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When you join our team at Clearlink, you become part of a group of people that are diverse in thought, perspective, and background. We...More

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405 days ago

Supporting your colleagues and helping to amplify their ideas is not only good for them, but it is also good for you and good for everyone else as well. Would you have guessed that the answer to all three of the following questions is yes? "First, does amplifying someone make their contribution seem better? Second, does amplifying someone else make the amplifier (the person doing the amplifying) look good, too? And third, can groups use amplification to help underrepresented voices be heard?" Read more to find out about the study and research behind these findings. #createcommunity #embraceopportunity
Shared image - Research: Amplifying Your Colleagues' Voices Benefits Everyone
Research: Amplifying Your Colleagues' Voices Benefits Everyone
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