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Central Ohio Primary Care Employee Reviews about "management team"

Updated Jan 12, 2017

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Central Ohio Primary Care CEO J. William Wulf, M.D.
J. William Wulf, M.D.
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  • "Great benefits and pay, caring organization(in 4 reviews)

  • "co-workers and doctors, rep lunches(in 3 reviews)

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  • "I have seen no negatives to working at COPC(in 4 reviews)

  • "Worst management team I have ever encountered(in 3 reviews)

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    Reviews about "management team"

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    1. 1.0
      Former Employee, more than 1 year

      People don't quit companies, they quit bosses

      Jan 12, 2017 - Revenue Cycle 
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      There is a 20 word minimum and the only thing I can think of is about ten of the co workers are fun to work with. Oh - and they have two microwaves now.


      Management and cry baby co workers who are intimidated by anyone who walks through the door and actually knows what they are doing. If you don't make friends when you are working here, plan to be tormented, harassed and treated poorly until you quit - or on one side of the billing office the supervisor will literally make your life miserable by finding ways to let you go. It's a lawsuit in the making for the way some of the employees are treated here, and I'm surprised nobody has taken them to court. On one hand you have employees that talk most of their day, don't hit their numbers and in turn are moved to a different job title in order to save their jobs, some even demoted and then promoted - AND THEN DEMOTED AGAIN and yet they sit in that office as a full time employee. On the other hand you have employees that are trying their hardest but are failing due to the lack of policies and procedures, the incorrect training and auditing received and the spitefulness of the co-workers and management and they end up fired. The whole billing office is a joke. I can say it is literally the worst place I have ever worked in my entire life and have never been so grateful to be offered an amazing position somewhere else where my talents will be received. We have a manager that is too concerned the high ups will realize someone is more knowledgeable than her that she doesn't take into consideration the big picture of trying to grow the company. Calling the collectors inadequate to learn new things so let's just keep it the way it is, promoting people that have no business being in their position - especially when they can't sit down for more than 30 minutes at a time. There are team leads that literally spend an entire day talking about their dysfunctional marriage (are they married, are they not married - did he cheat, did he not cheat - does she have a disease...?) I see employees trying to ask questions but can't because team lead is too busy ranting about the bar episode of the week - and yet then those same employees are written up because there is no support given. It's like a game working there, and if you don't play it right - you will never come close to winning. My advise is steer clear - steer far away from this company until they take a closer look at what people are actually doing for those 8-10 hours a day, revamp the management team and get rid of some old-time employees that have no clue what they're doing other than socializing. Those poor Doctors have no idea what's going on and if I was them, I'd look at hiring a different billing company to work my claims.

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    2. 1.0
      Current Employee, more than 3 years

      Billing Office

      Apr 28, 2016 - Collector in Westerville, OH
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      The coworkers are great. Convenient to shopping after work and tons of lunch places nearby. You can gain experience on the provider side by working here...


      New management is ok. Better than the old that's for sure. Still treated like a 16 year old, micro management to an extreme - if you work here don't plan on getting out of your seat, ever...unless you're related to someone or have friends in management. Bonuses aren't very good. Benefits are crap. What company doesn't give bereavement leave? PTO accrual by the paycheck so you have to wait an entire month before you can even take any time, you work Black Friday, you are FORCED to leave early on Christmas Eve - you can take PTO if you have it or make up time or take it unpaid. Don't expect any favors out of these physicians. Underpaid staff. Questioning about how many bathroom breaks are taken. Promotions are few and far between and they are "chosen" not applied for. Experienced workers get treated like crap and expected to still outperform. Double standard when it comes to work - if you know someone or are related you can move 18 times before they find a position that "fits" you - if not, plan on being let go or treated so poorly you leave. Ideas ARE NOT taken into consideration, although someone (I'm guessing a higher up, ha!) posted on here visionary management team ... That's a full blown lie. Management acts like they know what they're doing, don't let them fool you. Some supervisors sit on their cell all day but get promoted because they've been there "forever". If you like to be micromanaged, underpaid, over worked with little benefits than this is your place.

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    3. 1.0
      Former Employee

      Run far away, and don't look back

      Jan 10, 2016 -  in Westerville, OH
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      I can't think of a single pro


      Worst management team I have ever encountered. They treat and talk to their employees in such a horrible, disrespectful, unprofessional manner. And they have the worst training. You are almost guaranteed to be bad at your job because they train you to be bad at your job. I would not recommend this job to my worst enemy. I quit on my own terms, I am not disgruntled over being fired. I left with notice. I am writing this review to save the next person from the misery. This job will make you miserable.

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