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Rue Gilt Groupe

4 days ago

The upgrades we made to our Boston office are a hit - Associates are enjoying using the updated collaborative work spaces where they can join together to spark delight for our Members and each other! Take a peek at some of our Boston teams working to innovate together in the photos below.
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Careers @ Rue Gilt Groupe

Rue Gilt Groupe

12 days ago

Four of RGG's incredible women Associates joined Project Glimmer for their Empower Hour panel earlier this month, where they all shared their experiences working in the retail and fashion industry with a group of aspiring young women. We are so proud of panelists, Brooke Meister, Divisional Brand Manager, Rachel Appelbaum, Associate Buyer, Tara Stabile, Director, Planning, and Kristen Mui, Senior Planner, for sharing their career knowledge with the high-school-aged participants, along with Caitlyn Clausen, Human Resources Partner, for helping organize the event with Project Glimmer! Empowered women empower women!
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