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Appen collects and label images, text, speech, audio, video and other data used to build and continuously improve the world’s most...More

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295 days ago

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We are excited to announce our acquisition of, a provider of location data and location-based business solutions that are fit for purpose, easy to use, and simple to organize. "The acquisition of enables Appen to expand our product and service offering to our customers to include more mobile location and POI data capabilities.” Mark Brayan, CEO of Appen’s proprietary Geolancer platform provides authentic, accurate, and up-to-date Point-of-Interest and other physical world data, manually verified on the ground. Their mobile location data offering allows organizations to understand the movement of devices in the physical world at scale. This acquisition combines the technology, expertise, and global crowd of Appen with’s high-quality mobile location data technology suite. The unified business will be strongly positioned to deliver permissioned high-quality data for organizations that rely on geolocation for their business, both in day-to-day operations, as well as in developing AI models.
Shared image - Appen to Acquire Quadrant to Expand Mobile-Location Based Data Collection Offering
Appen to Acquire Quadrant to Expand Mobile-Location Based Data Collection Offering
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