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The Giving Spirit: We are committed to inspiring positive change in the cities where we work and live. That starts with giving back through...More

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17 days ago

Employee Story
A pilot’s life is full of connections—some routine, some unexpected. Spirit Captain Shari Ritchkin always felt destined to fly and was thrilled to learn it was in her DNA! When she connected with her biological sister, Capt Shari learned they shared more than just genes– Tammy also works in aviation as Manager of United’s Terminal 7 Los Angeles International Airport - LAX! 👩‍✈️✈️ “As sisters, our lives likely crossed paths many times over the years, and we never knew it,” remarked Ritchkin. Check out their story on NBC News!
Shared image - Two pilots discover they are sisters after years of crossing paths
Two pilots discover they are sisters after years of crossing paths
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