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We believe our greatest asset is our people. We value our commitment to diverse perspectives and a culture of inclusion across the firm....More

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Morgan Stanley

19 days ago

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“If you’re going to be in space and you want to be competitive, you want to gather the best team,” says Kristine Liwag, head of Aerospace & Defense Equities Research at Morgan Stanley. “And that should be regardless of background or gender.” That led to a partnership with former astronaut Cady Coleman, space engineer Vinita Marwaha Madill, and others to develop a reimagined spacesuit. The Access I, recently unveiled in New York, is a conceptual spacesuit designed to be inclusive of all genders and inspire more women to participate in the space industry. By 2040, the market for the booming global space industry is expected to grow to $1.1 trillion. Yet the current state of the industry and it’s 50+ year history has not translated into increased diversity among those who participate in space missions. One stark example of this exists at the most basic level: the spacesuit. Our goal is to ensure that this burgeoning market opportunity is equally distributed, no matter an individual’s background or gender. Learn more about the Access I prototype and how this idea was brought to life.
Shared image - A More Inclusive Spacesuit | Morgan Stanley
A More Inclusive Spacesuit | Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

49 days ago

In today’s world, successful careers are fluid and often do not follow a traditional path. At Morgan Stanley, we see great potential in experienced professionals who have taken a career break for one year or more and are now looking to return to the workforce. Our Return to Work initiative is an opportunity for professionals who took a career break to re-engage. During the 12-16 week paid program, participants are placed in businesses that complement their skills and experience. Upon completion of the program, participants may receive an offer of full-time employment. Interested in re-entering the workforce, but not sure where to start? Learn more about our global program and the people who benefitted from participating in Return to Work.
Shared image - Return To Work Programs | Morgan Stanley Careers
Return To Work Programs | Morgan Stanley Careers
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