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Headquartered in the heart of Washington, DC, The Washington Post’s award-winning Newsroom has a global presence. With reporters...More

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The Washington Post

1 days ago

With bureaus around the world and 24/7 coverage, The Washington Post continues to expand globally. A key international expansion team member is Sara Mogilski, our Senior International HR/Global Mobility Specialist. She helps make it possible for our staff to work around the world. She’s a problem solver by nature. People come to her every day with seemingly simple requests that are actually highly nuanced and complex. She enjoys guiding managers and employees through these complex global transactions while making everything seem easy. That way they can focus on reporting. Working with a diverse group of people across The Post, Sara is grateful for her colleagues. “The people make The Post such a great place to work,” she says. She also loves working for a D.C. institution with a long history and entrepreneurial spirit. And one with a meaningful mission.
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The Washington Post

22 days ago

Meet Alia ElKattan. She’s a creative technologist and one of our summer interns. Every day, Alia and her team works on telling stories in ways that are accessible, engaging, and even fun. Interactive storytelling allows Alia to explore how and when technology can best serve our stories and audiences. In fact, it’s what brought her to The Washington Post. Coming from an interdisciplinary background in computer science, political science, and interactive media, The Post’s internship is an opportunity to explore her overarching interest in technology and storytelling. What also motivates her is The Post’s mission. She believes in order to live in a democracy, people need avenues to voice their needs and concerns, to shape and contribute to public discourse and action. On the flipside, Alia believes that people need access to transparent and truthful information about their states and institutions to make informed decisions and be able to hold stakeholders accountable.
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