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  1. 2.0
    Former Employee, more than 1 year

    It's a Trap. They lied and called inside sales when its telemarketing

    Jan 28, 2016 - Inside Sales Representative in Bainbridge Island, WA
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    Avalara is a great company. Great culture. Great corporate environment. Very talented people. Great vision. Their product serves a very particular purpose and niche for the right market. I have no doubt that Avalara will very well take over the world with everything and anything tax. Casual atmosphere. Swanky looking offices. Beautiful facility.


    COMPANY So first. This company is BURNING time and money. They then realized they weren't burning it fast enough and they still had some left, so they went and got gasoline to add to it to go faster. They will call it "growing pains" or whatever soft language that they want to use, but the truth is this from my observation that the company got a giant investment of money, more than they possibly know what to do with. They've set absolutely unrealistic expectations for so many roles. Expectations that leave everyone extremely and hopelessly stressed. From an entry level role looking up it becomes so apparent that resources are being so ineffectively managed. Many upper managment roles reek with inexperience. It's new corporate structure makes it impossible to get anything done because you have to talk about doing it for 3 months. Telemarketing I will be clear. This role is not Inside Sales. This role is telemarketing. It is not in anyway shape or form remotely inside sales. That is only a title they use to make people in these roles feel better. Intelligence is highly discouraged. This job is all about mindless robotic calling to the absolute worst quality leads. They want biological human dialing machines and nothing more. If the technology existed the will replace this job with a robot INSTANTLY. In this role you have to leave pre recorded voicemails which are horribly written and sound like they are failed TV adds. You are not allowed to type your own emails and can only send pre written ones which were seriously written by someone with absolutely social skills. Managments reason being "we don't want to risk making any grammatical errors." Are you serious? LASTLY the part of this job that is most infuriating and completely 100% counter productive is how your success is measured. In this role you are only measured on the number of "opportunities" you create and the number of calls you make. THAT'S IT. You can be the #1 Rep and employee of the month and not even have a single dollar attached to your name. You will become great at qualifying the unqualified. Making calls for the sake of making calls and setting vain appointments. Lastly your job and success is completely out of your control. Management will tell you "If you do your job and work hard you will succeed." They will tell you a thousand variations on how you are not succeeding because you are not setting your goals and that you have to do that to be succesful. This is their evaluation for everything. Managers basically plagerise and shove the book "The Secret" down your throat because they read it once. I digress and say the secret is totally real, but it does not apply to this and cannot overcome the most horrendous inefficiencies of what Avalara calls marketing. In transition, your job and success is completely 100% out of your control. Your success is in the hands of what leads marketing decides to provide or refilter because you have absolutely no choice in who you call. This brings me to my next point Marketing Marketing is so bad that it makes me want to cry in a furious rage not just because it's absolutely terrible, but because no one will ever do anything to make it better or even try. They will talk about making things better. They will talk about it again. Then they will talk about it some more maybe rearranging some words. But they will never do anything to fix it. So mind you SOME of this is probably related to unrealistic expectations, but marketing who the fate of your success and not getting fired is dependent on daily provides leads that are literally engulfing the companies time and money into flames by providing seriously ridiculously bad leads to the point that even Hitler was like chill out those are some flames. Marketing is providing leads that have nothing to even remotely do with sales tax in which you are still forced to call on by management. Yes, let me call on this non-profit, churches, government entities or just any organization that is clearly non taxable. You will be told by management "Your job is to equally qualify as well as disqualify." They are providing leads that you can't even call on because if the number isn't wrong, they are active customers, partners, engaged opportunities. You will spend most of your time duplicate searching And...let me tell you..your success isn't measured on disqualifying. Marketing does not know how to use their tools. PLEASE for the love of god fix salesforce. There is a filter. You could easily save the department 30% in time. And beyond this and the worst part, For some reason inside sales reports directly to marketing which is so completely backwards and counterproductive. It's unfortunate too because Marketing has no idea what they are doing. I'm pretty sure they'd be better off hiring Helen Keller because at least she could see as well as hear the painful inefficiencies that is inside sales. The worst part is if you ever bring up anything about quality of leads to management or say anything along the lines that you have nothing to work with they will say "What would you like me to do...wave a magic wand" while still holding you to you unrealistic expectations and telling you that you need to work harder and set better goals.

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  1. 5.0
    Current Employee, more than 1 year

    Great company to work for!

    Sep 13, 2022 - Sales Development Representative (SDR) 
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    -Inclusive, Kind, Involved, Expanding, Growth


    -There aren't many cons, you make it what it is!

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    Sr. Manager, Community Strategy

    Thank you for sharing your perspective on AvaCulture!

  2. 3.0
    Former Employee

    Too Many C Level people

    Sep 26, 2022 - Tax Analyst 
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    Free Food and Drinks, Fun Events


    They hired so many C level management people and they don't improve anything.

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