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"Work is not a place you go to, it's what you do." - Francine Katsoudas, EVP Chief People, Policy, & Purpose...More

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Cisco Systems

2 days ago

"My favorite part about being in Conexión is the power of community... The opportunity to connect is powerful, and the chance to learn from those that want to give back is extremely admirable. " — Sabrina G., Marketing Specialist at Cisco. Conexión LatinX Network is one of Cisco's Employee Resource Groups that we call Inclusive Communities. Explore Cisco's 27 Inclusive Communities now!
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Inclusive Communities

Cisco Systems

14 days ago

Diversity and Inclusion
"Everyone on my team has taken a different path to get here, but we show up each day to work hard and learn, and we all bring valuable skills and new perspectives to the table, even without college degrees." - Roz B., Project Specialist at Cisco. Roz B. shares her journey joining Cisco through OneTen, a program in the United States that connects Black talent to family-sustaining roles, regardless of degree status. Read more on her story and OneTen at Cisco!
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The Right Words at the Right Time
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