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    1. 5.0
      Apr 30, 2023

      Cardinal Health has treated me very well

      FP&A Manager
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Challenging experience, but great place to learn how to navigate & succeed in an FP&A role for a big company


      Total comp is about 5-10% less (estimate) than competitors in space. Bonus payout not 100% multiple years. Merit not that great considering the economic challenges (been a thing since I started). Not all positions created the same. Med side (you can google this side of Cardinal Health for context) or COE (consolidation) roles can be very challenging. Getting to director level + positions can be very difficult (even with lots of experience internal to Cardinal). Can get VERY siloed.

      1. 5.0
        Sep 20, 2023
        Tech Lead
        Current Employee, more than 3 years
        Dublin, OH
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        Remote work and very good work-life balance


        Takes time to coordinate with other teams

        1. 2.0
          Aug 23, 2023
          Senior Quality Technician
          Former Employee, less than 1 year
          La Vergne, TN
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          Protected PTO- granted 40 hours of this. Serves as pto that automatically kicks in should you ever call out, are late, or have to leave early. The difference between this and regular PTO is you don’t need to submit a request for it. Nothing else.


          Expectations of the position set up by a company recruiters is nothing like what the actual position is, consists of. People with little to no experience in Quality are hired, given the same name and rank as “senior quality tech”, and get paid the same. No annual raise. Final quality-based decisions are made by production supervisors; makes quality personnel question their position. Hierarchy is upside down. Majority of production workers are paid more than quality techs and tend to get their way every time. Most are greater in age and make lots of demands that caused the worksite to split their first shift by an hour.. Quality techs are basically babysitters that come around and confirm paperwork, MUST work every Saturday (rotating techs) if even just 2 production workers volunteer to work OT. No flexibility in timing. Quality techs are tied at the hip with production workers, with production leading. Anyone who’s worked even just a year in any QA/QC field can tell this position does not live up to the title “Senior Quality Technician”. Just a nice title to add to your resume especially if you’re new to the Quality field.


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