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Tel Aviv-Yafo (Israel)
201 to 500 employees
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Computer Hardware & Software
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Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, helps thousands of forward-thinking brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, Bob’s Discount Furniture, and Steve Madden accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. Our single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for ... Read more

Mission: Empowering brands to grow their direct-to-consumer business through captivating experiences that spark and sustain lasting customer loyalty.

Company Updates

  • Our very own Tomer Tagrin has been featured on Business Insider's list of the 22 most important executives shaping the future of marketing technology! For Yotpo's CEO to be included in such a critical list - alongside leaders of companies including Foursquare, Mailchimp and Shopify - is such a notable moment in our company's development and credibility. KUDOS, Tomer!

  • It's official: Yotpo is moving offices once again! We've continued to grow and it's time to settle into a new space that will accommodate all 175+ of us on one floor. A bonus? The space is stunning.

    Yotpo to move in at 400 Lafayette

    The e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo will move and expand to 27,269 square feet at 400 Lafayette St. on the northwest corner of East 4th Street. The fourth-floor sublease from SeatGeek includes the installation, which has glass-fronted offices and rooms. The multilevel spaces have open seating, multiple breakout rooms, conference rooms and phone booths - plus the kind of bleacher-like town hall seating area that millennial companies adore.

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Yotpo – Why Work With Us?

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Mid-Market/Enterprise team? Hear it first-hand from Mike, Audrey, Jamie and Jon.

You and Jon, your first Mid-Market AE, both have unique backgrounds in that you have built and managed e-commerce businesses of your own. In what ways has that impacted how you work with Mid-Market businesses and leaders?
Having ecommerce knowledge and experience in the space has helped tremendously in that we truly understand the value that Yotpo can provide a customer. It goes beyond being consultative as we both can empathize with the challenges facing these business and marketing divisions. If you can provide more value than just the platform you are discussing, you are viewed as a thought leader in the space - even if its a small recommendation that benefits their daily routine, providing this information will change their view of you completely.   

What are the ways in which outreach and relationship building differ on the Mid-Market team, from the SMB team, here at Yotpo?
The MM team has a set number of named accounts that are assigned to each rep. Their outreach is extremely tailored and specific to every contact within the account.  A tremendous amount of research is done before any outreach even begins which gives the rep the ability to understand the business, challenges and person they are reaching out to.  This will help craft unique and informative messaging so the response rates are much higher.
- Mike Dash (Head of Enterprise Sales, US)

You were promoted from the SMB team to this one so you know this better than anyone: how have you had to alter your outreach in order to generate interest with Mid-Market leaders?
Mid market outreach is interesting because it's all about that person specifically - their current initiatives and KPI's. Second to that is their team and third is the company as a whole. Being informed is important, because eCommerce is evolving rapidly and outreach needs to be relevant and reflect that you understand their industry and business needs. 

What does the balance of autonomy vs assistance from management look like in this role?
The balance is wonderful. The team's goals are aligned and our director trusts us to get our work done. I'm given the resources I need to do my job and full autonomy to be creative and try different types of outreach.
How do SDRs and AEs on the Mid-Market team work collaboratively?

Closing deals is a team effort. SDRs and AEs rely on each other's expertise to target accounts strategically. There's a constant stream of communication between us and we have round table meetings to discuss accounts and opportunities.

- Audrey O'Regan (Enterprise Content Marketing / Enterprise/Mid-Market SDR) 

Having taken on the role of Yotpo's UK Sales Director, you have inherited a double whammy: a newer buyer community for Yotpo (Enterprise) within a very young Yotpo territory (UK). What are your plans for tackling this particularly complicated challenge?

The key challenge when you build and scale a sales organisation in a relatively new market is to encourage a culture within your team where everyone wants to improve every day. We are doing that at Yotpo UK through structured weekly training and also peer coaching and feedback where we ask team members for feedback on everything we do. Doing it this way means that we will develop good people who want to collaborate and share ideas. Ultimately we stay in jobs for the opportunity and because we build meaningful relationships with our colleagues and customers and you can only do that when the style of leadership is very flat (no egos) and transparent (no surprises).

The market here is perfectly positioned for Yotpo and our unique strengths and really the biggest challenge is about execution and then scaling the team.

I am firm believer in having a plan but being flexible enough to adjust it to the reality on the ground - that is key part of our success map for 2018. We have a plan A and a plan B.

- Jamie Clohesy (Director of Sales, UK)

I also asked this of Mike, but in which ways have growing and managing your own e-commerce business impacted how you work with Mid-Market businesses and leaders?
The best part of this for me is actually being able to share my real world application of Yotpo to these business, so they know my ideas are not just a suggestion, but that I practice (and have had success with) what I preach.

What are some of the changes you have seen this department go through that you're most proud of?

I'm most proud of how we've embraced a different usage of our platform for these mid-market clients.  Even though they are using similar functionality, the utilization of Yotpo that works well for SMBs is not the same as the use case we need to demonstrate for mid-market companies and we've retooled our entire approach to be sure this is consistent throughtout the process.

How do SDRs and AEs on the Mid-Market team work collaboratively?

It all starts with going after the right accounts, so even before outreach we work together to figure out not only who has success with Yotpo, but who we think we will be able to successfully outreach.  SDRs are looped into AE conversations with clients to be sure it isn't just a handoff, but there is a constant team effort throughout the process.

- Jon Adamec (Enterprise/Mid-Market Account Executive) 

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our SMB Account Executive team? Hear it first-hand from Tom, Josh, Jennie, Matt and Ashley.

For over a year now, you have played an active role in building out a very young office. What have been some of the most difficult hurdles you have overcome, the most rewarding moments, and the #1 suggestion you’d make to someone joining Yotpo UK?

1. For a year now, you have played an active role in building out a very young office. What have been some of the most difficult hurdles you have overcome?

There are a few challenges that have been unique to building out a new office. First is the lack of developed processes and infrastructure. In a mature sales office, you not only have an entire management structure but dedicated roles in areas such as Sales Enablement, Training, Sales Operations, and Product Marketing. These kinds of roles are very valuable in selling, and while we do get support from the New York office, it just isn't the same as what you get when you're on the same floor.

Second, while our brand has grown tremendously in the last year, we still face a name recognition deficit relative to our competition. There are several competitors that have definitely achieved "status quo" level, and it can be difficult to steal their customers, particularly when they're usually far less expensive.

Third, in a mature sales office where you're surrounded by a larger salesforce, you're able to develop your skills simply by being around other professionals, hearing their calls, and picking up other tidbits of wisdom, whether it's at lunch or in a meeting. In a young, small office, the environment isn't as conducive towards that kind of natural diffusion of knowledge and best practices.

2. The most rewarding moments?

The most rewarding part of being in our office is that we're truly on the front lines of figuring out one of the most critical parts of our company's future: figuring out how to increase our sales internationally AND perfect a strategy and process that we can replicate in even further international offices. I truly feel like I'm doing some of the absolute most important work at our company, and that provides satisfaction and challenge that I know I wouldn't be getting in our New York office.

Second, when you're a part of a young office, your contributions matter more for the team's success, period. In the New York office you can feel like a tree in the forest; in London, when I've had absolutely massive months, I've sometimes been able to get us to 50% of our team goal by myself. As someone who finds so much joy in being a part of a team and succeeding as a team, that is such an incredible part of being part of the London office.

Lastly, being a part of a young office adds to the family aspect that I find important. I can basically tell you exactly what everyone in our office is working on and which sales opportunities they're looking to close. When you combine that with a very supportive group, it forms a really special connection w/ your colleagues in the office.

3. #1 suggestion you'd make to someone joining Yotpo UK?

You should definitely be prepared to work hard, because you can't take anything for granted here. Second, while we have great Sales Managers here, you should have the mindset that you will sometimes need to just "figure it out". Finally, you have come in w/ a flexible mindset, because our processes and strategy will be a work-in-progress for the indefinite future, so just be comfortable w/ the inevitable changes that may entail!

- Tom Clarke (Account Executive, UK)

You successfully transitioned from a high-performing Account Executive to a SDR Manager and now an Account Executive Manager. Throughout these different roles, what traits have you found to be universal contributors to sales success?

There are many traits I find to be universal contributors to sales success, such as; A process-oriented mindset and a strong knowledge of multiple KPIs that yield success. In addition, the ability to manage your time effectively as well as devoting time to building strong internal relationships across departments with leaders and managers. Furthermore, never forgetting the must-haves; a positive attitude, hard-working, and implement feedback coupled with trying things that make you uncomfortable. Lastly,  AB testing to figure out what works through variations of problem-solving.

- Josh Hezghia (Manager, Account Executive Team)

How has your career grown since starting at the company?

I feel really lucky to have grown with Yotpo. Since joining, I've seen us go through two rounds of funding and I've seen my contributions directly impact the course of the company. I started as an outbound SDR at a time when the company was still figuring out its outreach strategy, helped shape that, and moved into a management position as a team lead where I helped support a team of inbound, outbound, and mid market reps alongside the sales growth manager. To round out my experience, I wanted a closer role and moved into an Associate AE role where I was recently the first AAE to successfully finish the program and be promoted to an AE here.

I'm incredibly optimistic about Yotpo's growth and my own growth here.
- Jennie Xu (Account Executive, US)

What is the relationship between SDRs and AEs at Yotpo?

Collaborative. The success of an AE is largely dependent on the SDR -- and vice versa. The synergy between both teams is very important. We're constantly finding ways to get better as we continue to scale our sales organization. The fact that we also have 2 SDRs to 1 AE is a huge plus! 

What is the trajectory for growth in regards to top performing AE’s?

If you have a great attitude and are consistent, there will be opportunities to advance your career at Yotpo. This could involve managing a team, moving departments within the company, or taking on larger quota in the sales department. The sky is the limit! 

- Matt Ryan (Senior Director of Sales, US)

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Marketing team? Hear it first-hand from Cris, Ali, Talia, and Omer.

Marketers love a good story. What makes Yotpo’s story such a compelling one to tell?

What’s so appealing about Yotpo’s story is that in a world where automation and digitization are dehumanizing interactions, our technology is one that actually brings companies closer to their customers. Besides being amazingly cool, the brands that use Yotpo are part of a new generation of companies that treat consumers like people and not like walking wallets. They listen, they learn, they produce the best products, and they deliver the best experiences. They prove that taking a customer-first approach is the key to loyalty and growth. Who wouldn’t love to get behind a story like that?

- Cris Dinozo (Senior Director Marketing Communication, US)


What particular challenges and opportunities face the Marketing team at this stage of Yotpo’s growth?

It's such a different game being leaders in our space! It was one thing when we were the scrappy startup fighting for market share, but now that we're working with some of the coolest eCommerce brands around, we've had to shift our strategy. Our audience knows who Yotpo is, so the challenge and opportunity isn't just to get them to recognize the name, but the recognize the power behind it.

- Ali Fazal (Director of Marketing Operations, US)

With the Marketing team dispersed globally, how do you cross distance and time zones to ensure a collaborative and productive team dynamic?

With a lot of texts, video calls, phone calls! I'm used to speaking to my Israeli coworkers all morning and my US coworkers all afternoon. But, most importantly, we get together face-to-face whenever possible. My teammates are more than just colleagues -- they're some of my closest friends, and it's key that we actually spend time together. And something magical happens when we can get all of the marketing team into the same physical place. We're also lucky to get a lot of visitors from our US and Israel teams as well as make trips out to those offices whenever necessary. 

- Talia Shani (Director of Marketing, UK)

With Yotpo's fast innovation pace, what are Product Marketing doing to make sure the new products released to market are making an impact?

Every new product we release is a result of a comprehensive "Go to market plan" we are responsible for. What we found is that in order for a product release to be successful the PMM should work closely with almost all the teams in the company. The process goes through intensive research with the product team, involvement in stages of the product development with R&D, building the value proposition and story, working with marketing and studio on materials and communicating and enabling all customer-facing teams including Sales and Customer success.
Every release is a celebration for us but the work doesn't end there. Measuring the success of the new product is one the most critical parts of the process - understanding whether we met our goals and how the release impacted our marketing efforts, sales results, and customer satisfaction.
- Omer Bar-Joseph (Product Marketing Manager, US)

Want to learn more about the reality of working with our Client Success team? Hear it first-hand from Rachel, Matt, Erin and Ethan.

You have a (well-earned) reputation for creating particularly genuine relationships with your clients. What is it about the clients you work with and/or Yotpo’s product that helps to cultivate such a honest interest in them and their businesses? 

So glad you asked- This is one of my favorite parts about being on the Client Success team at Yotpo. The truth is that our partners are as varied and unique as the people you meet in New York, and each of them has a story. I've always maintained that strong personal connections are the foundation of any working relationship, and that holds true at Yotpo. Hearing their stories, both professionally and on a more personal level, helps me understand what drives them and therefore their business strategies. Yotpo's tools helps them magnify this voice, and what results is this beautiful synergy.

Plus...I like getting to know people!

- Rachel Weller (Senior Client Success Manager, US)

You have managed on both our Retention side of our business and now our CSM side of the business. What advice do you give your team around creating strong enough client relationships that come time for renewal, our clients our comfortable and confident signing back on?
Our clients are very busy, both in the day-to-day and in juggling major business initiatives. Given their limited spare time - it's crucial we're able to understand their business and overall strategy so we can proactively provide insights into the best utilization of our platform - just as if we were a part of their team. 
Yotpo is a comprehensive solution and requires far from a one-size-fits-all approach. The best advice for success as a CSM is to start with a solid foundation in the complexities of our product to learn how specific use cases are best applied to our customers’ overall marketing strategies. This approach helps ensure our clients’ success through their well-earned confidence in our guidance of all that we have to offer!
- Matt Kearns (Manager, Client Success Team US)
Having held roles as both an Account Executive responsible for selling our product to prospective partners and now of a Client Success Manager responsible for nurturing the relationship of our partners, you have a particularly strong handle on our client needs. What are some ways in which Yotpo provides value that isn’t truly recognized until clients have leveraged the platform for a few months? 

During the evaluation process, most brands are focused on the ROI that Yotpo will bring their business. Most times this ROI is focused on increased traffic to their site, decreased digital marketing spend, and the additional revenue that it will bring it.

Yotpo does do those things, however it also does a whole lot more. One of my favorite things to hear is how Yotpo helps with onsite engagement and the user journey, building a community and helping them differentiate themselves from other brands and competitors. Here at Yotpo, we believe that your customers are your best marketers; so how do we help brands differentiate themselves and stand out? As a strategic consultant to their business, we recommend that instead of you [the brand] talking about how great you are, lets get your customers talking about how great you are. I always suggest that my partners structure their review requests in a way that asks prompted questions that will lead their customers to talk about the things they love most about the brand and why they recommend it to their friends. The end result is amazing; customers are telling stories about that time they had an issue with their order and they had an amazing customer service experience. They are also telling stories about how they used to have a terrible problem with (say their skin) and because of the quality ingredients, their (skin) has never looked better. UGC really is the best form of Word of Mouth Marketing.

- Erin Twyman (Client Success Manager, US)

You have played a key role in strengthening Yotpo’s relationships with enterprise clients. What are some of the ways that we have altered our offerings and our support over the past year to ensure that Yotpo is providing the greatest benefit to this newer tier of clientele? 

For our enterprise clients - we’ve introduced Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), which sometimes even in-person, are utilized to discuss our completed quarterly goals and ensure we’re best aligned with our customers on future goals — both short and long term. These QBRs are more than just a metrics review and product updates, but rather a much-needed conversation to look beneath the surface, suggest and share optimization strategies, and make certain we’re providing the most value possible.

Our team serves as proactive social proof consultants, with focused efforts on bolstering our brands with specific, customized, and proven user-generated content strategies.

- Ethan Cohen (Manager, Enterprise Client Success Team US)

Complete User-Generated Content Platform
From one comprehensive platform, businesses can collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience.

Content Generation Powered by AI
Generate reviews, photos, and Q&A or curate existing customer content from social. Get more of every type of customer content with personalized requests, reminders, and incentives. Turn on our groundbreaking AI assistant to propel higher quality reviews. 

On-Site Social Proof
Build trust and increase sales by showcasing product ratings, customer reviews, and photos at key conversion points across your site. Beautifully combine different types of content with customizable on-site display options.

Search Results That Stand Out
With Yotpo's Google partnership, easily integrate product and merchant ratings into ads and organic search results. Enable better brand & product discovery with features designed to help you be seen.

Social Commerce Made Simple
Create engaging social content that naturally blends into shoppers’ newsfeeds. Reach relevant shoppers wherever they discover brands and products by enabling customer advocacy, testimonial advertising, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Insights For Better Business Decisions
Analyze customer feedback at scale and gain insights to inform company-wide business decisions. Identify opportunities to improve customer experience, get alerted on new issues, and measure performance over time.

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    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
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    Great people, everyone is very open and helpful. People are very busy, but always make time to help each other out.

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    Every step of the Yotpo interview process was timely and respectful. For example, I never waited more than 48 hours for feedback, and everyone I spoke with was kind and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. It's also important to note that everyone I interacted with at the company was passionate about their work and Yotpo as a company. Even if I hadn't gotten a job offer, I would have wanted to leave this positive review. Positive interview experiences are rare, and Yotpo seems to place a lot of importance on things going smoothly for candidates.

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