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At Trademark Metals Recycling, we strive to be good neighbors, good stewards of the environment and a great place to do business. Our...More

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Trademark Metals Recycling

57 days ago

Our Opa Locka location recently threw a Community Hurricane Preparedness event. In attendance were citizens from the Opa Locka Community, teammates, and different booths run by Grainger, Cintas, 3M, and the Fire Prevention Department. We raffled off a variety of Hurricane preparation necessities and all booths had great hurricane preparation giveaway items as well. Thank you to all who came out to our event, we had a great time interacting with the Opa Locka community! #opalocka #florida
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Trademark Metals Recycling

78 days ago

Company News
We are excited to announce the production of a new Trademark Metals Recycling state-of-the-art metal recovery plant in Bushnell, Florida! This facility is set to open in Quarter 2 of 2023 and will employ 80 teammates. Thank you to all pictured: Trademark Metals Recycling Team, City of Bushnell, Sumter County, Landmark Engineering, Grade-Tech Enterprises, and SECO Energy.
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