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Updated Oct 31, 2018

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  1. 3.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    The Most Honest Review You'll Ever See of This Company

    Oct 7, 2014 - Director of Strategy in Boston, MA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    If I could, I'd give Brafton between 3.33 and 3.75 stars. There was no option for half-stars on Glassdoor. There is an opportunity for it to be rated higher if structural changes could be made (see below). I do not work here any longer and no one asked me to write this review. I think the best thing about working at Brafton is that you work with committed, smart and dedicated people for the most part. Because content marketing is a new industry, workers come from unexpected and diverse backgrounds, which is great. Upsides include working from home, career development and I personally got an audience with the top most management quite a bit. I also got to consult and develop strategists at the company which I really enjoyed. The work relationships I formed at the company have morphed into friendships upon leaving the company. This is very common at this company and not something to be overlooked when considering this company to work at. Promotions come pretty quickly here, as well. If you work for the company, the company works for you. If you try, they'll try. It's a quid pro quo like you do not tend to see at most other companies. It's a baptism by fire, no doubt, but if you swim and don't sink, you'll be rewarded. I was promoted twice in my two years and I am not the exception. The two salary bumps I received I didn't even ask for. I also got to travel quite a bit, meet a lot of people and enjoy some of the perks of working at the company. At other companies it cannot be said that they will care about you as an individual like they do at Brafton. That is a big differentiation. Now, I was a breadwinner for the company who gained and retained a lot of business, but I got the impression that it was not just for me. As an aside, my house burned down during my time here and some of the top level people in management including the VP of Account Management, the COO and the HR Director offered personal help to me (and that was when I was on my way out). They didn't have to do that. Where else can you honestly say you would receive the same kind of generosity? I have had a long working career in all kinds of organizations and I have not seen that. In short, Brafton is like the most fun I never want to do again. It could be a great fit for your career.


    Unfortunately, the 'working with committed, smart and dedicated" people doesn't necessarily scale across the entire organization. Some people could work for a great manager who truly cares, while others could be stuck with someone who is just good at throwing people under the bus and has no interest in the industry in which they work. Experiences may vary. I worked in account management so we had to face our clients. It is difficult to consult with them and talk strategy when so little focus went into doing what was best for them from a production standpoint. This is different than most ad agencies. A constant battle that I had was making the top decision makers see that when you delight a client, they have no problem paying their bills on time and even spending tons more money with the company. Instead, a premium was put on making sure contracts were in, money was paid more than if we accomplish the aims for the client. This misalignment was my prime frustration throughout my time there. In their defense, I did not work with finance or other major business development so I have no visibility into their ultimate priories. As I write, there are some in management who are clearly incompetent where the nexus of editorial production and account management intersect, I am afraid. It is glaring and debilitating to the company who put trust in their skills. Because the turnover at the company is so high, several of them "Peter Principled" into senior roles where they were barely competent in their role prior to promotion. At the time I left, in both operations and in HR, major strides were taken to ensure that people were more comfortable and felt better so that may have changed since I have written this. As I have many friends and former clients at the company who still turn to me for consult, I hope so. With other changes, Brafton could become not just a stepping stone company, but a first class organization (once they truly orient around their customer needs). As to the bad reviews on here from writers, If you are gauging your employ here based on that, please do not. Brafton does have some talented editors and writers, many of which I still remain in contact. I've seen those great writers get appreciated by the company, too. But for many of these reviews, that review was that particular writers' best writing. Maybe if they wrote with that kind of passion when they were working at Brafton, there would not have been an issue. Sometimes I'd have to say, "Look, I'm sorry that no one has published your screenplay yet. But you're writing for a software company, not Rolling Stone. Just do your job and stop complaining, ok?" But that was rare. Most writers want to do a good job, but sometimes are given such poor direction or little time that it is difficult to do that. Time constraints are a big problem that needs to be overcome at this company. There will be many that upon reading this will become upset. The truth can upset some people.

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  2. 4.0
    Former Employee, more than 3 years

    Great place to learn and grow as a professional

    Aug 17, 2018 - Anonymous Employee in Boston, MA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    I had a positive experience at Brafton over the course of 3.5 years working in the editorial department. Management: My direct manager was fabulous and the exec team was always willing to listen to employee feedback. Flexibility: I really appreciated the flexibility to work from home 2 days per week. I also didn't feel pressured to arrive at precisely 8:30 a.m. or anything like that. As long as you do a great job, the hours are flexible in the editorial department. Fast-pace: The workload is high and the pace is fast, but if you are someone who works quickly and enjoys keeping busy that's a plus! I never watched the clock waiting for the day to end. In fact, it was the opposite - every day flew by. Professional development: If you want to learn about the content marketing industry, develop new skills and build your portfolio, this is a great place to do that. Office: The office is in the Financial District and a short walk from South Station. It's a nice open loft-style building with lots of windows and natural light. Dress code: The dress code is casual - you only need to dress up for client visits. Co-workers: It's a fun, casual environment with lots of great, nice people. Travel: I had opportunities to travel to NYC, Chicago, Miami and St. Louis. Future opportunities: I rated Brafton a 5 for career opportunities because working here for 3-5 years will open many doors.


    ***Something that needs to be said*** I was 34 when I started at Brafton. Compared to some of the jobs I had held in the past, Brafton was wonderful. Many people come to Brafton straight out of college and therefore have nothing to compare it to. So when you see people say this was the worst job ever, take it with a grain of salt. Is Brafton perfect? Heck no. Were there days that were stressful? Yes. Am I happy I worked here for 3.5 years? Absolutely! Leaving for a new opportunity is bittersweet. Change: This company has been in business for more than a decade but it's still in startup mode - things are constantly changing. For me, this was good because it kept me from getting bored. But for people who don't like change, this can be stressful. Salaries: In the creative departments, salaries are low.

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  3. 2.0
    Former Employee

    Brafton is a company that doesn't know what it's doing, nor does it care.

    Jul 3, 2013 -  
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Offers a sense of what working in an office environment is like for many post graduates right out of college - editorial, graphics, social media, account management and sales. Allows employees to gain experience with a variety of essential management skills, such as working as part of a team, meeting deadlines and communicating with clients. Many young people working in Brafton's various departments makes for a relaxed and congenial atmosphere (in most cases). It's easy to make friends at Brafton if you're social and kind find a moment out of your day to talk with coworkers. There are managers who seem genuinely interested in the well-being of their team members and making positive changes at Brafton. Flexible schedule. While there is a lot of work, you can largely adjust your hours and workload when needed. One day working from home every week can also be a nice change of pace when your schedule allows it.


    While I'm aware of the benefits of working at Brafton - with many of the most compelling reasons listed above - the cons significantly outweigh the pros in my opinion. And based on the string of other negative reviews on this site, it's clear I'm not alone. Any overly positive reviews have definitely been written by management at Brafton, and they're only creating more frustration and bad feelings among the staff. The worst part is that Brafton has the potential to be a better company. There are people who care and could make a difference given the authority to do so. However, an uncaring upper management and the sheer momentum of flawed business models propelling Brafton along make any real changes seem highly unlikely. One of the reviews listed above calls out writers for being ungrateful for Brafton providing them with job in their field in the first place. However, Brafton's general mistreatment of its editorial staff, the bulk of the company's staff responsible for producing its actual product, is shameful. For a company that flaunts its rapid growth and innovation, it relies on nickel and diming employees at every turn. Upper and middle management routinely break promises or alter deals in order to deny editorial staff fair treatment, wages and opportunities for advancement. This is either the result of a complete lack of sympathy for young people facing rising costs of living in Boston and Chicago and skyrocketing student loan rates, or its total unawareness that employees generally feel cheated. In the few instances that management does address employees' frustration, its usually with more empty promises and half-baked ideas toward progress. Writers tapped for promotions often find themselves in situations where there is no actual job description in place, despite management's instance that their new role with incude duties x, y and z. It's only after writers accept the promotion that they understand they will now be doing double the work with new obligations outside of their supposed job description for a raise of maybe $1,000 or $2,000 dollars. This is assuming they've met the criteria of the 'skills matrix,' which either seems to exist or still be in development depending on the needs of management. Brafton's biggest issue is that it is a sales-driven company that does not understand its own product. What's the result of this business school dropout level of common sense? An extremely high turnover rate for employees as well as clients. I would say 95% of Brafton's staff has one foot out the door, and clients are constantly canceling their contracts with the company. This is because the sales department promises the sky to other companies with terrible business sense, and Brafton's overworked, underpaid and under-resourced editorial and account management staff members have to clean up the mess. Even with writers leaving Brafton with or without new job prospects on a weekly basis, sales continues to bring in new, misinformed clients that the company just can't handle.

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