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Updated Feb 28, 2021

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Mark Walsh
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  1. 3.0
    Former Employee, less than 1 year


    Feb 28, 2021 - Footwear Sales Associate in La Canada Flintridge, CA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    Cool people to work with


    Bad Management skill in each department

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  2. 2.0
    Current Employee

    Bad Management

    Jan 6, 2021 - Administrative Assistant in Irvine, CA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    There were no pros to this company


    They did not know how to manage. No longer in business

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  3. 1.0
    Current Employee, less than 1 year

    Versa is going to drive this company into the ground and destroy the brand name

    Sep 11, 2013 - Anonymous Employee in Los Angeles, CA
    CEO Approval
    Business Outlook


    The discounts, the customers who can be cool, fellow staff members who actually give a darn-dilly-arn...


    OK, time to get it all out here.... 1. Versa, you're all morons. Now, I know you're all MBAs and the like, but it is very likely that none of you have ever had a real job. You're cutting payroll to the bone in a lot of stores. If you expect ANYONE to believe that eliminating employee costs at approximately $9.00/hour is an effective way of dealing with the hole into which the previous CEO drove the company, you're dreaming. You are shooting yourselves in your respective faces. If you think about it like this, it makes sense...OK, I'm a customer coming in the store. There is a ton of gear and clothing, much of it with certain technical specifications which make it hard to figure out which one is better. I discover that there are almost no people on the floor to help me. I have a lot of questions and I manage to catch an employee's attention but that someone seems to be running around doing things in addition to now trying to help me. I've got all these questions but I can't get any answers. What do I do? I leave without buying $300 worth of stuff. I see other people going through this same thing and we talk to each other as we leave about how weird this seems, how this doesn't fit our expectations. I'm seriously confused and I decide that I can't shop somewhere that doesn't seem to value my curiosity and money. Now, let's consider this from a profit-driven point of view. This customer, maybe one of 1 or 2 who does this every hour in even the smaller stores, would have purchased $300 worth of stuff. Let's engage in a thought experiment where we imagine that given the low-cost of labor for materials and production for each of these expensive items of clothing, we're making maybe $60-70 on each $30 we outlay in capital with specific regard to getting clothing out on the floors of our stores. This captial, of course, in a roundabout way includes keeping the lights on, paying for your assuredly bloated and ridiculous salaries and all of those other things. So, capital outlay includes paying your employees. You pay them jack. In fact, you don't pay anyone more than $10 an hour. Fast food restaurants in large markets pay more. So, you don't have two employees on the floor during busy times because you want to save less than $20 an hour. So, you're losing $60-ish dollars in sales. Does this seem odd to you? You seriously and actually believe that this is a tenable way of doing business. You need people on the floors of your stores. This is NOT Bob's Stores. You can't have all of this stuff in a big room where customers expect the attention of employees and cut the number of people available to answer their questions to the bare bone. This is poorly thought out, poorly executed and just plain stupid. Seriously. 2. You are expecting an 85 % percent capture rate for this STUPID rewards program thing by January. OK, getting expectations of employees up and inline isn't a bad thing. What is MORONIC is expecting that the growth in signups will take place at a rate of 10 % per month until this coming January. Think about've (stupidly) cut the number of people on the floor and customers are getting frustrated by the fact that they can't get questions answered. A bunch of the people on the floor who SHOULD be out answering questions get caught up at the registers because you've not allowed sufficient staffing for the customers to get questions answered and, somehow, people are still coming through the doors (you're making sure this isn't going to continue happening, by the way). Now, there aren't enough people, the customers are stressed, the employees are going bonkers and NOW the people who were waiting for help and are now waiting in line for a long time are fed a line of BS about signing up for this rewards program. This makes the whole process take longer, lengthening the transactions and, again, decreasing the availability of the already thinly-spread staff members to upsell customers on profitable items. You're also doing no advertising. Yes, you're morons.

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