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Tel Aviv-Yafo (Israel)
201 to 500 employees
Company - Private
Computer Hardware & Software
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Yotpo is the leading customer content marketing platform for commerce brands. With Yotpo, businesses can collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience.

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Mission: Our vision is to maximize each company's current customer base in order to provide verified content, resulting in new customers and increased spend.

Company Updates

  • Forbes provides 22 Retail Industry Predictions For Brick-And-Mortar Stores In 2018 & Yotpo is at the top when it comes to tips!

    22 Retail Industry Predictions For Brick-And-Mortar Stores In 2018

    From low inventory propositions to weather data and hands-free shopping to smarter in-store fulfilment, there are a plethora of solutions, technologies and platforms that retailers can utilise to win in 2018. The format, feel and function of stores will certainly evolve in 2018.

  • The word is out & now we can share the big news! Yotpo just raised $51M in Series D! Read about it on TechCrunch:

    User-generated content marketing platform Yotpo closes $51M Series D round

    Yotpo, a platform that lets companies gather content from their customers in the form of reviews, Q&As, photos and videos, mainly for use in marketing, has closed $51 million in Series D funding. The round is led by Access Industries (ClalTech), with participation from existing backers Bessemer Venture Partners, Marker, Vintage Partners, Blumberg Capital, Rhodium, and 2B Angels, in addition to new investor Vertex Ventures.

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Yotpo – Why Work For Us?

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Mid-Market/Enterprise team? Hear it first-hand from Mike, Audrey and Jon.

You and Jon, your first Mid-Market AE, both have unique backgrounds in that you have built and managed e-commerce businesses of your own. In what ways has that impacted how you work with Mid-Market businesses and leaders?
Having ecommerce knowledge and experience in the space has helped tremendously in that we truly understand the value that Yotpo can provide a customer. It goes beyond being consultative as we both can empathize with the challenges facing these business and marketing divisions. If you can provide more value than just the platform you are discussing, you are viewed as a thought leader in the space - even if its a small recommendation that benefits their daily routine, providing this information will change their view of you completely.   

What are the ways in which outreach and relationship building differ on the Mid-Market team, from the SMB team, here at Yotpo?
The MM team has a set number of named accounts that are assigned to each rep. Their outreach is extremely tailored and specific to every contact within the account.  A tremendous amount of research is done before any outreach even begins which gives the rep the ability to understand the business, challenges and person they are reaching out to.  This will help craft unique and informative messaging so the response rates are much higher.

What are the Mid-Market developments you're most excited for this year?
We have a number of new game-changing products that are set to launch shortly.  These products are focused more on the Enterprise style customer.  These will better help us to provide massive value to each and every customer we talk to.  These particular products are extremely important for these companies and have never been offered before. 

- Mike Dash (Head of Enterprise Sales)

You were promoted from the SMB team to this one so you know this better than anyone: how have you had to alter your outreach in order to generate interest with Mid-Market leaders?
Mid market outreach is interesting because it's all about that person specifically - their current initiatives and KPI's. Second to that is their team and third is the company as a whole. Being informed is important, because eCommerce is evolving rapidly and outreach needs to be relevant and reflect that you understand their industry and business needs. 

What does the balance of autonomy vs assistance from management look like in this role?
The balance is wonderful. The team's goals are aligned and our director trusts us to get our work done. I'm given the resources I need to do my job and full autonomy to be creative and try different types of outreach.
How do SDRs and AEs on the Mid-Market team work collaboratively?

Closing deals is a team effort. SDRs and AEs rely on each other's expertise to target accounts strategically. There's a constant stream of communication between us and we have round table meetings to discuss accounts and opportunities.

- Audrey O'Regan (Enterprise Content Marketing / Enterprise/Mid-Market SDR) 

I also asked this of Mike, but in which ways have growing and managing your own e-commerce business impacted how you work with Mid-Market businesses and leaders?
The best part of this for me is actually being able to share my real world application of Yotpo to these business, so they know my ideas are not just a suggestion, but that I practice (and have had success with) what I preach.

What are some of the changes you have seen this department go through that you're most proud of?

I'm most proud of how we've embraced a different usage of our platform for these mid-market clients.  Even though they are using similar functionality, the utilization of Yotpo that works well for SMBs is not the same as the use case we need to demonstrate for mid-market companies and we've retooled our entire approach to be sure this is consistent throughtout the process.

How do SDRs and AEs on the Mid-Market team work collaboratively?

It all starts with going after the right accounts, so even before outreach we work together to figure out not only who has success with Yotpo, but who we think we will be able to successfully outreach.  SDRs are looped into AE conversations with clients to be sure it isn't just a handoff, but there is a constant team effort throughout the process.

- Jon Adamec (Enterprise/Mid-Market Account Executive) 

Account Executive Team

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our SMB Account Executive team? Hear it first-hand from Matt and Steven.

About 91% of AE’s are at or above quota. What traits of our team-members enable them to attain such outstanding success?

I call it the 3 C's: Coachable, competitive, and consultative. My golden rule: Sales @ Yotpo is a team sport. Working collaboratively to achieve a greater goal with members on the team is a MUST! This mentality will also assist an AE in hitting their individual target. 

What is the relationship between SDRs and AEs at Yotpo?

Collaborative. The success of an AE is largely dependent on the SDR -- and vice versa. The synergy between both teams is very important. We're constantly finding ways to get better as we continue to scale our sales organization. The fact that we also have 2 SDRs to 1 AE is a huge plus! 

What is the trajectory for growth in regards to top performing AE’s?

If you have a great attitude and are consistent, there will be opportunities to advance your career at Yotpo. This could involve managing a team, moving departments within the company, or taking on larger quota in the sales department. The sky is the limit! 

- Matt Ryan (Director of Sales)

What is particularly intellectually challenging about the sales process at Yotpo?

We sell to incredibly savvy digital marketers, yet we need to be the user-generated content experts in the conversation. Applying our knowledge to each potential client's unique situation makes for a very dynamic sales process from beginning to end.

- Steven Talafous (Senior Customer Marketing Consultant / Senior Account Executive) 

- - -

Sales Development Representative Team

What about working with our SMB Sales Development team? Hear it first-hand from Ali and Ashley.

You have now led Sales Development at, DoubleDutch and Gigya. What makes working at Yotpo as a SDR different than other companies?

What really separates Yotpo from other companies is the culture. When I say culture, I don't mean the beers in the fridge or the offsite trips or the coffee tastings - we do those things as well, but thats not what really provides a fostering culture to an entry level employee. At Yotpo, it all starts with our product- because our product moves, and because our product/market fit are so aligned right now, we have the benefit of conveying value to customers on a subject that is often already top of mind for them. Because of this, we have a culture that is collaborative (people don't have to fight over deals or territories), encouraging (enough promotions and room for growth for all), and dynamic (we have the luxury of being successful enough to take risks). Most companies can only hope to have one of those 3- we're lucky to have 'em all.

In your mind, what equates to success for a SDR and how does that play into his/her future trajectory?

For a SDR, its all about mindset. If you're the type of person who just works to live, being successful as a SDR will be tough. After all, the hours can be grueling, the rejection can be plentiful, and sometimes the wins seem so far away. That being said, if you live to work, you'll see this opportunity as a life changing one. Being a SDR can give you the business acumen and professional development that it takes years to acquire in other entry level roles. If you look at this opportunity for what it is, one in which you can rise through the ranks and make huge amounts of impact in a short amount of time if you work hard enough, you'll be successful.

How do you, as the Director of Sales Development, ensure that your SDRs are continually being developed?

The trickiest struggle in any role is that murky delta between what constitutes 'your best' and 'the best'. It's my job as the Director of Sales Development to help each member of my organization bridge those gaps. Whether its through tactical stuff, like call coaching and sales training or more macro initiatives like creating the processes, messaging, and formulas that enable my org to succeed, I try to foster an environment where people are growing and learning every day. Whether you're optimizing yourself in the role you're currently in or building critical skills for the next one you hope to endeavor, its imperative that no day passes at a startup where you're not in motion. In an environment as fast paced and breathless as this, standing still is akin to being left behind, and I wont let anyone on my team get left behind.

- Ali Fazal (Director of Sales Development)

As your team grows, are you still able to see the impact you have on Yotpo’s overall success?

Yes. I feel like when I perform well, it's being noticed and it positively impacts Yotpo's results. It's a team effort made of strong individuals working hard together to build this great product. When we have questions or concerns, we make them known. I truly believe those are then well received from a high-level perspective and acted upon accordingly. That has been my experience. 

- Ashley Isham (Senior Customer Marketing Associate / SDR)

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Customer Lifecycle Associate team? Hear it first-hand from Alex and Travis.

People often confuse Customer Lifecycle Associate and CSM. What makes the Customer Lifecycle Associate role different than the CSM role?

The Customer Lifecycle Associate role is more of a strategic, short-term approach to our customers that entails no longer than 2-3 weeks interactions with a specific goal in mind...a task to achieve such as renew or prevent a cancellation. The CSM is the role where you build those long-term relationships and ensure ultimate success.

You’re known around the office for your positive energy. Given the nature of the Customer Lifecycle Associate role, how does that translate into your management style, especially during those tougher phone calls?

A wise negotiator once told me, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." That could not be more true. Being positive, yet strong, and having a full understanding of the issues at play, will provide you with the ultimate formula to a resolution.

What is a common trait that leads to the success of your team members?

Relentless dedication to perfection. Customer Lifecycle Associate members have the mindset of constant improvement, always striving to achieve and accomplish more than expected in all aspects of the job. This growth mindset combined with a sharp mind and love for conversation is what leads to success in this role.

- Alex Lazoff (Head of Customer Lifecycle)

Customer Lifecycle Associates utilize one another to resolve issues and handle the more difficult conversations. What is that team dynamic like and how has it helped you find success in this role?

Although we're growing, the team is still very tight-knit. Because our goals are entirely team-based, we're all committed to ensuring each other's individual success, and we strategize together to tackle the toughest issues we face. We each have our niche, but we all contribute equally to our goals, and the camaraderie motivates us to succeed.

- Travis Brault (Senior Manager, Customer Lifecycle) 

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Client Success team? Hear it first-hand from Jonatan, Hannah and Guy.

The CSMs on your team strategize with their clients to ensure each is getting the best value out of Yotpo. What is the training process like and how do you ensure that your team is always informed of updated features and industry trends?

Above all, teamwork is truly critical to the happiness and success of each individual CSM here at Yotpo and we train with that sense of teamwork in mind. In addition to the initial product-certificate program that every new YotPerson goes through upon joining Yotpo (1 full week of classes with our amazing product trainer), we help each other learn and grow through an ongoing shadowing process. Yotpo is truly unique in that each person will find time to help another teammate to understand a concept or a new tool, or share their unique expertise in whatever way they can. Collectively, our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and this lends itself to an ever-evolving set of skills and knowledge-sharing pool. It's truly, the most gifted and giving group of people a lot of us have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is never a shortage of things we can (and do) teach each other.

The CSM team is comprised of people from many different backgrounds, so what common trait do you think allows them to be so successful in this role?
Being from different backgrounds is actually one of this team's biggest advantages. The most important common traits are a having a long-term vision, being an outstanding collaborator, having a natural sense of curiosity about anything you do, and possessing a true passion and desire for helping your clients grow and see success.
What are some of the more exciting marketing strategies that CSMs have been able to help our clients put into play?

CSMs play a pivotal role with their clients in building a User Generated Content strategy for their E-commerce Businesses. This includes:

1. Creating gameplans for customer engagement throughout the purchase flow as well as after a purchase has been made. 

2. Optimizing key stages in the purchase flow- customer decision, conversion point, cart abandonment, etc.
3. Building a community around the brand and integrating social proof presence on different marketing channels- email campaigns, social media, SEM, and more. 

- Jonatan Shriki (Manager - Client Success)

You have been on the CSM team for almost 2 years now. What are some of the product developments you're proud of that have positively impacted the businesses of your clients?

In my nearly two years here, I have seen and experienced so many changes in the company from the growth of our teams to product enhancements to office locations. One of the biggest product developments has been the launch of the Visual Marketing Suite. This has taken Yotpo's solution to the next level, allowing Yotpo to function as a go-to content generation platform for all of our customers. Customers in this day and age care about authentic customer content and visual aid, and the VMS options really help our customers achieve increased engagement and conversions in addition to well-curated content for their site.

- Hannah Kim (Client Success Manager)

What is unique about the book of clients you’re working with at Yotpo?

Every single one of them wants to see their business grow and are open to learning a new side of on-line marketing.  At this day in age, most people realize the importance of reviews to be showcased on-site; but not everyone understands the value that User-Generated Content brings to the business. You can have the greatest VP of Marketing working for your business, but we're here to help our customers realize and understand that having your own customers speak on your behalf is just as, if not more, valuable.

- Guy Ben-Ezer (Client Success Manager)

Build Relationships, Boost Retention.

Maximize the value of every customer by engaging them and building long-term relationships. So acquisition costs decrease, while sales rise.

Engage buyers post-checkout.

Sales shouldn’t stop at the checkout. Keep up the conversation with your shoppers to keep your business on their mind.

Increase loyalty and lifetime value.

Returning shoppers cost you less and spend more. Optimize the post-sales experience so you can build relationships that last a lifetime.

With Coupons, Commenting and Community Q&A, you can increase the loyalty and lifetime value of each buyer.

Community Q&A

Community Q&A gives prospects people-powered answers to their questions by allowing them to ask past buyers, experts or your staff about your products.


Reviews shouldn’t be a one-way street. Respond to reviews and keep your customers coming back to buy more.


Gamify the reviews process by offering your customers rewards for feedback. Coupons increase customer lifetime value by encouraging reviews and  additional purchases.

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Yotpo CEO Tomer Tagrin
Tomer Tagrin
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    "Coworkers Who Truly Care About You"

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    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
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    I worked at Yotpo full-time


    Yotpo takes extreme care in determining who they hire with a focus on not just competency for the role, but also fit with the positive and friendly company culture. They are trying to build a family of coworkers who not only are skilled and work hard, but that also truly care about and support each other. They are doing a fantastic job of it!

    From the moment I started working at Yotpo during my training I could tell that they wanted me to be successful and were willing to invest in all of their new hires to ensure that outcome. The training was thorough and meant to truly equip new hires to do their jobs rather than throw them out there and see who can swim.

    Following training, my manager placed me in the chair right beside them and made it extremely easy for me to ask them anything, learn from them, and for them to keep an eye on my work and help me.

    Finally, I even had coworkers volunteer to mentor me as I developed. Some of them wanted to help me learn the technical aspects of the jobs and others just wanted to give me a sounding board and supportive voice to turn to in the occasional difficult moment. They were willing to drop what they were doing an invest their time in making me comfortable at almost any time, no matter how busy they were. It was incredible.

    Overall, I've never seen a more family-like environment in the workplace. Yotpo hires quality people and everyone starting there is lucky to enter such a supportive and helpful environment where you are given the best tools and opportunity to succeed.


    Be prepared to work hard at Yotpo. Yotpo works hard to give its salespeople more opportunities to engage with potential customers than most sales organizations, which helps position their hires there for success, but you get results based on how much effort you put in. Yotpo's management is very reasonable about helping new salespeople adjust and gradually work towards success, and they are very willing to work with you. However, effort is something that everyone can offer, and you are expected to commit yourself.

    There is an inherent level of pressure that comes with this type of work and this industry. Yotpo is very reasonable about creating an incentive-based environment, rather than a fear-based environment, but be careful to ask yourself and your interviewers about this, so you can understand if you would be happy.

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Getting an Interview




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    Account Executive Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in New York, NY
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    I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Yotpo (New York, NY) in October 2017.


    I had an initial phone call with a recruiter and came into the office a week later to meet a few of the sales managers in person. I couldn't have asked for a better interview experience from start to finish -the recruiter I initially spoke to was genuinely interested to learn about my background, what I was looking for in my next role, and why my particular interest in Yotpo. The same theme of expressing actual interest in the candidate carried into the next round when I met 3 sales managers in person in Yotpo's office (great office btw). Each sales manager had a slightly different angle, but they were all keen on diving into my past not to find examples of "past success" or "epic failures" but they were interested to find out who I was as a person to ensure a cohesive culture fit. I don't have a traditional Tech SaaS Sales background and everyone took the time to learn about my career to understand why I would be a potential fit on their sales team instead of simply write me off due to lack of experience.

    Through the conversations, we took a deep-dive into my background but also into the Yotpo sales process - the sales managers I spoke with were transparent about their sales structure, which allowed me to gain great insight as to how the sales teams operated. Yotpo is positioning their sales team for incredible success by having a phenomenal product, fast-paced sales culture, and being under the guidance of industry veterans. To put the icing on the cake, Yotpo's Talent Acquisition team are AMAZING communicators via email and phone call - they emailed me the day after I submitted my application online and notified me about next steps within 24 hrs after each interview stage (something that rarely happens).

    The Yotpo candidacy experience tops any other application process I've been through.

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    • Walk through a mock discovery call with an inbound lead - discover BANT.   Answer Question
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