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Charles River Associates

175 days ago

Employee Story
At a recent Company Meeting, we announced the recipients of one of our most meaningful accolades: the John Jenkins Award, named in honor of our longtime Corporate Office Services Manager, who passed away on September 11, 2001. John’s impact—on both our business and our culture—continues to resonate. More than 60 CRA colleagues have been honored with this peer-nominated award, which is given annually to the individual(s) who exemplify John’s team-first approach. To honor the 20th anniversary of this award, and in memory of John, we have made a donation to Tuesday’s Children, an organization that helps families impacted by war and mass violence. We also installed a plaque in our Boston headquarters with the names of past recipients. We are grateful to all of the nominees and honorees who contribute to the well-being of their colleagues and the firm as a whole, and in doing so keep John’s memory alive at CRA.
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Charles River Associates

196 days ago

Whether you celebrate a particular holiday, like Christmas or Hannukah, or simply enjoy sipping a mug of hot cocoa in front of a toasty fire, we at CRA wish you a wonderful winter season brimming with abundant cheer. A BIG thank you to our team members for their dedication and hard work as well as our clients, partners and others who’ve continued supporting us during a challenging year. More than ever, CRA’s relationships give it a sleigh full of reasons to feel grateful and merry this season. May your holidays and new year be filled with health, peace and joy!
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