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Rich Technical Challenges The real-world challenges of U.S. security and protection provide a continuously evolving array of satisfying,...More

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory

31 days ago

The Lincoln Laboratory Radar Introduction for Student Engineers (LLRISE) The program officially kicked off last week and we could not be more excited to have these students here at the Lab! In the first few days of the program, students had the opportunity to learn more about the Lab, received lectures on the fundamentals of radar technology, and built and soldered their own radar systems. The LLRISE program is a two-week, residential, project-based, enrichment program for outstanding students entering their senior year of high school. Students gain an in-depth experience by building small radar systems. This hands-on program allows students to work in a state-of-the-art laboratory with highly talented scientists and engineers.
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MIT Lincoln Laboratory

68 days ago

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AI-enabled, ultrasound-guided device could save lives on the battlefield A team of researchers in the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology and at MIT Lincoln Laboratory have developed an ultrasound-guided handheld robotic device that allows non-specialists — including combat medics in battlefield settings — to access deep arteries and veins for life-saving applications. Dubbed AI-GUIDE, the device takes advantage of advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to enable semi-automated placement of large-bore catheters in patients in critical need of fluid replacement or other interventions. The researchers reported the device in December in the journal Biosensors.
Shared image - AI-enabled, ultrasound-guided device could save lives on the battlefield
AI-enabled, ultrasound-guided device could save lives on the battlefield
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