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Two of the most trusted household brands, Reynolds® and Hefty®, joined together as Reynolds Consumer Products in 2010. While the...More

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Reynolds Consumer Products

412 days ago

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Smoke Meats Like a Pro with New Reynolds Kitchens® Butcher Paper. It seals in moisture, protects crisp bark, and has a sturdy dispenser box with an integrated, easy-to-use slide cutter for quick handling and smooth, clean cuts.
Shared image - Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter
Pink Butcher Paper with Slide Cutter

Reynolds Consumer Products

642 days ago

October 2 is Manufacturing Day! We'd like to thank all of our operations employees for working safely and producing top-quality products. If you're interested in joining our team, great jobs are available now! #manufacturingday #thankyou #quality #job
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