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      Sep 14, 2014

      When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

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      Unique and varied projects with great opportunities to learn how to custom build new technology. Many former employees have benefited from experience of this professional environment.


      Small company with limited capacity to take on large or multiple projects. Employees must be capable of "wearing many hats".

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      Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)


      Quality Assurance Associate

      If employers are shopping cheap, should we just apply for roles that we're less qualified for?


      Quality Assurance Associate

      I had an interview late August, sent a thank you the same day, followed up when they said they would get back to me, and then again a week later and I got no response. I gave up and they just sent me an email saying the position was on hold and they hoped to have an update at the end of the week. I'd still like to see what they might offer me so what could I say in response?



      Have you ever been asked by a recruiter to sign an nda before they can speak to you about a job they're recruiting you for? Mind you they reached out to me

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