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When you work for Gannett Fleming, you’re not just a number. We value our employees, recognize each person’s potential, and embrace and...More

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Gannett Fleming

173 days ago

Employee Story
🏆 2021 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Arizona Section President’s Award 🏆 2019 ASCE Arizona Section Kristina L. Swallow Young Engineer of the Year 🏆 2018 Engineering News-Record (ENR) Southwest Top Young Professional With just under 15 years in the industry, Stephanie Templeton, PE, has already made quite an impact as evidenced by her many accolades. We asked the Arizona State University graduate a few questions to get to know her. Check it out!
Shared image - Stephanie Templeton, PE - Gannett Fleming
Stephanie Templeton, PE - Gannett Fleming

Gannett Fleming

200 days ago

You got the call you’ve been waiting for – an interview for your dream job! As you start preparing, you’ll most likely try to anticipate the questions the interview team will ask you, but one area you shouldn’t overlook is the questions you should ask the interviewers. In our latest careers blog, hear from some of our recruiters and hiring managers about the questions you should ask in your next interview to: ☑️ Impress ☑️ Get valuable information ☑️ Land the job!
Shared image - 10 Smart Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview
10 Smart Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview
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