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We Believe Pets and People are Better Together We Stand Taller because we dare to make every day better. To give it our all. To put our...More

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Nestlé Purina U.S.

318 days ago

“As we launch the fourth year of the Dog Chow Service Dog Salute campaign, I am honored to share the story of three veterans and their unique journeys of hope and healing alongside a PTSD service dog. These veterans opened their hearts and homes to us so that we could help communicate the life-changing impact these service dogs have. It’s the ultimate example of how pets and people are better together. It’s a big responsibility for Dog Chow. And for Purina. And one that we are proud to take on.” -Stephanie, Brand Marketing Manager
Shared image - Dog Chow Is On A Mission To Help
Dog Chow Is On A Mission To Help

Nestlé Purina U.S.

325 days ago

Upon joining the Product Supply team in Talent Acquisition with Nestlé Purina, Vanessa was immediately given the opportunity to use her bilingual skills in speaking with candidates applying for positions with factories in predominantly Hispanic/Latinx communities. She has been able to assist candidates for whom English wasn't their primary language by switching to Spanish to explain certain parts of the assessment process, and then asking them to answer in English. She takes joy in seeing candidates who might have otherwise not advanced get hired into roles and excel, adding value to our factories and to their own lives.
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