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On November 28, 1978, Banana Republic opened in Mill Valley, Calif. – right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco – as a shop...More

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Banana Republic

39 days ago

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Banana Republic is inviting customers to discover a collection of elevated, elegant styles curated specially for a momentous day. The brand’s digitally-led Weddings & Events shop went live in May, outfitting customers for a variety of occasions from engagement party to honeymoon, and wedding guest, too. Although the brand has featured occasion shops in the past, this is the first dedicated Weddings & Events shop Banana Republic has offered in years. Why now? Jessica Magaro, Head of Digital for the brand, says there is a “massive” macrotrend and resurgence of events this year—weddings, especially, are forecasted to hit a 40-year high, with more than 2.6 million weddings expected.
Shared image - Banana Republic Curates Collection for Weddings & Events Macrotrend | Gap Inc.
Banana Republic Curates Collection for Weddings & Events Macrotrend | Gap Inc.

Banana Republic

39 days ago

Banana Republic has commissioned four LGBTQ+ artists to create unique pieces incorporating vintage Banana Republic garments. The four artists—Serge Gay Jr., Andy Bellomo, Parisa Parnian, and Marcos Chin—use fashion as a form of expression, with style playing an important role in each artist’s life, both professionally and personally. Banana Republic partnered with the four artists with the aim to inspire other LGBTQ+ creatives, leveraging the brand’s platforms to amplify the artists’ work and stories. Embracing vibrant colors, bold patterns and statement illustrations are a recurring theme for each uniquely crafted piece telling a story of resilience and resourcefulness.
Shared image - Artists Upcycling with Pride | Gap Inc.
Artists Upcycling with Pride | Gap Inc.
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