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5 days ago

Company News
Meet our amazing employees - Diana and Hoscan. 🤝🏻 The day this photo was taken, they worked from our office in Costa Rica, but they don't do it daily. Why? 🖥️ Because of our global flexible work program, FlexBase. Our program gives 95% of our employees a choice for where they want to work. Home, office, or a combination of both. Do you want to know more about FlexBase? Read here:
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11 days ago

Diversity and Inclusion
Today we are celebrating - Women's Equality Day.🌷 It is a special day at Akamai, as we are committed to creating an Inclusive and Diverse environment. 27.3% of our employees are women (and the number is still growing) and women hold over 20% of all leadership positions and technical roles. 👭 We support our women at every level we can. That's why we created: The Women's Forum employee resource group, as a way to create awareness, share professional challenges, advice, best practices, provide education and help women advance their careers within Akamai. On this particular day, we wish all of you - incredible women, to always feel supported, empowered, and fulfilled in your life. 🧡
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