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General Motors (GM)

67 days ago

Product News
The reveal of the Buick Wildcat #EV concept emphasizes our dedication to our all-electric vision. By working in tandem, our brands are driving the charge toward a future with zero tailpipe emissions.
Shared image - An Electrifying Future Ahead | Discover Buick
An Electrifying Future Ahead | Discover Buick

General Motors (GM)

75 days ago

Employee Story
As our EV Readiness Manager, Omira Janmohamed drives our EV strategy and helps to accelerate EV adoption. She cites working on new and innovative programs that make EV ownership more accessible, such as Charged by Chevrolet and our Dealer Community Co-op Charging Program, as the highlights of her career so far. We are committed to putting everyone in an EV, and employees like Omira are helping us lead the world toward a sustainable and inclusive all-electric future.
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