, craft chains, mail order catalogs, and major library wholesalers. He has been responsible for sales growth at every company for which he has worked. He has been with Skyhorse Publishing since its founding in 2006.

Kathryn Mennone, Director of Special Markets and National Acounts, is a 20+ year sales veteran, who has worked for a variety of publishers, managing as many as 35 sales people. As she notes, "I have enjoyed a wonderful career that has allowed me to developed great relationships with customers and competitive publishers. I met Tony Lyons over 10 years ago and was impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit in an industry that tends to be more traditional, meeting oriented, and spreadsheet driven. When the opportunity opened up to work for him I jumped on it. I have been with Skyhorse for over 6 years now and have been able to grow both personally and professionally." 

Ann Choi, spent the first 12 years of her career in public accounting with clients in industries ranging from advertising/media, manufacturing to real estate. She is trained in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and brings that knowledge to Skyhorse.  Ann started her publishing career as a Controller at Skyhorse in Sept 2015.


We greatly appreciate the dedication and hard work of our valued staff at Skyhorse. In addition to competitive salaries, we offer our employees an array of benefits.

Skyhorse Publishing Benefits

- Medical Insurance: Eligible employees are able to participate in our health insurance program offered through Oxford. Employees can choose from three different plans and pick the one that best suits their medical needs. The plans allow employees to visit a health care provider and offer greater benefits for visits to providers within the network. To ensure that employees have access to affordable medical insurance, Skyhorse currently covers 92% of the monthly premium for an employee on its plans.

- Dental and Vision Insurance: Skyhorse offers two dental plans that allows employees to receive dental insurance. Employees contribute 100% to the premium via payroll pre-tax deductions. For employee-only coverage, employees can choose from a plan costing $15.56 per month, or a plan costing $47.38 per month. The plans allow employees to see dentists within the network or see a dentist of their own choosing. Skyhorse also offers employees vision insurance for $6.46 per month to save on glasses, eye exams, and more. Dental insurance is provided through Guardian and vision insurance is provided through VSP.

- Paid Time Off: Skyhorse provides paid time off (PTO) to all full-time employees in addition to the company’s holidays. Employees receive 2 weeks of PTO for their first year of employment, 3 weeks of PTO for their second year, and 4 weeks of PTO for their third year and thereafter. The generous PTO bank allows employees to take time off for whatever they need, whether it be vacation, special occasions, illness, personal needs, or outside appointments.

- Paid Holidays: Skyhorse observes 10 paid holidays: New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. In addition, the company is off the week between Christmas and New Year’s so all employees have the chance to spend time with the people they love for the holidays. Skyhorse’s offices close early before all paid holidays to give employees extra time for travel. 

- 401(k): Financial security takes focus and planning, so Skyhorse provides a convenient way for employees to save for retirement. Skyhorse offers eligible employees both pre-tax and post-tax savings for retirement through its 401(k) plan.  

- Transit and Parking Benefits: Whether they travel by subway, bus, train, ferry, or drive to work, by enrolling in the transit program, employees can save money on the commute. An average Skyhorse employee who makes $62,000 and commutes using the subway can save an estimated $600 per year!

- Gym Membership Reimbursement: Skyhorse believes in investing in employees' well-being, and encourages all employees to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness. We offer to reimburse employees up to $200 per year for their gym membership.

- Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave: Skyhorse encourages new parents to spend time with their family by offering paid leave that runs concurrently with FMLA. Employees can receive up to 10 weeks of paid leave at 100% of their salary. 

- Summer Fridays: To help employees maintain a healthy work-life balence, Skyhorse adjusts its hours of operation from July 1st through Labor Day to allow employees to leave early on Fridays and enjoy the summertime. 

- Referral Award: Employees who refer a friend for an open position at Skyhorse can receive a generous reward of up to $250 if the person is hired.

- Employee Discounts: Employees can receive fantastic discounts such as 40% Broadway shows, 30% off movie tickets, 60% off hotels, and more.

Spotlight on Salaries

As noted in Publishers Weekly, Oct 16, 2015, the average salary industry-wide is $70,000 for men and $51,000 for women. At Skyhorse, employees earn a higher salary than the average throughout the rest of the publishing industry. In addition, the starting salary at Skyhorse as of December 23rd, 2015 is $30,000.

CEO Open Letter

Skyhorse has grown so quickly that we have, essentially, reinvented ourselves every couple of years. We are constantly adapting to accommodate the changing marketplace, feedback from our team, new technologies, and the opportunities and challenges of an ever-expanding backlist. As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize opportunities and move quickly to grasp them. When we see a trend—such as Minecraft or adult coloring books—we mobilize our team to create related books in record time, regularly astounding our book trade and special sales buyers. In the same way, when I hear that anyone on our staff has a concern, I immediately consider and address that concern.

We’ve used many of the reviews on this site to help us evaluate ways in which we can improve as a company and as a team. In some cases, after evaluation, we realize that the criticisms in the reviews are simply off base. In other cases, we translate constructive criticism into concrete change. I’m writing this letter so you’ll have a clear picture of both scenarios.

1) Salary and Benefits: Several reviewers mentioned that Skyhorse salaries were lower than industry standard. This was true when we were just starting out, building a publishing company in the midst of a recession and at a time when many thought printed books would soon be history. Now, based on the most recent numbers available through the Publishers Weekly yearly survey, Skyhorse salaries overall are approximately 5% higher than industry standard. On top of that, for entry-level employees, the path towards higher level salaries is much shorter than at Big 5 publishers. For example, our current entry-level salary in editorial positions is $30,000. However, it’s not uncommon for employees to reach $45,000 in their third year of employment, which equates to roughly a 20% salary increase each year. As for benefits, which have increased over time with more being explored for implementation, please check out our Perks tab.

2) Communication and Training: Some reviewers mentioned that there was a clique in upper management and very little communication with or training of lower level employees. In response, we have reorganized the company so that each manager has fewer direct reports and can devote more of her or his time to training and mentoring. We have a wonderful team of hardworking and experienced editorial directors. Please read the interviews with Abigail Gehring, Julie Matysik, and Mark Gompertz on our Meet Our Team tab to get a better sense of some of our leaders.

3) Workload and Quantity versus Quality: Some reviewers mentioned that Skyhorse publishes 950 or so titles each year (or just under 500 titles per season). They claim that the number of books alone is proof positive that Skyhorse cares more about quantity than quality. This is not true. We have 14 imprints and many of these imprints were independent companies publishing the same number of books each season long before becoming part of Skyhorse. In some cases, these imprints are still run by the people who ran the company when it was independent. Cal Barksdale, for example, worked at Arcade Publishing for over 25 years and is now editorial director of the Arcade Publishing imprint. Tad Crawford (an attorney, author, and publisher with over 35 years of experience in the field) is the publisher for Allworth Press, which he ran for just over 20 years. Skyhorse has been growing very quickly and we have certainly had growing pains, but we now have a terrific team of editors. The editorial directors and the editors benefit from the expertise of group editorial director Mark Gompertz, who worked at Simon & Schuster for 18 years as Publisher of Touchstone Fireside. The bottom line is that we care a lot about quality and we’re hiring the best people we can find in order to acquire, edit, and publish the very best titles we can.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come and I’m grateful to all the dedicated members of our team who have helped us get here. I invite you to look through the Meet Our Team section to learn more about the actual people who are really at Skyhorse. Also check out the Who We Are, Company Updates, and Perks and Benefits sections to learn about the company itself. And yes, read both the negative and positive reviews to know what is being said about us. Pease visit the Skyhorse website to see the breadth and quality of our publishing program. We are looking for smart, creative, professional candidates who are driven, hardworking, and are eager to join our successful and exciting independent publishing company.

                                                                                                   Tony Lyons

                                                                                                   Publisher & CEO

                                                                                      Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

                                                                                      January 2016

Praise for Skyhorse Publishing

“My experience with the Skyhorse team has been fantastic. They produced the book in record time before the scheduled date. It looks beautiful and is accurate in all respects.  The editorial, technical, promotion, distribution and publicity teams have worked seamlessly together with great energy, talent and commitment.  Thank you so much.” –Alan Dershowitz, New York Times bestselling author

“[We] have the highest praise for Skyhorse Publishing and the joy of working with Publisher Tony Lyons and Group Editorial Director Mark Gompertz. Tony’s unconditional support for our book and his deep commitment to making the world a better place gave us the perfect home to create a New York Times bestselling children’s book series and the ability to reach countless families with our message.” –Julian Lennon & Bart Davis, New York Times bestselling authors

“Love working with you and your team!!” -Natalie Bubnis, Executive Producer, The View

“In the era of corporate dominated mainstream media and feckless herd reporting, Skyhorse's willingness to tackle tough issues that other publishers won't touch has made it a critical cog in our democracy.”  –Robert F. Kennedy Jr., New York Times bestselling author

“I can’t begin to tell you how gratifying it is to have such enthusiasm and great support from everyone at Skyhorse.”  –Terry Goodkind, New York Times bestselling author

“My first series became a New York Times bestselling children’s series, and that would have never happened without Skyhorse. . . . It’s a great feeling, having them at my side.”  –Mark Cheverton, New York Times bestselling author

“I now believe the best word to describe me as an author is spoiled.  That’s because the folks at Sky Pony have truly made me feel special about being in their stable.  My editor is top-notch, and has a unique way of making me feel like her most important author.”  –Nancy Krulik, New York Times bestselling author

“First and foremost, Skyhorse took a chance on me as a first-time author, for which I'm extremely grateful. . . . The experience of working on and selling the book felt like an honest-to-God collaboration, and at no point did I feel like my voice was not being heard.”  –Mike Bockoven, author

“From the get-go, the Skyhorse editorial, marketing and sales, and publicity team championed my novel, The Promise. Two years after the first publication, the team continues to push the book with the same heartfelt and determined enthusiasm.   –Ann Weisgarber, author 

 “My experience working with Skyhorse is always a positive collaboration. The editors are first-rate professionals, and my books receive top-shelf treatment. I truly appreciate our working relationship and hope it continues for years to come.”   –David Fischer, author

 “It has been a pleasure watching Skyhorse Publishing develop into one of the largest and fastest-growing independent publishers over the last decade. Trident does a good deal of business with Skyhorse.  ​Skyhorse has become a cornerstone of independent publishing and has taken its rightful seat in the world of major trade publishing.” –Robert Gottlieb, chairman of Trident Media Group, LLC

“Skyhorse leads the book business in their categories with quality publishing and driven entrepreneurial spirit. Skyhorse customers, authors, and other business partners can expect high-energy relationships and a personal touch.” –Phil Ollila, president, Ingram Publisher Services

 “I was drawn to Arcade, the fabulous literary imprint of Skyhorse, for their tradition of publishing the most talented authors of our time – Samuel Beckett, John Irving, Umberto Eco, Mo Yan--an extraordinary list of names that I was humbled to join. . .  And when it came time to package and sell the book, the whole Skyhorse team was onboard, from cover design to publicity to scheduling media. Skyhorse punches above its weight, I'm proud to be in their stable.” –Brian Castner, author 

"I think, as an author, the two things you want from a publisher are the freedom to pursue a project in the way you envision it, but also the guidance to help navigate the thorny questions that always come up in the process of writing. That's been the great part of working with Skyhorse--the freedom you are afforded to carve your own path, but the wisdom offered when needed to make the work as good as it can be."   –Sean Deveney, author  

“As a first-time author, the attention to detail by the editors, the engagement of the publicist, the gorgeous cover design, and the continuous contact of the Skyhorse team with me before, during, and after publication have been major factors in the success of my book.  Skyhorse Publishing is going places.” – Sabeeha Rehman, author  

"I have worked with Skyhorse for almost five years, currently on my fourth book. Collaborating with Skyhorse feels like a partnership, rather than an employee-employer dynamic. They allow me to have a voice in the entire publishing process, from contract negotiation to editing, design/layout, printing, and promotion. Issues are tended to swiftly and efficiently.  Skyhorse is generous with distributing review copies." – Susan Crowther, author

"Skyhorse is a flexible, free-wheeling, eminently diverse publishing house. It's a place where a young person can try her or his wings, learn the marvelously varied and textured world of book publishing, and grow. It's not an easy place to work, but it's exciting, challenging and, for those with ambition and verve, a place that offers great opportunity for success." –Nick Lyons, former tenured professor at Hunter College, author of 18 books, and the founder and former publisher of The Lyons Press

As of July 2018, Skyhorse Publishing has published 48 New York Times Best Sellers, as can be found combing the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Notable among these are The Case Against Impeaching Trump by Alan Dershowitz, Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon, Framed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., A Man Called Intrepid, American Conspiracies, Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook, Gameknight999 Series, and Man Who Killed Kennedy. Recent best sellers include Hands of War, Secrets of the Notebook, Search for Anne Perry, Surgeon in Blue, Spymistress, and The Vatican Pimpernel. Skyhorse has also published the works of four Nobel Prize Novelists including Samuel Beckett, Octavio Paz, Ivo Andric and Mo Yan, who won the Prize in 2012, as well as by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel.

Julian Lennon & Bart Davis
Signing their book Touch the Earth

Bart Davis's toast at the Skyhorse Touch the Earth book release party.‬

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve come to the thank you and toast portion of the evening.

I remember remarking to Julian when he came to New York, and we first got together with the Skyhorse team to have lunch, that it was unnatural in the publishing world for everyone to say nice things about the boss. It was even more unnatural that everyone seemed to like him.  In the past year, we’ve found out the truth about Tony Lyons. His support for our book, his unconditional commitment to making the world a better place, and his sensitivity to the issues we raised, have given Julian and me the ability to reach countless children with our message. And as it turns out, we actually like him, too.

The team that formed around the idea of this book deserve so much of the credit. With them, we were better, bigger, more creative. Our agents Robert Gottlieb and Alyssa Henkin of Trident, gave us ideas and support from the time of inception, through every draft. Mark Gompertz of Skyhorse, saw the vision and said “Yes,” that rare and beautiful word that means everything to writers. Smiljana Coh, our illustrator, gave life to every word with her beautiful pictures. My daughter, Ally, who just received her Masters in Public Health gave her insight into the problems the world faces. And to Julian’s great team—Patrick Cousins, Braden Kuhlman and Brad Cafarelli for all their hard work and for constructing such a great PR tour. And to Julian’s mum, Cynthia, to whom the book is dedicated and who I am sure would have loved it.

I am getting older, so I know a few things. Maybe. Life is a strange and wondrous, get-it/don’t-get-it journey, often lost, sometimes found. We treasure the people who make that journey with us. My journey to touch the earth began with Julian Lennon. He is my friend, my inspiration, my model of what a great man should be, and his is the central message of this book—that in the fight to protect our planet, we are all in it together. His magic is in every word, every idea. His deep sensitivity runs through our book like a river.

Working with Jules has been the greatest creative experience of my life, and for that, and his constant friendship, I am eternally grateful. Jules and I have always believed that if we teach children to love the planet, they will always want to protect it. He was the one who taught me the truth of the African proverb: "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Others talk about what to do. They utter the phrase so easily: Somebody should do something. Julian never accepted that. Instead, he created the White Feather Foundation to face the earth’s problems squarely and bring about a resolution. That is no small thing. I am truly proud to be a part of that effort. Jules, you are the very best.

So, together, we thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate the publication of a unique and beautiful book. With a deep and abiding hope for all we seek to accomplish on this planet, Ladies and Gentlemen and all who love our planet, please raise your glasses to celebrate the publication of the new bestseller Touch The Earth. Cheers!

Skyhorse Publishing Reviews

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Skyhorse Publishing President Tony Lyons
Tony Lyons
50 Ratings
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    Current Employee - Editorial in New York, NY
    Current Employee - Editorial in New York, NY
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    I have been working at Skyhorse Publishing full-time (More than a year)


    There are a lot of moving parts in any company, and staff are supposed to ensure that those moving parts function smoothly. The entire operation can be tested when stakes and pressure are highest, and deadlines critically loom.

    We at Skyhorse had the opportunity to experience very high stakes, pressure, and deadlines recently when the Mueller Report was released on Thursday, April 18th, and Skyhorse was in a race with the Washington Post to publish its version as quickly as possible. The atmosphere at Skyhorse was one of all-hands-on-deck, with everyone attuned to the tasks and speed necessary to make sure that the report went through cycles of reformatting, proofing, and typesetting several times before files could be sent to the Bang printing plant in Minnesota. Some issues arose on the production side, but they were readily managed. Two full days with all-nighters into Saturday led to printing beginning on Sunday and printed books in our hands in New York on Monday the 22nd. It was a great experience to work with everyone so closely and effectively.

    On another note, the weekly editorial meetings that have been going on for the past few months, attended on average by about twenty individuals in office and several others by conference phone from the VT office, are refreshing and I actually look forward to hearing the new ideas proposed and considered. And the office gatherings to celebrate work anniversaries of colleagues is a great new tradition!


    Things are working out well so no complaints. But will be sure to bring them up if/when...

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Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Tony Lyons - Skyhorse 10th Anniversary Celebration - September 30, 2016
Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Tony Lyons and Jacqueline Jackson, author of Loving You, Thinking of You, Don't Forget to Pray - Letters to My Son in Prison
Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Tony Lyons with Al Sharpton, Jacqueline Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., Santita Jackson, Nicole Jones, and with Mark Gompertz, Cal Barksdale and Johanna Dickson from Skyhorse
Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Tony Lyons with author Jacqueline Jackson, and with Jesse Jackson Jr., Nicole Jones, April Smith, and Skyhorse publicist, Johanna Dickson
Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Tony Lyons and Alan Dershowitz promoting the just-released book: The Case Against the Democratic House Impeaching Trump
Skyhorse Publishing photo of: Skyhorse Potluck
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    I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY) in August 2009.


    It was a surprise group interview (candidates had not been informed beforehand, but arrived all together and were met with 20 other candidates squeezed into an office not large enough to accomodate them). The process took several hours as each person waited for their own very short individual meeting.

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