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  • "Pay is good(in 18 reviews)
  • "Great atmosphere and culture.(in 16 reviews)
  • "The people at Clark on my team are great to work with.(in 15 reviews)
  • "Pay and benefits are very good for the area and the hours in the purchasing department can be somewhat flexible as long as you get the work done.(in 14 reviews)
  • "Almost everyone is committed to making improvements and trying new things to be competitive and it shows in the results.(in 6 reviews)
  • "This also leads to very little recognition or reward because most management is afraid that you will look better than them or if you are in a lower position than them (even if youre a manager) you should be less intelligent.(in 13 reviews)
  • "So for 99% of the employees that will never make it to senior buyer level, just know that you will be stuck making low to mid 50s for years, and when you become a manager you might be stuck with low to mid 60s until you're 28(in 10 reviews)
  • "The training is good as your boss or fellow employees will walk you through certain processes, but it can also be sink or swim a lot of the time.(in 7 reviews)
  • "Will start new hires with no experience at higher rates than people with experience or current employees with experience.(in 3 reviews)
  • "Salaries arent the best in certain positions.(in 3 reviews)

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Updated Nov 27, 2023

Reviews about "no room"

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    1. 1.0
      Apr 25, 2018
      Sales Associate
      Former Employee, more than 3 years
      Baltimore, MD
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      A job. Being a retail job, the pay is more than minimum wage. Benefits are questionable but they do deposit your pay on time.


      The store is singularly focused on the money. They run it like a high school with everyone thinking that they are in charge. They have no order, no structure, no principles and no fundamentals. Company doesn’t have a mission statement, vision statement or values that employees are to govern themselves by. No room for advancement unless you kiss their behind.


      Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you had a negative experience working for The Restaurant Store, and your comments have been reviewed by our management team so we can continue to improve the way our culture and values are communicated.

      1. 1.0
        Nov 28, 2021
        Former Employee, more than 1 year
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Free food sometimes, that's all.


        Do not bother working here. Over my two years of working here as a photographer, I have witnessed racist, misogynistic, and homophobic behavior. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated HR department to report this behavior to; instead, the same managers act as the 'HR dept.' The managers lack integrity and morals and only look out for themselves to look good while putting fellow employees down. There is no room for growth; instead, managers want to keep you under their thumb and not promote growth or success. They will find any and every tiny, petty reason to build a case against you, to discipline you. They overstep their boundaries and positions of power to get what they selfishly want. Finally, they will use personal details about you (whether your skin color, gender, or gender orientation) to weaponize these details and discriminate against you. For this company to improve, the current managers need to be evaluated and held accountable for their offensive behaviors. There's a 'good-old-boys club' mentality in the company, and if you're not a white, straight male, you're not welcomed here. Please take the time to read other reviews about WebstaurantStore; I think you will find this is a genuinely despicable company that other people share similar experiences. Based upon years of negative reviews about WebstaurantStore, it is evident that they are not doing anything to improve further their company, company culture, or employee retention.


        This review describes an environment that is so far from the culture we have at Clark that it is difficult to respond, but I will do my best. While we don't have a traditional HR department, we support all employees through our Employment Support, Employee Experience, Training and Development, Recruitment, Benefits, and Payroll teams. We provide all employees with access to an anonymous form should they have a concern they wish to disclose. Submissions to this form are monitored and addressed daily by our Employee Experience team. We hold all employees to our Do the Right Thing core value, which means that the behaviors listed above (managers putting employees down to make themselves look good, discrimination for any reason, not treating others as equal team members) are never tolerated, and swift action is taken if any employee is caught treating others in such a terrible manner. We are an equal opportunity employer that champions employees from all backgrounds and demographics which you will see if you join any of our teams. We take these allegations seriously and are in communication with senior management to ensure that no part of this review is true.

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      Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)

      RFP Coordinator

      I have a 5 year gap in my work history due to an illness. How do I explain this? I can't lie, SSD is on my background check as a previous employer. I am on it and looking to re-enter the job market and get off of it, but I understand it is a reason for employers to pause in hiring me.


      Senior Associate

      How do you interview for a position when you are under-qualified based on seniority but not based on skills? I currently serve as a senior associate for a reputable consulting firm, and I have an interview for an associate director position. However, I am just shy of the minimum YOE requirement included on the job application and relatively young (though I meet all of the other requirements). Any advice on convincing the hiring manager I am ready for a mid-level role?



      Had 4 behavioral interviews for a position last week. Last Friday (which was the last of the four interviews), the interviewer spent most of the interview selling me on the job and didn't ask me any questions. She ended the interview by saying she thinks I am confident and would be a great fit for the role. I took this as a good sign but giving it's 2023 you never truly know. Has anyone ever had an interviewer do something similar and not gotten the job?


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